Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve at Bear Lake

This year for New Years we headed up to Bear Lake. 
We invited our friends the Sloans.  On New Years Eve, Coby and Corb and John and his cute girls Roxy and Summer went skiing.
Corb had a ball in ski school.  I'm fairly certain that he's WAY better than me at this point!
We all did a little sledding!  In this particular shot, Jaden and Roxy were flying down the hill and nearly plowed over little Savannah!  Good thing her daddy and MiMi were paying attention!
Mandy, Aunt Ambie and I stayed back with the littlest ones.  Here's Aunt Ambie getting in a little Roly Poly Coly time.  He was one happy little guy!  And why wouldn't he be with a girl that pretty snuggling next to him?!!
 Sargents invited us over for an early New Years Eve party!
Happy New YEAR!
 Here's our little Cole dressed up very appropriately in his BEAR LAKE bear suit!
Happy 2013!  It's going to be a GREAT year!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Colie Pokie...a month in review

Can I just say that I'm absolutely IN LOVE this little bundle of chunk??!!  Well, I AM!  He's so snuggly and sweet!  
Today is Colie's 1 month birthday!  To say that he's grown is quite the understatement!  

He eats constantly!!  When I say constantly, I mean like every 1 to 2 hours!  He's a bit of a snacker!  I remember Jack and Jaden snacking during the day, but at night they would eat every 3 to 4.  NOT Colie Pokie here!  He has maintained his 1 to 2 hour feedings every single night as well!  

He has the softest hair.  I love when he's sleeping on my chest and I can rest my chin on his head and just breathe in his sweet newness.  He's so cuddly and LOVES to be super warm.  He HATES getting baths.  He screams like we are torturing him!  We've even gone as far as keeping the bathroom super hot and steamy...He is NOT a far!  Maybe that will change in the next few weeks.

He sleeps alot, but he's starting to be a little more awake and loves to look around.  He loves to lay in front of the tv and watch ESPN.  NOOOOOOOOO!!  Coby is so proud!

He is definitely a momma's boy.  If he hears my voice, he instantly becomes a fussy and wants me to hold him and "hook" him up!  :) Which I do happily and I know Coby is happy to relieve himself of a fussy gus!  

The boys ADORE him!  Jaden has even come around.  He loves to try and give him a binky (which he takes a bit better than the other 3).  He loves to get in his face and tell him..."'s okay baby or Colie Pokie...." and then tells me "I think he needs your boobie mommy."  NICE!  

He hates sleeping in his pack and play.  He prefers to be nursed to sleep and then sleep in between Coby and I. I LOVE it!  Coby is NOT a fan!  (We are both super soft sleepers and don't move much while I assure you, Cole is safe! )

One on One with Jadesy Babe

 Tonight Corbin was having a "late over" at Sammi and Mason's house, so we decided to spend a little one on one time with Jadesy.
We took him to Planet Play. 
He was definitely schooling us at Bowling!
And kicking our trash at basketball!

It was so fun to just spend some quality one on one time with this little boy.  It doesn't happen that often, so we like to take advantage when we can.  I think it makes such a big difference and means so much to both the boys when we take the time to spend time with them individually.  I think that tonight was one of the first times we had the opportunity to do so.  It was so much fun to a blast watching him run from attraction to attraction.  Then at the end of the night he was SO excited to get vampire teeth!  :)  This little boy melts my heart!  I sure do love him!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sledding at Little's

Who is the QUEEN of FUN???!!!  Well, Lanae of course!
Today we ventured over to her neck of the woods for a little sledding in her backyard.
Corbin had a blast!
He always loves to hang out with his bud, Jordan! 
And I'm ALWAYS looking for ways to see this girl!  She's definitely the Sunshine in my life!  I love spending time with her and would do it every single day if I could!  I am so happy that our boys are such good friends!  Jaden and Caydin still look like twins and are always asking to play any chance they get.  I can't wait for Colie to join the "boy" ranks and start playing with all of his cousins.  Lanae is "working" on adding to our group of BOYS!  I keep telling her that she should hold off and wait for me to get pregnant for the last time and then we both be done!  :)  Hopefully, with GIRLS!  :)  Honestly, have you ever seen more girly girls than Lanae and I?  We NEED at least ONE girl right??!!

