Saturday, October 04, 2014

Soccer - Jadesy Babe and Coach Dad

This year we signed Jaden up for Soccer.  Funny story...when we got to park to meet our team and lo and behold there was no coach.  Since Coby was out of town and NONE of the other parents were brave enough to volunteer....I did what any good wife would do...I signed COBY up!  He may have been out of town on a FUN company retreat at Stein Erickson while I was a single momma!  SO....I didn't feel too bad!
Check out that those MAD skills!!  What can I say...he's a natural!
Kindergarten Soccer is funny to watch.  All the kids huddle together and kick each other in the shins until the ball actually moves in some direction of the goal!  Thank goodness for shin guards!
and there are the occasional falls....or did he find a cool bug on the ground?  I guess we'll never know!

It has been a fun season watching Coby coach these cute little Kindergartners.  Jaden LOVED having his dad as the coach and even made a few goals.  There may have been a few tantrums, but they were mostly by Cole!  :)  Here's to next year and spring soccer! 

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