Monday, August 27, 2012

Never-to-be Kindergartner

 Today hasn't been the best of days.  Today Corbin started the first day of 2nd Grade.  It should be a good day...but today is also the day that Jack should start his first day of Kindergarten.  Corb should be showing his little brother the ropes at school today.  Today I should be sad...but not like this.  Because in a perfect world Jack would be coming home at noon today with all the other little Kindergartners.  But he's not going to be coming home.  He won't be going to Kindergarten at all for that matter.
It didn't dawn on me until Coby came home from walking Corb to the bus stop this morning.  He came over to me and gave me a sad hug.  I wasn't very receptive and he gave me a hurt look and headed upstairs.  I didn't realize anything was even wrong until I heard the bedroom door close slowly.  I headed up the stairs and found him sitting on our bedroom chair with his head hung and crying.  And then I knew....only one thing usually get him so low....Jack.  And then I lost it too.  I tried to pull it together and head to my class at the gym with Jadesy...but couldn't do it.  I went as far as the parking lot and had to turn around and head to my moms.
How can he be gone??  He's been gone for so long now.  Almost 3 times as long as he was alive and still it hurts just as much as it did in the beginning.  Not the searing pain it once was...but a dull ache that brings me to my knees.  Coby and I always say, "Everything will be okay in a few years." (not exactly referring to Jack, just life in general)  He said that today, and then we both agreed that it will never be okay no matter how many years pass by.  This black hole in our hearts can never be filled...not with children, not with time...nothing will fill it until we have him back again.  Coby did say that at least we have mostly good days now.  But when "these" days come...they come and hit us hard like a ton of bricks.  
Someday all of this will makes sense and it will stop hurting...but that day isn't today.  Tomorrow will be a better day.  Corb gets home in 15 mins and I can hardly wait.

Corbin's 1st day of 2nd Grade

There's my boy!  There's my little...BIG SECOND Grader!
Even Jaden had to get in on the action.  Although, he was only excited until Corb left...then he was sad.  He kept asking me "Waer's Coorbin..."  

Last night he requested that Coby give him a Father's blessing before school started.  I love that he asked and I loved it even more that Coby could do it.  My dad always gave us Father's Blessings to start the new school year off.  Coby gave him a beautiful blessing and we felt like Jack was there too.  

Corbin was SO excited for school to start today.  I'm not so sure that he's excited for school, so much as he's excited that the gets to see all of his friends again.  He couldn't wait to put on his new Mario Kart shirt, Nike Shoes and Nike Socks...(because they both make him run faster...just like his friend Colton who wears Nike and is apparently the fastest runner.)  He fixed his own hair, got his own breakfast (his choice), and threw on his book bag and was ready to head to the bus stop about 45 minutes before the bus came!  

We're certainly excited for him...and sad all at the same time.  I can't believe that he's a 7 year old going into 2nd grade.  In my head, he's still my little 3 year old!  He's growing up too quickly.  It's been a fun summer and I have loved (well, mostly loved) him being home this summer.  Jaden has been in heaven with his big brother around.  And he's such a GREAT big brother (when he's not teasing Jadesy).  Jack must look down and get a tichy jealous that he's missing out on all the fun.  There's no doubt in my mind that Corb would have been an amazing brother to Jack.  I'm sure they would have been two peas in a pod.  I'm sure Corb would have shown him the ropes this year (since Jack would have started Kindergarten in he were still here.)  

What can I say....I love his kid!  We're so proud of you Corb!  You're going to do GREAT this year!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My birthday celebration

I had yet another GREAT birthday thanks to family and friends who took the time to make it so.  My Birthday Morning started with yummy pancakes and sausage made especially by all the boys in my house. Followed by a little surprise in a brown box....
Along with this little beauty
LOVE it!!  I can't wait to wear it!  Since my birthday fell on a Sunday...Stake Conference Sunday...I got to sleep in and only attend ONE meeting!  Then Coby was sweet enough to take me to Firehouse Subs and then turned on Gladiator and let me take a nap.  It was HEAVENLY!