Rich Sibling Adult Night

This year for our Rich Siblings night we had a Mexican Fiesta a few days after Christmas.
Here's a shot of everyone.
Here's a shot of the Mexican deliciousness!
We were LOVING it!  Nice work Honey!
Joanne is definitely the hostess of hosts!  We had appetizers (shrimp favorite) and pina coladas!  Only actually being in Mexico would have been better!
We exchanged gifts.  Joanne gave all the girls these fun and festive bowls.  I got a red one and LOVE it!
There is Coby sporting his new hat and club!  I bet he's anxious to try out that new club in the spring.
Marse NEVER fails to liven up the party!

I love that we have a sibling family party.  It's so fun!  No kids (well, mostly no kids...Cole was too little to be left home), good food, presents and an amazing family!  What could be better!  I certainly LOVE this Rich family of mine!  

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas with the Burton's

Nana and Poochie definitely did NOT disappoint in the gift giving area!
Jaden really got into it this year! 
Corb was alwas eager to "assist"!  

I love that my family and Coby's families are so close by.  It's been so nice to be able to spend each holiday with both families!  I love that my cute sister is here.  I wish more than anything that Sommy and her little family lived closer.  It would have been awesome to see our little Colie next to their little Ronan (who I'm sure are going to be BEST friends one day...just like my Little...aka Lanae and I).
This year for Christmas my mom made a traditional Roast, mashed potatoes and gravy and veggies.  It was GREAT!  A very nice change from the usual Christmas dinner.  She was even nice enough to let us take a teency weency little nap afterward!  It was a GREAT Christmas indeed! 

Christmas with the Rich's

Every year Joanne gives her girls jammies to wear Christmas morning.  We always alternate mornings and afternoons with Rich's and Burton's.  Here we all are posing with our sweet Poppy!  He's one lucky guy to be surrounded by such beauty!  :) 
The look on Corb and Mason's face when they opened a Beyblade Arena was priceless!  :)
One of Jim's presents was a book filled with pictures and memories written by family and friends all about Jim.  It's a fairly lengthy book!  Jim has certainly touched and continues to touch so many people with his kindness, genuine interest in everyone he comes into contact with, and love.

I truly admire this man.  It breaks my heart to see him going faster and faster downhill.  I can't even allow myself to think or plan for the "what if's" regarding the future and what it will hold.  I refuse to believe that there may come a time in the near future when Jim will be gone.  I know it's a probable reality, but I am refusing.  We can't lose him.  We just can't.  I watch my little Corbin pray for him each night and literally plead with the Lord to "PLEASE, help Poppy... PLEASE Heavenly Father, make him get better, PLEASE."  It brings me to tears every time.  It's my prayer too.  When you are in shadow of possibly losing someone close, Christmas seems to take on a whole new meaning.
Thanks Jim and Jo for letting spend our Christmas morning with you.  I hope there will be many more to come!

Christmas Morning with the boys

Merry Christmas Bedford Falls...I mean...Merry Christmas!!  (it's been a long night thank you very much!!)
Here are my sweet boys in their matching Jammies VERY anxiously waiting for Coby to let them downstairs to see what Santa had left for them.
We always have them open their stocking first.  Jaden got his own water bottle and head lamp.  (He LOVES flashlights...and because he LOVES to take them apart even more...we have to hide our good flashlights)  It was not good the night we lost power and could only find pieces of all the flashlights in the house!
Corb also got a head lamp and a Lego Watch.
Jadesy was excited about his new catcher's he can play catch with Coby and Corb and even try to catch a ball at the Buzz games this summer!
Jaden's big present this year was a scooter.  I love that Corbin was super excited to show him how to ride it.
Corb got more ski gear and his big present was a rip stick (a funky kind of skateboard).

