Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!
This year we didn't really have a "theme".  But at least we still dressed up!  We have a gory zombie skateboarder, a super awesome fireman and a fluffy/grumpy Dalmatian and then there's Maverick and Goose.
Our typical goofy shot!
Here we are trick-or-treating.  Cole was very interested in the decorations.  He loved the candy....but wanted to hang out and sit on their porches.  He'd knock on the door then say, "che cheet", get his candy, say "ganks", then promptly sit down on their steps for a break!  To say that trick-or-treating took a while....was quite an understatement!
And here's Coby and I...i mean Maverick and his sidekick Goose. couldn't tell because my badge was on upside down??!!  :)  Isn't my Mavrick HOT!!  Aviator glasses, a little scruff on his face...ya...I'm pretty lucky!!!

Today was super fun!  I dressed up in a crazy super hero/crazy purple socks pulled up to my knees costume, got the kids ready and headed to a Zumba class.  LOVED that it was 90 minutes!  I have really enjoyed starting to go back.  I've only been going to the Zumba classes because they are SO fun and I forget that I'm even working out because I'm having so much fun!  Who cares that I dance like the whitest girl on the planet!  Or that I have ZERO grace especially compared to Marse!  :)  I'm trying to get Cole used to going to the Kids club before the Disney Cruise in January.  So far so good!
After class, we headed to my mom's for a quick visit, then grabbed a little lunch at Carl's Jr.  Prying Cole off the playground was a NO fun.  But at least I was taking him home to get a MUCH needed nap.  Only...he drank a ton of coke and refused his nap!  :(  RATS!  Thus explaining his FUN and OH so GRUMPY attitude!  Around 4 we headed to Coby's office for another little trick-or-treat.  Coby works for such a fun company!  Someone even brought in a llama!  CRAZY!  Then we were off to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood for the first time.  It was the PerFeCt and I mean PERFECT night for Halloween.  The temperature was warm and in the 70's.  It was almost hot!  :)Cute Ambie came over with her booted leg and passed out candy for us.  She's so awesome!  After a few meltdowns for our puppy...we opted to get Cole home and put him to bed STAT!  Coby and the boys headed to Joanne's for a little more Halloween adventure!  Wish we could have come...but there was NO way I was braving another minute with my grumpy gus Dalmatian!  ;)  
  It was a GREAT Halloween!  I think I'll go watch the Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin, eat ANOTHER kit kat and call it a night!  

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Family Night

We've been so BUSY this month...but FINALLY managed to get out to the pumpkin patch.  Who cares that it's October 30th!!  
So, after the stake truck or treat, we headed next door to the pumpkin patch and let the boys go crazy!
Cole was loving his wheel barrel. And by loving it, I mean he loved to pick up any pumpkins he could, put them in his wheel barrel and then dump them out!  It was pretty cute!
Jaden LOVED this baby pumpkin!
Then it was home to make scary monster face pizzas.
After a quick clean up, the boys couldn't wait to starting working on their pumpkins.  Jaden was VERY you can see by his "concentration" tongue!
And then there was PUMPKIN GUTS!!!!
Jaden didn't quite know what to think or all the "guts"...but Corbin got a spoon and went to town!  :)  Just teasing!  
And don't worry about this little crazy boy...he walked around on the counter picking everything up, smelling it, and saying "gose" (grose), while Coby finished up Jaden's pumpkin masterpiece. 
And there you have it folks....the fru-its of our labors...or Coby and Corbin's labors!  :)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

St. George Fall Break

Since the boys are off for a couple weeks for Track, Coby and I decided to make the most of it and plan a trip down to St. George for a few days of fun in the sun before it gets too chilly.\
Sunday after church and a ever critical "Sunday" nap, we headed out on a hike in Snow Canyon.  It was SUPER fun! 
  At the end of the trail was a HUGE Rock wall.  The boys couldn't help themselves and HAD to climb up and leap off!  So, Coby didn't waste much time busting out the camera to capture the essence "boy" as they jumped.
 He had a cool app on his phone that allowed him to film it in part in slow motion.
 Can you tell how thrilled they were to watch themselves over and over again....everything's cooler in slow motion "don't ya know"?!!!  (that last part is said in my best Minnesota accent)
The next day Corb and Coby headed out on a Bike ride...
 ... while I took the other boys down to the park.  Cole refused to go down the slide by, here I am..being "FUN"!
 There's my happy boy...for the moment!
The next day we headed down to Main street to hit Judd's old time candy store and the children's museum.  Judd's was fun, even though Corb and Jades kept wanting candy cigarettes...(a little something they learned from their Honey :)    
The museum ended up being closed, so we made the most of it and let the boys play in the fountain.  Cole was loving this fireman hose!
Even Coby took off his shoes and joined in all the water fun!

Later that day before we headed to dinner, we thought we'd take just one more family hike.  It was pretty cool since we could look down on the entire valley.
These boys are CRAZY and want to climb and jump off EVERYTHING!
Here is one of the ledges they all insisted on peering over!  I'm pretty sure I may have been a little paranoid...but it was a steep and complete DROP OFF!  
Cole wanted to do EVERYTHING that his brothers did!  Which made it all the more nerve racking!!!
Sometimes, he was a little defiant and quite, we let him do his thing.  Until he realized he was STUCK!  
Speaking of stuck....check out these crazy boys!

