Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dinner at the PIE

Have you ever eaten at The Pie??!!

It was mine and Jadesy's first time...and it was tasty!!!  Jadesy needed TONS of root beer just to wash down all that cheese.

Honestly, I have never seen nor eaten so much cheese in all my life!!

My cousin Aimee and her family stayed with us.  Her little girl Emily and Corbin may have fallen in love...not really but they were pretty inseparable!!

"What....we're SUPPOSED to draw on the wall....!"  (I think he kept waiting for us to yell at him for doing it.)  He looks like he just got caught in this picture!  

And Jaden...well, he wasn't about to let Corbin have all the fun!

Quite the little artists I have....I must say!

And here is my cute dad and Ambie.  I love this picture of them.  Very sweet!  On a side note she'll officially be a UTAH'N in about 2 weeks!  :) YAAAAAAY!  Now if only Som, would move back...

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