It's been a Christmas like no other.  Coby lost his job in the middle of November.  Our insurance ended the day the Coleson was scheduled to be delivered.  Poppy ALS continues to progress.  Coby found another job almost identical in pay and benefits.  We brought home a sweet, beautiful and healthy baby boy.  This year we didn't get caught up in gifts.  This year we cut back and spent a little more quality time together and it was truly a GREAT Christmas.  I feel so very blessed to be where I am today.  To be married to Coby.  To be mommy to 4 amazing little boys.  To have a close relationship with my Heavenly Father.  I am blessed.  Oh so blessed!  Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

I've got to hand it to these Rich's...they are SO creative!  Shelley, divided us all up into teams and told each of us that we were going to make the nativity manger.  She directed us to a huge table for of supplies and told us to "get creative." 
Here is baby Jesus.
Then we headed back to Jim and Joanne's to unwrap a couple jammy presents.  (I love having our boys wear matching Jammies on Christmas Eve).  Then we headed home and tried to brace ourselves for the LOOOOONNNNNG night awaiting Coby and I.
The boys got nestled, all snug in OUR bed!  And Coby and I met with "Santa" and began working on all the presents "he" brought for us to wrap.  I love that "Santa" but he sure does add a bit more work to our night!  :)  We have been so tired with our sweet little newborn that I may have fallen asleep a couple times!  Coby was quick to help me wake back up and finish our work.  Next year will be better (sleep wise)...I hope!
Apparently, he ate our cookies while we wrapped and watched "It's a wonderful life" downstairs.  But at least he was kind enough to leave us a Thank you note.  I've seen the handwriting somewhere before....
Here's our Nativity on top of our entertainment center.
Here's Jack's tree.  I sure do miss that little boy...And Christmas time makes it even more hard knowing that he's not here.  What I'd give to see the expression on his face on Christmas Morning with his brothers as they anxiously waiting to go and see that Santa came.  I hate that he only got to spend ONE Christmas with us.  It was enough.  But it is Christmas, so I am going to imagine how amazing it is that Jack is spending his Christmas with Christ. 
Merry Christmas Eve!  I am so happy to go to sleep!  But I am more happy to see the look on Corb and Jadesy's faces tomorrow morning!  Here's to hoping Cole sleeps better tonight and Cobe and I are not complete zombies tomorrow morning!  :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Adam

Every year in lieu of Christmas Eve, Coby's family does Christmas Adam.
  We always have the kids dress up in robes and act out the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ.  Corbin is always Joseph.  Sammi is always Mary.  Livvy is an angel.  The baby this year was played by Charlie (Bobby and Sara's newest little bundle of joy).  He was a PRO!
Mason liked being the shepherd.
There are the three stooges...I mean WISE men!!!
Lance was the angel Gabriel.
There are the newest little additions of the year.  From Left:  Charlie, Tyson (Lance and Marse) and Little Coleson - 3 weeks.
This year is a really special year for The Rich Family.  Our sweet Poppy is so sick with ALS and so this year we all really tried to make Christmas all the more meaningful.  Ben and Whitney made the cool bracelets for us all to wear.  They have a ring that is wrapped around the middle, symbolizing eternity and that we are and will forever be an ETERNAL family regardless of the future. 
Joanne bought all the boys fun plaid leisure hats.
My little Colie and I got in a little snuggle time.  My favorite!  I love how chubby he's getting that when he sleeps on my chest his lips get lopsided!  :)
Honey gave all the grandkids their presents.  Corb was SUPER excited for his Broncos jersery.
Mason and Corb got the same one.  Ben thought they were neat "shirts".  Coby may have made a little fun of him.  Even Whitney knew the difference!  :)  Ahhh....the joy of not watching too much football in their home...what would that be like I wonder?!!  I'll never know!  :)
Jaden really got the hang of ripping open present after present!  :)  He loved his littel remote control car.
I love this cute shot of two of the most in love people I know!

Happy Christmas Adam!  It is such a blessing to be part of such an amazing family!  I'm so happy we are all sealed together as a family and I have the joy of knowing that it is forever!  LOVE you Honey and Poppy!