Later that day we headed over to Lanae's house for a little Fajita Bar dinner.  Sommer marinated the chicken in this amazing homemade salsa and it was deeeeelightful! And then we finished up with a yummy ice cream cake.  Coby and all the kids were totally eyeing the big cookie dough balls.  :)
I loved it!  I got to spend time with my little family for the most part.  What could be better??!!  It was a GREAT day!  Thanks to all who made it so spectacular!  I am one LUCKY girl!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sommer's Baby Shower

While Sommy was visiting, My mom, Amber and I threw her a much needed little baby shower. 
It was very low key and laid back...just like Sommy!
She got some pretty neat things for Mister Ronin Wright.  He's going to be STYLIN'!
Car Seat Cover and Nursing Cover.  She picked the fabric and I did the sewing.
And what kind of party would it be if my Little wasn't there...??!!
Here's a shot of the four of us.  LOVE these girls! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sister Baby Bumps

My cute sister, Sommer and I are preggers at the same time!  We are a little over a month apart and both having boys.  She lives in WA and came out for a little visit.    
Here we are showing off our big bellies
Then we "sandwiched" Amber in between us...I wonder if she felt a teency weency bit claustrophobic.
NOPE...claustrophobic was not the word....LEFT OUT was more like it!  Jaden is trying help her "fit" in and stuff a pillow in her shirt!  He thought it was pretty funny!
One more belly shot
My cute sisters
Me and my Sommy.

I sure do miss her being all the way in WA.  I'm so excited for her and their new little soon to be addition.  She's going to be a GREAT mom!  She's a GREAT aunt, so I can only imagine what she'll be like as a little momma!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Corbin's new obsession

Coby took Corbin golfing a few weeks ago with Dan and Preston Carter (Patterson cousins) and now...we have a golf ball finding and collecting obession going on!  I wonder how many old and dirty golf balls we'll have before he moves on to another crazy boy collection of sorts!  :)  Little boys...I love them...heaven knows I must love them!

Going on a little walk...

I guess sometimes you just need to take a walk...on a leash...and pretend that you are the family dog!  BOYS!!   BROTHERS!!!  It's a crazy household I'm so blessed to live in.  I wonder if Jack were here if he would have taken turns being the "dog"...or taken turns walking Jaden...our new puppy!  :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Deer Valley Anniversary Weekend

I've said it once...I'll say it again...I married the most amazing man on the face of the whole planet!! He's always got a creative way to make things much more magical.
This year for our 9th Anniversary he booked a whole weekend at the Lodges in Deer Valley (Park City).   They were AWESOME!  My sweet mom was kind enough to watch the boys and let us enjoy the weekend all by ourselves.
He got reservations at a place called The Farm at the Canyons resort.  We had to take a tram to get there.  It was pretty awesome.  I kept thinking the whole way up that I'd have to take the boys for a little ride.  I'm pretty sure we'd never get off the tram!  ;)  Dinner was way yummy and fancy too.
Here's a shot of us just after dinner outside the restaurant giving Cobe a little smooch-a-roo.  After 10 seconds after that picture was totally down poured. The temperature dropped about 20 degrees and it started to feel a little like fall.  

The next morning we got to sleep in...SO nice!  Then we took a little walk and grabbed some breakfast.  After breakfast, I headed for the gym and Coby went for a mountain bike ride.  I wished I could have gone with him, the ride sounded so fun!  Maybe next year when I'm not sporting a 6 month prego belly!  :)  After our workouts, we headed for a much needed couples massage.  My massage was meh...(not the greatest being pregnant and having to lay on my side)  Cobe's massage was painful...and he loved it!  After our massages, we headed over to Cafe Rio and got their Cancun shrimp tacos.  YUMMO!
Later that night we met up with Coby's family at Deer Valley and got to see Pink Martini perform.  It was very Jazzy and I was in absolute HEAVEN!
Me and my baby!
Jim and Joanne
I got to chatting and may have finished off Joanne's carrot cake cupcake.  It was divine!! 
Here's a cute shot of Marse and her little 2 week old scrunchkin.  (If I look even half as good as she did at 2 weeks post pregnancy...I will consider myself QUITE fortunate!!)
Ben and Whit took a few minutes to dance.
And so did Cobe and I.

