Monday, September 22, 2014

A Wet Sunday Hike

Today we decided to go on a little family hike... the RAIN!

It was a little wet as we headed up Ferguson Canyon for a little family hike today, but we all had fun!  It was great to get out of the house and into nature.  I love that we live so close to so many gorgeous places.  Utah is rather stunning...especially as the leaves began to change.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Summit / Dirty Dash

Coby's been in Part City for his company's Summit. (It's their biggest conference of the year).  He's put in a lot of hard work along with his team.  The Summit this year was at the Stein Eriksen Lodge.  Fancy Schmancy!  One of the perks of this year's Summit was the activities.  The company paid for all who attended as well as guests to come up the last day and enjoy some of the fun!  So, Coby arranged for my mom to take the boys for a day and a night and I headed up.  Our first stop after a delicious lunch...was the Park City Mountain Resort where we were able to ride the Alpine Coaster, Alpine Slide and last but not least...the newest addition...the Alpine Zipline!
Here we are on the Alpine Coaster.  It was awesome...a long and relaxing sit back time as we coasted up, up, up the mountain....and then came the FUN....
Obviously...whatever goes up...must come down...FAST!
Then it was on the Zipline.  This was SOOOO Cool!  I loved it and wished we could have done it over and over again!
Here I am flying down the mountain.
Next Coby and I raced down the Alpine Slide....guess who won?
Clearly Coby had time to get his board back and take this shot of me...still cruising down!
After a fun filled day and a GREAT night's sleep in a GORGEOUS was time to get a little dirty!
And so Coby and geared up and headed over to Soldier Hollow to meet most of his team at the Dirty Dash.
And Dirty we got...
And Stinky we became...
Until the end was in sight...and we dash to the finish line...after we went through a few muddy rivers of course!
Here's our after picture...Don't we look like a pair?!!
And I always say...the couple that get's down and dirty together...stays together!  Or something along those lines!

We had a blast playing this weekend!  It was so fun!  I missed my partner in crime (Lanae)...but I remember now why this race has got to be my favorite!  After you get over the initial shock of all the mud and actually getting covered in head to toe nasty really does just become so fun!  So, thanks for signing me up babe!  And Thanks Lady for watching the boys so I could make a few fun memories with my Monster!  

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Fun with Honey

Coby is out of town this week, and Honey came over for some dinner and a little visit.
Here's Jaden and Honey playing a little catch with the football.
And after they played until there was no longer light...Jaden couldn't wait to plant one on his Honey!

We certainly love our Honey and her visits!  :)  She's always willing to play with the kids, indulge in a cookie and bring the fun!  :)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Day and ALS Bucket challenges

  Labor Day for me, always signals the end of summer. :(  Boo! 
Here's Coby getting a sweet picture of the storm rolling in. 
It seems like every other year there is a huge storm around Labor Day.  And if you've been around for any Bear Lake storms, you know that they come in fast and are usually quite amazing!  Coby captured an awesome shot of the lightning.  

This year ALS awareness has skyrocketed!  I believe it began with a professional athlete who did the ice bucket challenge and then challenged a few others after completing it.  They have to donate $10 for the challenge, do the ice bucket challenge and challenge others or pay $100 if they fail to do so within 24 hours.
Here's Coby doing an upside down ice bucket challenge....or Ice GARBAGE can challenge here! 
          Just like Coby to do his "own" thing! :)
Then Corbin took his shot!
Next came Jaden!
And last but not least came me...HOLY SUGAR that was cold!!
"This one's for YOU Poppy" as Corbin said in his video.  To date, more than 53 Million dollars has been donated for the cure of ALS.  I pray it helps them find one, but NO ONE...especially a man of Jim's caliber, should have had to suffer through this agonizing disease.  We miss him!  Oh, how we miss him!

