Thursday, May 29, 2008

And thus we continue in the catching up...

Mother's day was quite exquisite. Coby woke me up to breakfast in bed with homemade scones, turkey bacon and low calorie oj. The scones were to die for. Corbin even got in on the action and helped roll out the scones. Carefully rolling out the scone dough...

"look mom...I'm a chef!!"

"Meee toooo!!"


He did have a little accident with the grease when he thought he could THROW the dough into the grease. Oooops! :) Then Coby surprised me with an awesome heart rate monitor/calorie counter watch. I LOVE it! Thanks babe! This was the BEST mother's day ever! I love being a mom...MOST days! The cute things Corbin says, the way Jack smiles so big that his eyes completely close and he throws his head back and giggles. I love when Jack nuzzles into my neck and just stays there and let's me snuggle with him. He's my little snuggle bug! I love tucking Corbin in and having our "late" night talks where he tells me that the witch from Snow White needs a "spank" and that "we don't like hers do we mom..." Then he has to hold my hand until he actually falls asleep. It's really the greatest feeling.

Coby thought it was time for a little family trip to Disneyland! So, of COURSE we did NOT object! We packed up the Camry and headed south for a few days. The boys were sooo good over the course of the drive. The boys loved it....except for Snow White's Scary Adventure. It's actually scary! If you have younger kids, I'd think twice before FREAKING them out! Corbin started screaming and could hardly sit still long enough to get off the ride. The witch the scary one literally pops out all over the place. It's like they thought it wise to re-create that one scene in the movie were Snow white gets lost in the woods. CREEEEPY! Anyway, for the rest of the time we were there he kept bring the "witch" up and telling us she was a "bad witch" and "you get her daddy...right"..."you give her a spank...a big one...okay daddy?" It didn't matter which ride we went on, we heard about that witch! Then the next day were waiting in line for the Peter Pan ride and lo and behold...guess who we saw peaking out of her castle? THE WITCH!!! Who noticed...CORBIN!! Yeahhh! Anyway, other than the witch Disneyland was awesome. Lines were a little longer than last time, but still not too bad.
Corbin's "Shoot" as he calls his Buzz Lightyear gun, I'm pretty sure he shot the witch about a billion times!!!
Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

"Whoso pulleth out this sword..."

"Look mom...I'm driving!!

And Tigger too...

Our whole family in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle

I can't wait until Corbin is 2 inches taller and can go on Soaring over California. That the best ride! I love the smell of the orange groves and the pine trees that they pump in. It's great! We're planning another trip in October...if anyone wants to go!! We bought season tickets last year...and we're getting our moneys worth okay?!!

Jack is officially 1 year old! I can hardly believe it! Where has the time gone??? He was so tiny and now he's our little chunk. I love him! We had a little party for him at Disneyland, but we're going to have another party with our families soon. Then he'll have his official first birthday cake to destroy. Happy birthday lammy lou, doodle, stinker stink, Jackie have retarted nicknames. That's okay, they LOVE it...I think!

Then as a result of Jack turning 1....along with that came the dreaded 1 year checkup...and I mean shots! Seriously this was the worst. My sister Sommer came with me...and thank goodness she did, because I don't think I could have gotten through without her. First Dr. Cramer found that Jack had yet ANOTHER ear infection. This makes like 12 for the year....I may be exaggerating a tichy...but honestly he gets ear infections every single time he gets a cold. EVERY SINGLE TIME!! He's getting about a month.
Okay, so the nurse came in and Sommer had to hold Jack down while the nurse gave him 6 shots in his chubby little thighs. Then Dr. Cramer came back to say that he wanted to test Jack's iron and Vitamin D levels. Guess how they do it....they find a non-existent vein in his fat little rolly polly arms and start gestimating exactly where they THINK his vein MIGHT be! So they poke him, then while the needle is inside his arm and he's silently SCREAMING at the top of his little lungs, they keep pressing down on the needle. FUN huh? Then after about 2 minutes of what feels like an eternity...they decide that they should try the OTHER arm. Poor Sommer, I nearly walked out because I could hardly stand watching. So Jack had bandages on both legs and both arms. Happy birthday baby! :( I'm a wimp...I know...but I can't stand to see me children is such distress.

Then we were off to Bear Lake for Memorial Day. After our annual "clean up" it was usual! Everyone in Coby's fam was there. The weather wasn't the best, but the company was fun. I was able to go on a run...and it felt sooo good. Perfect weather. I ran a little over 3 miles without stopping.

Well, we're finally home and back and things are back to normal...whatever that means! I missed being home, my fam, Jasmine and of course the gym. I was good however on this trip, and I think this has been the ONLY trip I don't think I've gained weight on! :) I will miss listening to the books on tape we have been listening to. "Tennis Shoes among the Nephites" We got through 3 books during our MANY MANY hours of driving. If you ever get a chance to read or listen to the books by Chris Heimerdinger, they are AWESOME! They are great because while they are fiction, the author incorporates facts from the Book of Mormon into them. It's great! I don't think I can hold out for another road trip, so to the Library I'll go!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A little catch up....well...a lot of catch up

Amber, Sommer, Poochie, Grandma and Grandpa

CorbiMac and Ambie
Sommie and CorbiMac
Sommer, Me and Jack, Ambie

First my little sister Amber came out for a MUCH needed visit. Coby's family was so sweet to let us "get away" at their fun cabin at Bear Lake. It was beautiful. We played a family tradition of Chicken Foot and I don't want to point fingers...but SOME people cheat....GRANDPA and DAD...oh and me of course! We got to play on the frozen lake in innertubes being pulled with the four wheeler. It was fun, but freezing Jack and I didn't last long. We had so much fun. I wish she lived closer so we could play.

