Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Adam

Every year in lieu of Christmas Eve, Coby's family does Christmas Adam.
  We always have the kids dress up in robes and act out the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ.  Corbin is always Joseph.  Sammi is always Mary.  Livvy is an angel.  The baby this year was played by Charlie (Bobby and Sara's newest little bundle of joy).  He was a PRO!
Mason liked being the shepherd.
There are the three stooges...I mean WISE men!!!
Lance was the angel Gabriel.
There are the newest little additions of the year.  From Left:  Charlie, Tyson (Lance and Marse) and Little Coleson - 3 weeks.
This year is a really special year for The Rich Family.  Our sweet Poppy is so sick with ALS and so this year we all really tried to make Christmas all the more meaningful.  Ben and Whitney made the cool bracelets for us all to wear.  They have a ring that is wrapped around the middle, symbolizing eternity and that we are and will forever be an ETERNAL family regardless of the future. 
Joanne bought all the boys fun plaid leisure hats.
My little Colie and I got in a little snuggle time.  My favorite!  I love how chubby he's getting that when he sleeps on my chest his lips get lopsided!  :)
Honey gave all the grandkids their presents.  Corb was SUPER excited for his Broncos jersery.
Mason and Corb got the same one.  Ben thought they were neat "shirts".  Coby may have made a little fun of him.  Even Whitney knew the difference!  :)  Ahhh....the joy of not watching too much football in their home...what would that be like I wonder?!!  I'll never know!  :)
Jaden really got the hang of ripping open present after present!  :)  He loved his littel remote control car.
I love this cute shot of two of the most in love people I know!

Happy Christmas Adam!  It is such a blessing to be part of such an amazing family!  I'm so happy we are all sealed together as a family and I have the joy of knowing that it is forever!  LOVE you Honey and Poppy!

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