It's been a fun weekend hanging out with Honey and the Ben Rich's.  Love our early morning walks with Miss Whitney.  Staying up late watching movies.  (Blended and the Other Woman were HILARIOUS!) Being lazy, soaking up the last of the summer sun, trying to keep Cole from doing whatever he wants in the water and watching my boys on the jet skis.  It's been a great Bear Lake summer!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Poor Ambie

Poor Poor Ambie!  She was moving into her first apartment in Utah.  She got locked out and tried to climb to her apartment on the third floor.  She made it to the top...but upon realizing that she was locked out there too...she attempted to climb down.  It didn't end so well...
After a fast fall 3 stories down...she ended up with a shattered heel and ankle, a fractured tibia and fibula, two fractured bones in her spine, staples in her head and probably a very bruised ego!  :)  My heart just aches for her!
After all was said and done...she ended up at the University of Utah Hospital.  Her heel and ankle were too swollen for x-rays and they began in on her cute right leg.  Apparently, her tibia and fibula bones were bowing and they had to put in all kinds of screws and bins to correct it.  Looks so painful!  But she was a trooper! She's scheduled next week for her surgery on her heel.
She looks thrilled to have me taking pictures doesn't she?!!  She's in a large brace from her hips to her neck and has a cast from the very top of her right leg to the bottom.  Here the Physical Therapy Nurse is helping her learn to walk up and down the stairs.
She conquered it like a champ!

I feel so bad for my sweet little Ambie.  Always willing to do anything and everything for anyone else.  She drops everything just so she can watch our kids and stay with Pup when we are out of town.  She's constantly lending me her shoes, clothes and bringing me scensy candles just because.  It pains me to see her in so much pain and knowing the long road to recovery she will have to endure.  But I know she can do it!  She told me that as she hit the ground she heard clearly, "Everything happens for a reason."   She has taken that message in stride and I have yet to hear her complain.  She's staying positive and looking towards the future with hope.  She and my sweet mom are getting closer as Amber is realizing how much my mom actually does for her.  I know that despite all this rotten luck...good will come from it.  I sure love her and can't wait to make her go on a run with me!  :)  And by run I mean....a fast walk, because heaven knows you can't call what I do running!  :)  Good Luck Ambie!  :)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Earplugs BEFORE Evanston

Notice anything interesting about this picture??!!!

Look CLOSELY and you will notice the BIG orange earplugs!  We were on our way to Bear Lake and between all the constant whining, fighting, dog panting, wife-playing-on-her-phone-FUN....Coby just couldn't take one more second of our lovely family!  So, he did want any annoyed-and-can't-do-anything-about-it man would do in his situation...he put in his earplugs!  And there you have it...Earplugs BEFORE Evanston!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kid goes to Kindergarten...

How could this have happened??!!!
Kid can't be old enough for Kindergarten...RIGHT?!!!
As much as I tried to convince him to just stay home with me and be my "little friend"...
This cute boy opted to ride the bus to school and out of my mommy life 1/2 a day Monday - Friday.
And there he baby!  My little friend is gone.  :(  I was super sad on Sunday about him leaving and he gave me his blue blankie and said, "Here Mom.  Blue Blankie will make you feel better.  Just hug him tight and if you need to cry you's ok."  After he left and I came home and put Cole to bed...I saw his blue blankie and sort of lost it.  
Here's his classroom where he couldn't wait to find his seat and begin!
And there's his cute teacher, Mrs. Jeppson welcoming the class just before Kindergarten started. 
And he's Back!  Hallelujah!!  

It's interesting how fast time flies.  Bittersweet really!  On one hand, I'm super happy...but on the other I'm very aware that it's literally flying by and I don't really like it.  How could he be 5 years old already and starting Kindergarten?!!  He's been my little friend for the last 5 years and I've gotten pretty used to having him around me all the time.  He's super entertaining and funny and a good helper and listener (despite his CRAZY LOUD volume and constant need for Hot Coco!)  I'm sure going to miss him during the day.  But this will be good.  He'll get to learn lots of new things and if there is someone who has a love of learning, it's my Jaden! Mrs. Jeppson tested him and said that he's one of the brightest in the class and that he's definitely ready for Kindergarten.  I'm excited for the things he'll learn, the friendships he'll make, riding the bus and figuring out who he is.  While it's a little sad to watch him taking this big step...this is probably just what Cole and I need. Good luck Buddy!  You're going to do GREAT!