Coby and I standing outside the entrance to Wicked

THEN, Coby...the BEST husband in the world, took me to San Diego for a fun little trip...just the two of us. I was a little sad about leaving the kids, but about 30 hours into the trip...and in Vegas...I was happy and hoping our trip wouldn't end! :) We stopped for the night at the St. George house then left for Vegas in the morning. Our first stop Coby's favorite In and Out Burger. I still don't see the big I ate in Caesar's Palace. Then we drove to L.A. to see WICKED!! We got there about 1 1/2 hours early to put our name in a sort of lottery to get tickets. They give away 26 front row tickets for only $25 each. So of course we had to try. We didn't win, but the still gave us a pretty good deal anyway. Wicked was AMAZING!!! We had awesome seats.

I'm a poser...what can I say!!

Jim and Joanne were nice enough to let us stay at their resort in San Diego.  It was really cool.  Our room was on the golf course and their were two pools.  One pool even had a water slide.

Me on the waterslide
Coby on the waterslide

Then it was off to the beach.  We went to Oceanside Beach.  I reminded me of Grand Haven.  It was BEEEautiful and COLD!
Then I helped Coby play golf....let's just say...I have a long way to go before he'll want to take me again.  Then we had to drive back the next day.  It was a short trip, but so much fun.  We are so thankful for both sets of parent who took the time to watch our kidlings.  Thank you thank you thank you!!  We love you so much!

When we got back, Jack crossed another milestone...CRAWLING!  I was nervous he'd never do it!  But on the 20th of April (his 11 month anniversary) he proved me wrong.  Now we crawls EVERYWHERE...even places he's not supposed to.  And he's fast!  The other day I was on the computer downstairs in the basement.  Jack was playing on the floor next to me.  Then a few minutes later I realized "just how quiet" it was.  So I went looking for him...he had crawled all the way up the stairs to the main floor and was almost up the stairs to the 2nd floor.  That little stinker!!

We got home just to pack up and head back down to St. George for the weekend.  It was a ball.  The weather was so nice and warm.  I even got to have a little girl time with my cousin Lanae and her friend Emily.  We laughed so hard I thought they'd kick us out of Neilson's Frozen Custard.  Corbin and Sammi had so much fun together, bouncing on the bed, playing golf and painting.  They are such good little friends.  It's so fun!  Corbin hurt his foot because he thought he could stomp on a cactus with his crocks shoes.  Not the best idea.  He hurt his little foot and all weekend long told us about the "bad cactus...he's meeeean...he'll bite you!"  It was sad, but really cute.  

Then Amber had a birthday!  Happy birthday girl!!  We miss you!

Mother's day was AWESOME!!  Coby stayed up late making homemade scones from the Favorites cookbook (my absolute favorite).  They were soooo yummy!  My diet went out the window and I got to enjoy them.  Coby was so sweet, he bought turkey bacon and low calorie orange juice.  Corbin helped cook everything and then gave me a Suunto heart rate moniter watch.  It's awesome, it even tell you how many calories you've burned!  I love it!!  He's the best!  He took care of the kids all day and even cleaned the house.  Later that day we headed to Lanae and Jared's for a Mother's Day BBQ.  My mom was so sweet she gave me beautiful iris' out of her garden.  They we so pretty!  My mom and dad marinated some turkey and it was DELICIOUS!  Corbin and Jordan had ball jumping on the trampoline and driving Jordan's jeep. Then it was off to Coby's folk's.  It's always a party!  He had cake and ice cream and got a little mother's day treat.  Corbin and Sammi had fun playing with some moroccos.  Fun day!  It was the BEST mother's day ever!  Thanks babe!  I love you soooo much!

Tuesday we had a little girl's night out with Coby's mom, Whit, Marse, and Anna.  We went to see Maid of Honor and then Joanne treated to coldstone.  She's so great!  We all had a BLAST!  I got the german chocolate cake ice cream!  LOVED IT!
Wednesday, We had dinner with Ben and Whit and then headed over to take some pictures in Lanae and Jared's GORGEOUS backyard!  Whitney makes a mean spaghetti and meatballs.  She made it with whole wheat pasta and it was to die for!  The pictures turned out great!  Thanks Ben and Whit!
Our cute little family
Me showing off my mad back flip skills!

Thursday, Benniwinny boo boo and Whit called and invited us to see Iron Man.  At first I thought it was going to be stupid!  But it was sooo good!  It was fun to hang out!  
Corbin's been saying the funniest things this week.  When you ask him a question sometimes his face will light up and his eyes get really big and he'll say, "that sounds like fun!!"  I asked him if we should get him a BIG BOY pottie and he said..."oh, that sounds like fun!"  He's so cute!  He can sing "itsy bitsy spider"and "popcorn popping on the apricot tree".  He loves to eat my homemade pizza dough.