Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sommy and Drew's BIG DAY!!!

And I think that smile says it all!!!  Introducing:  MR. AND MRS. ANDREW WRIGHT!!!




 Isn't she STUNNING??!!!!

Our Burton Family

Crazy Uncle Bob in the background!  I think Lanae told me that he was getting into other wedding photos (for people he didn't know) on mine and Coby's wedding day.  So funny!  Gotta love that CRAZY guy!

Three beautiful sisters!!

And there's my cute dad ready to capture everything on camera.  He's always been like this since before I can remember.

Cobe was able to get a few cute pictures while waiting for Sommy to come out of the temple.

OH I just wanna SQUEEZE them!!!

After pictures we were off to the Lion House for a little lunch...or breakfast...I'm not sure which...but we were all STARVING!  Then home for a much deserved nap.  Coby, my dad and Bob went skiing....

  This is how my dad came home...poor guy!  

We are so excited for Sommer and Drew.  She was beautiful.  The day was snowy...but ended up being beauitful....cold but beautiful still the same.  I am sure going to miss my little Schlimey, but I'm happy that she's so happy with her Mr. Wright!  :)  

Friday, April 29, 2011

Mexican Celebration

Sommer and Drew wanted a Mexican Celebration equipped with an Authentic Taco Cart.   

 I have to say the tacos were AWESOME!  I'll post more pictures.  I got too busy chatting and not busy taking many shots of celebration.  My cousin Aimee got I'm hoping she'll send a few my way.


 What kind of Mexican party would it be if there wasn't a Pinata??!!

The kids were in HEAVEN!!

Corb thinks he may have just hit the jackpot!!  Look at that stash....

CANDY....this boy could LIVE off it!

Despite FREEZING cold weather conditions on one of the LAST DAYS IN APRIL....Sommer and Drew's party went off without a hitch!  Everyone had fun...expect maybe the taco makers...they were cold!!   I don't want to even admit how many tacos I had...but let's just say they were tasty and I may just have to track them down in the city sometime soon.  Now...if only I knew Spanish....

Rehearsal Dinner...sort of

The day before the wedding Sommer and Drew wanted to take everyone out to lunch.  We all met at Goodwood and chowed down.  Nothing like a good BBQ lunch with all the family.  Wish we could have gotten to know Drew's family a little more, but I'm sure there will be PLENTY of future opportunities.  Everyone had a ball...well, mostly everyone.  Jadesy got a little (A LOT) grumpy and we had to take him home early.  Thanks Som and Drew!  We had a ball and I think I may have gained 20 lbs!  :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dinner at the PIE

Have you ever eaten at The Pie??!!

It was mine and Jadesy's first time...and it was tasty!!!  Jadesy needed TONS of root beer just to wash down all that cheese.

Honestly, I have never seen nor eaten so much cheese in all my life!!

My cousin Aimee and her family stayed with us.  Her little girl Emily and Corbin may have fallen in love...not really but they were pretty inseparable!!

"What....we're SUPPOSED to draw on the wall....!"  (I think he kept waiting for us to yell at him for doing it.)  He looks like he just got caught in this picture!  

And Jaden...well, he wasn't about to let Corbin have all the fun!

Quite the little artists I have....I must say!

And here is my cute dad and Ambie.  I love this picture of them.  Very sweet!  On a side note she'll officially be a UTAH'N in about 2 weeks!  :) YAAAAAAY!  Now if only Som, would move back...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ladie's Man in training

Going in for a little smooch with my Aunt Linda

How could he resist kissing this cute girl??!!

I think he's "Playing the game" with Aunt Ambie....pretending that he really doesn't want a kiss...but we know his REAL INTENTIONS!!

And I don't think Lanae would take NO for an answer!  

Honestly, how could he NOT want to kiss those gorgeous girls??!!  He's becoming a ladies man already and he's only 22 months old.  I think I may have my hands full in a few years...and few angry moms on my hands!  :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sommer's Bridal Shower

I, along with my mom, sister, cousin and Aunt Linda threw Sommer a Bridal Shower.  We had a you will soon see....

The gifts

The food

And then there were games...Lanae was in charge and I have to say that the games were my FAVORITE part!  She brought a bunch of toilet paper and the goal of the game was to dress up two "brides" in the BEST "toilet paper" gown EVER!

Poor, cute, really prego Whitney was the BEST Sport!   What could be better than a pregnant bride I ask you??!!! 

I like the Blue Sash!!  Just gives it that extra little SOMETHING!!

Som was also very cooperative!  She had a TRAIN and everything!

Here is the finished product!  I could be wrong but I think she was considering switching this dress for the one she purchase about 6 months ago!! 

Here are our beautiful Paper brides....I was a tough decision to chose which one was best!!  But after much debate...alas there could only be one winner......

And there she is in all her glory....Ms. WHITNEY BALLSTEADT RICH!!!!

She's gonna kill me for posting this...but hopefully she'll see this cute picture of both us and forgive me!!

Then it was on to presents...can you tell Sommer is excited??!!

And who wouldn't be with gifts like this??!!

Me and my Little!

Lanae and Ambie

Here's all the girls!  (Aimee, Me, Soms, Mom, Aunt Linda and Ambie)