Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Jadesy Babe

Happy Birthday to this crazy "kid"!
I can't believe he's 4!!  He's our skinny little drama king with only one volume....LOUD!
He may come with a little drama...but he's always quick to get over it and even quicker to do something funny!  
He loves to drink Hot Coco daily....sometimes 3 times daily...even in the summer.  He definitely has a sweet tooth and totes his blue blankie or blue blankerie everywhere he goes.  He loves to rub the the edges between his fingers when he's sad, hurt or almost asleep.
It's no secret that he's Nana's favorite (for now).  This little boy has her wrapped around all 10 of her fingers and toes!  He's quick to give kisses and gives the BEST and LONGEST "smooch-a-roos" around! He loves to help me make cookies and probably eats more cookie dough than we actually cook!
He's a ladie's man...that's for sure!  If he had a choice between playing with boys or girls...he'd pick the girl every time...unless playing with his big brother is on the table....then Corb will win every time!  
Even if it's only a few minutes....if Corb gives him the opportunity to play with him...Jaden jumps all over it!
Corb is his hero and that's definitely NO secret!  
Unless his dad is nearby...then it's a toss up!
They may fight a lot, but at the end of the day this is how they always end up...snuggled up as closely as possible!  
I made his birthday cake...and while it looks like a pinterest was quite tastey!  Even Whitney had some...and that's says alot!  (She has the will power to turn down even the tastiest of treats)!
Happy Birthday to our little Jader Bader Butter Bug!
May all your 4 year old dreams come true...within reason I mean!
This year for Jaden's birthday he asked for one thing and one thing only...(over and over and over is the Jaden way)
His very own IPhone!  ***Note*** we did NOT get him a new Iphone...this was one of Coby's old phones that we loaded a few games on only.  There is no service of any kind***  Look at that face!!!  
And what kid doesn't like cash...especially when there are so many dollar bills to count!
But this picture pretty much sums it up!  We see it A LOT...and the volume that comes with that cry is deafening!  
This boy could live at Nana and Poochie's house permanently!  In our defense...he really does have the life there....McDonalds, Netflix, and all the hot coco he can drink!  Plus, Nana reads him so many stories before he goes to bed after a long day of getting anything and everything he wants plus going to the park!  The word Spoiled ROTTEN comes to mind!

I sure love this "kid" of mine!  That's his nickname and loves it!  He loves to be read to, watching Curious George and Word World, playing games on the Ipad and doing anything and everything with or just like Corbin.  He's broken the Ipad so many times that we've probably spent more money on replacement screens than we originally paid for it...but not to worry, Coby is officially a PRO at fixing it now!  He's very sensitive and can cry if the wind blows the wrong way!  If he could live on Hot Coco alone...I think he would!  He's never been a good eater of healthy food, but a devourer of treats!  He has a mind of his own...that's for certain!  He tries my patience TONS every single day, but I've never wanted a child here more desperately than when he was rooming in my belly!  I couldn't wait to meet him!  He has the cutest smile, tiny little teeth and most adorable little underbite ever!  He likes to sing and has a GREAT memory!  He's quick with the hugs and gives them away very freely.  He's also quick to fly off the handle...(quite possibly a little trait from Jaden..."you're welcome"! )  He's very social and can make friends in any situation and with anyone close enough to hear his voice!  He's a fighter...that's for sure and I don't think we'll ever have to worry about him being a follower.  He marches to his own beat that's for sure!  I love his tight hugs, LONG "smooch-a-roos, pretty green eyes, soft baby skin, long silky blond hair and skinny little butt!  :)  Happy Birthday Jadesy Babe!  We love you and hope that being 4 brings you more fun and happiness than you can even imagine!

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