We had such an amazing weekend.  The only thing I would change is the speed at which the whole weekend seemed to go.  But I guess time flies when you are with the one you love. 

I sure do love this husband of mine.  I am so undeserving of such an amazing man.  I still wake up everyday and think to myself..."I can't believe he chose me....!"  Especially, after I catch a glimpse of my "morning" self...and then immediately think..."Wow...I'm certainly lucky!"  He has stood by side though my darkest hour.  He's loved me despite my many...and I mean many flaws!  He loves me unconditionally and for that I will never be able to describe just how much I adore him.  I remember 9 days after meeting him, I was saying my prayers and BEGGING, literally BEGGING Heavenly Father to NOT LET ME LOVE HIM.  (because if it didn't work out...I'd NEVER find someone as amazing)  After the prayer was over...I knew I was in trouble!  I was smitten and just prayed that if he could love me half as much as I knew I could love him...this might work.

He's my best friend.  I love him more than anything in this entire world.  In fact, he IS my world.  He gave me 3 (soon to be 4) of the most beautiful, fun loving boys EVER.  He's much more patient than I.  He can fix anything.  He knows the meaning of just about EVERY SINGLE WORD...or at least every word I ask him...which happens to be a lot!  He always makes me feel beautiful.  He keeps me smiling.  He's about the most witty, fun loving person I've ever met.  

What can I say...he's AMAZING in every sense of the word.  I love him with all of my heart and I'm so happy that he took a chance on me.  I love you Monster!  Happy 9th Anniversary!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Hogle Zoo with Kim and Natalie

It's been FOREVER since I've seen our cute friends Natalie and Kim.  (We all met in Michigan and then moved back west after Law School and MBA school were finished)  I think we've added about 6.5 kids since our Michigan days!!
We all met up at the Hogle Zoo where Kim had the ultimate hookup and got us all in for free!
Here are the boys checking out the elephant that shoots out water.  Jaden was pretty intrigued!
Next we hit the carousel.  (Jaden's favorite)
Corb had a ball too!
Here's a cute shot of Kim, Brooklyn and Luke riding along.  Aren't they SO cute!!!
Here's Corb hamming it up on top of the Rhino!
Here's Jaden trying....and constantly saying "cheese" without meaning it or even looking at the camera!!  I think the people behind us were getting irritated at the number of pictures Nat, Kim and I were trying to capture.  Suffice it to say....I don't think we were able to "capture" it the way we wanted!
On our way to the new Polar Bear exhibit we came across a huge man-made otter log.  Jaden watches World World and upon seeing this huge log says, "What happened to my log....!"  (Frog says this when Duck destroys his log...)  ***Even as I'm typing this I'm thinking that you had to be there to appreciate how cute it was.)***
Here's Luke, Addy, Corb and Jadesy posing on top of the log.
Then we went over to the new Polar Bear Exhibit and met Rizzo.
He was so funny!  He kept coming right up to the big glass window filled with the faces of children and would push himself off the glass over and over again.  It was pretty entertaining!
This little Brooklyn was a RIOT!  She is 20 months and was constantly on the go!  And when I say on the go I mean she was running everywhere and taking other people's goodies when she saw the opportunity!  In this shot Brooklyn had just run up to a lady and snagged her bag of caramel popcorn and RAN as fast as her cute little legs could go.  Kim quickly realized what happened and promptly returned them.  It was SO FUNNY!!  Natalie and I couldn't stop laughing!
But not before Miss Brooklynn got a handful or two!  

We had SUCH a GREAT time today playing with Kim and Nat and their kidlings!  We really do have some of the GREATEST friends on the planet!  :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Bee's Game

When we purchased our Seven Peaks Pass of all Passes, we got a few Bees games included.  The boys LOVE getting their baseball gloves and heading to a bees game.  We pitch our blankets on the grass and sit back and enjoy.  Well, we mostly chase the boys around...and try to talk them into watching the game with us...I mean Coby!  :) 
Jaden figured out a few things to keep himself entertained.

It's never a dull moment in this family!!'re missing out buddy!  :)  We missed you!