The next day we said goodbye to sunny St. George and headed home for another adventure!
And so, we drove 4 hours to Salt Lake and then another one to Ogden to get our "thrill" on at the I-FLY skydiving simulator!  The boys had all been, and kept trying to tell me what to do and not do!  It was pretty cute  I loved when Jaden's crazy mullet hair starting sticking straight up out of the little holes on his helmet!  These boys are naturals...and it's a good thing they don't take after me!  ;)
After a little Costa Vida, we got in our swimsuits and hopped on the flow rider (surfing/body boarding).  
Jaden was a master at boogie boarding!  He was so light, that he just flew across the waves.  Coby was a PRO at surfing!  Corb was almost as good and always willing to try!  I tried to surf ONCE...then after I fell on my CHIN, tweeked my neck...I was ready to get into a warm shower and call it a night!

This has seriously been SUCH a fun little trip with our little family.  I LOVE how much Coby loves us and shows us we are the most important things in his life!  :)  

Friday, October 24, 2014

Jaden's Kindergarten Halloween party

To say that I absolutely ADORE Jaden's Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Jeppson is the understatement of the century!  SHE'S awesome and when I talk to her I can't help but think of how much she reminds me of my sweet cute Grandma Burton!  Best of all, Jaden loves her too!  I once told her that Jaden talks about her constantly when he gets home from school.  And her response was, "I know a lot about you guys too....believe me...I know more than you think.  And some of the things I hear from them...would make you want turn 5 shades of red out of embarrassment!"  (She clarified that she wasn't speaking directly about me...but after 30 years of teaching...she said she could write a best seller of "things kindergartners say".  I bet she could!  And I bet she's WOULD be a best seller!
 Here's my little Fireman and Mrs. Jeppson after the party today.
 It's a little blurry, but you get the's their Halloween parade.  **NOTE**  I came prepared for a "Longview Elementary" Halloween parade....Aprill Wingett style ready to dance in the halls with my sparkly tu tu, super hero cape and mask!  To my shock and surprise, South Jordan and Longview are on opposite spectrums.  There was no music and only Mrs. Jeppson's class walked around to a few classrooms and to the front office to show off the cute little Halloween Kindergartners.  Maybe it's because we were going to be off track for Halloween this year and when the whole school celebrates's more "Longview" fun!  :)  I hope so!
Here is Jadesy at the "Science Experiment" table.  It was really cool!  
 I had signed up for a "station" but the mother in charge "forgot" and had didn't have enough "room" for my "Pass the Spider" (kind of like musical chairs) activity. :(  Not happy!  But that's okay, at least I was there and got to be with my cute little fireman!  
Decorating Cookies.
Don't eat Casper.

And last but not least a super cute parachute game.
The party was super cute and I was glad I got to go...even if it didn't go exactly like I had imagined!  :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lanae's Annual Halloween SPECTACULAR

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE this girl??!!!  
 It's definitely NO mystery that she is the QUEEN "Bee" of throwing the coolest parties!  
 She does it every year and I think people are starting to plan their vacations around it because it's that fun!!  No one wants to miss it because it's not only a blast, but it's super amazing just to see!  Made these fun cut outs and painted them herself!  I wish I had that creativity must be a trait from the Attaya side!  :)
 LOVING the back porch!
 Even the kitchen didn't disappoint!
 And then there was the food....this is only ONE of the you can imagine the others!  
 And there they are....a couple of "BOO BEEs"  Get it?!!  I love it!
 And cute Chad and Natalie's family always do themes.  This year they were Jake and the Neverland Pirates!  SUPER fun!  I wish our family still wanted to do themes!  It's getting harder and harder every year!!
 Here's a shot of some of Lanae's cute friends and I being a little silly!
And here's one last shot because it was just too cool NOT to include! are the queen of Halloween!  Love ya girl!  Thanks for making us a part of it!

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Walk in the Woods

If you know Joanne or know that to know her is to know FUN!!!
This year she came up with a "walk in the woods" for the kids.  We went to Crestwood park near her house and as we walked we "ran" into very interesting characters!  :)
First they ran into a VERY animated scarecrow... 
...who gave them flashlights and read them a story.  Then he pointed them in the direction of their next character clue...
 So, on we walked...
 Until we came across a crazy Pirate....
 ...who led the kids on a hunt for "tray-sure"!  Once the Tray-sure was found....on we went to find a scary witch not far down the trail...
 Here she is....nose and all!  (PS...only Marianne could pull this off and still look cute...)  She read the kids a story in her best witch's accent...and on we went to find one last character....
It was Ben...I mean...SPIDERMAN....but since it was too dark we didn't grab one of him.  SAD...but it must have been an interesting sight for the joggers as they ran by!  Picture the scene....a guy kind of hiding in the dusk of day with a spiderman mask on holding a big black garbage bag...oh and he's completely ALONE!  He said that he wanted to say hi to the joggers...but thought they may mace him instead.  I have to say...that if I saw Ben dressed like the dark.....I would have been running for my life!  Maybe I've seen too many "I survived" episodes!  :)
After the walk in the woods, we headed back to Joannes's for some Hall-o-weiners and treats and of course mustaches! 
And it wouldn't be a real party without some sort of crazy game...
Joanne spent hours making individual balls of yarn for each kid so they could create a huge spider web.  It looks like Aunt Marse is the spider!!!  But from the look of things...I don't think Jaden minds!
We had such a blast!
Joanne goes all out and the kids LOVE her enthusiasm and sense of fun!  All of which has passed down to each of their kids!  Each one of her children (minus Bobby because he's all the way in Boise) really had no clue what was happening as Joanne gave them their dress up bag and quickly told them what she was hoping for!  A great time was had by all!  We certainly love our Honey and appreciate all that she does for us!  :)