Saturday, October 28, 2006

So sad to go

We'll we picked up and moved last week to Utah. It was a hard transition and it still is. We miss our friends and our house, but mostly that balmy Michigan weather. Luckily we have a good support system here and in Michigan to get us through. We will be living with my folks for a couple of months so you there is an open invitation to come and crash here. We'll here are a couple of pics from our farewell party that our good friends Madre and Ee-en threw for us.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tiger's Game

Me and hot lover!

Me and my Kimmy!

We had the GREATEST time at the Tiger's Game last Friday night. I've been to a couple Tiger's games before but don't remember ever having much fun. It was seriously a BLAST! Kim, Craig and their adorable little Adalyn are the newest addition to the Lansing Gang. I totally have a the biggest Crush!

Best Buds

Corbin's new thing is to sit in the window with his best friend Jasmine. Every little boy needs a pup for his buddy!