Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Loving this little muffalotta

This little boy gets cuter and cuter every single day!!

Today he woke up from his nap and wanted his favorite white blankie that my cute Grandma Burton crocheted for Jack...aka the "Jack" blanket**(**maybe that's why he feels the  need to tote it around all the time**), a piece of Great Harvest bread and to sit on the back deck watching the cars go by.  He just wanted to sit out there and chill for a minute or two while he continued to "wake" up.  

This is one the cutest things he's been doing lately.  Since Coby insists that we get our milk from Winder Dairy every week, we have LOTS of empty milk containers by the door.  My mom showed him how to line up the empty milk containers, get a ball and try to knock them over like bowling.

After he "carefully" lines up all the milk containers, he throws the ball and then starts yelling "YAAAAAAAAAYYYY" as he's clapping his chubby little paws!  It's pretty entertaining I must say!  I could watch it for hours and not get bored!

 Here's a shot of him playing in the OVERGROWN sandbox!  OH...I LOVE him!  I never get sick of the cute face or that beautiful smile!  


Anonymous said...

Its a pretty white blanket too!! Love ya lots!!

Sommer said...

I love that little muffalotta too!!! I just want to squeeze him right now!!!! :)