Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome to Jaden!

I wanted to everyone to get the first glimpse of Jaden James Rich. He came into this world this afternoon at 12:52, weighing in at 7lbs 2oz and 20.5 inches long. Both mommy and baby are doing great. The c-section went off without a hitch other than it was about 45 minutes late because someone had a baby in a minivan in the parking lot when we walked in. It was quite exciting. Anyway, here are a couple of pics of the little guy.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Daddy and Corbin in a heated snowball fight at Marse's wedding December of '07

Daddy and Jackie dancing

Daddy and the boys laughing

Daddy and Jackie at Disneyland December of '07

Cob, Corb and Poppy...great smiles!

My dad and his three GORGEOUS girls!!

Halloween '08 my dad (nerd), Sommer (flapper) and me (tinkerbell)

My dad...aka Poochie to the boys and my little cheeser Jackie

Happy Father's Day to 3 of the most wonderful fathers EVER! I love watching Coby interact with his boys. He's really such an amazing dad. He always makes time to play and show them just how much he loves them. I joke and say that Corbin is Cob's and that Jack was mine...but the truth is they were BOTH daddy's boys! Today was probably hard for Coby and not being able to be with Jack to celebrate Fatherhood, but I know that Jack has been close all day. I'm sure he's sending big smiles and lots of love and wishing that he didn't have to be here ONLY in spirit. I know that Jack is preparing our soon to be little Jaden for all the fun he'll get to have with his daddy. The boys adore him...and so do I! I love you baby and am so happy that you are the daddy to our little monkeys. Happy Father's Day!

Love, Corbin, Jack and Jaden

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Shower

A few weeks ago...(I know I'm slow), my mom, Lanae and Camille threw a little baby shower for me. I tried with all my might to convince them that I DID NOT need a shower since we were having another boy and I just didn't want everyone to feel obligated to get us something. But if you know Camille, she did NOT take NO for an answer! Despite the fact that she was trying to plan a trip to the Bahamas, busy with work, her calling in church, her gorgeous girls...she took care of the invitations, which were soooo adorable I could hardly stand it, games, food, gift note taker and helping everyone feel welcomed. Lanae, who was 2 weeks ahead of me and usually goes into labor really early, still found the time to offer her GORGEOUS house for shower, delicious and darling cake, give directions every five minutes and still manage to look hot! My mom brought some yummy Chicken Salad on Croissants that everyone deemed a HIT! Momma Jo, Marse and Whit even took part and brought some yummy fruit!They all did such a GREAT job of pulling everything together and everything was just PERFECT!

Here is a picture of Lanae and I showing our belly bumps!

I got SO many adorable outfits for little Jaden...

Momma Jo and Marse gave me a Bumbo seat, which I'm super excited about. I've always heard about them, but never actually used one! SO, I totally can't wait!

Here are a few of my closest friends and family that were able to make it. Tiana is trying to hide...but I think Camille was able to steal a shot! :) Nice try T! And Whit...what was I thinking? I didn't get any of us!!!

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Camille, Lanae, me, Som, and my mom

Som, me and my mom

Cam, me and Lanae

Me and my cute Camille

So many people came out to support me. Some as far as Layton, Centerville, N Salt Lake and even Montana...!! It was such an amazing baby shower. We truly have been blessed to have so many amazing people close by. Thank you so much for coming and making my shower so special! You'll never know just how much it truly did mean to me. Thanks mom, Camille, and Lanae. My cup runneth over!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy birthday Schlimy!

happy happy birthday to the cutest, most darling, HIGHLY fashionable sister living in Utah EVER! I love this girl soooo much! She is responsible for getting me to where I needed to be when Coby and I met. I mean, I literally had a window of 2 hours of our meeting and SHE is reason we are married! She took it upon herself to introduce herself to Coby at the MSU singles ward and invite him to Easter dinner, regardless of the fact that I had already invited another boy (who was really coming along for the free food and really wanted nothing to do with me). SO I totally owe her....HUGE! She was there when I went through what I thought had to be the most awful time in my life. She used to call me and leave me messages at work in her BEST "Ralph" voice from the Simpsons. I LOVED them...they would always cheer me up! She helped me be more of a girly girl. NOW, I do care what I look like (usually) before I leave the house. She's taught me some GREAT fashion sense. She's so AWESOME at doing my dirty work. By that I mean she's not afraid to ask the store clerk for a discount if I notice something is wrong with the piece of clothes I want. She plays with Corbin and he just adores her. I used to make her hold Jack...FAT little Jack who probably weighed close to half her weight until he fell asleep at night. I used to plan all my Dr. appts around her because I couldn't bare to see either of the boys poked by needles. And she'd do because she was such a great aunt and AMAZING sister. But the kicker is that she totally acts like SHE'S the Big sister. She's always picking me up cute clothes and is my favorite person to shop with because I KNOW she'll tell me the ugly truth. I'm not sure why she even speaks to me...I wasn't exactly the nicest sister growing up. In fact, I was down out right HATEFUL! We're 22 months apart and when she was born, she TOTALLY stole my thunder. I was the first born and got ALL the attention, and she shows up with her giant blue eyes with dark eyelashes that extend so far they could practically be FAKE. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE oooed and awwwed over Sommer. Did they care about MY green eyes or MY blond hair or my okay looking lashes???? NOOOOOO! So I might have, maybe, tried to "get rid of her" on occasion. I used to put her over the drain of the bathtub in HOPES she'd just go down the drain. I tried to make her drink pee before. I got this rooster all mad and then pushed her in it's cage and it pecked her. **(the rooster became soup later that night when my grandpa came home)** I threw ice at her face. I WAS SOOOO mean and such a ROTTEN HORRIBLE sister.... I can't believe she'll even look at me let alone be one of my best friends.
She thinks about her family first before anything else and is a little peace maker. I love this girl and am so grateful that she's forgiven me for SO many things and loves so unconditionally. She's amazing and I don't know where I'd be without her. happy birthday girl! I just LOVE ya!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Vegas Baby!!

It seems like we haven't been home for 2 months! First we went to Mexico, then Vegas, St. George, home for a week, Vegas again, Bear Lake, and Vegas one last time for a girls trip. I'm pretty sure that my the YW president along with everyone else in YW is FED up with my slacking! But I'm pretty sure that I won't be traveling for a while, since I'll soon be attached at the...uh...hip or *something*! :) But this trip was sort of a last minute decision. Coby had a convention to go to that happened to land on Jack's actual birthday. We wanted to be together as a family so Vegas it was!

This was Corbin's first real trip on an airplane. While he's flown a number of times in the past, this was the first time it all really sank in. See for yourself! :)


This time in Vegas we stayed at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. It is GORGEOUS! While it has a casino inside, it doesn't smell smokey. And it's really clean. The beds were AWESOME! Each bed has a thick down comforter under the sheets for the BEST sleep EVER! The windows are huge and quite neat since you can keep the curtains open and NO ONE can see into your room due to the tinting. Then there is the BEACH...that's right I said BEACH!

Here's a shot (below) of the lazy river. This is where Corbin and I spent pretty much all of our time!

As you can see, he LOVED it! And so did his daddy!

Corbin looks THRILLED to be in ANOTHER picture!

This was on Jack's birthday. We went to the Mandalay Bay Aquarium. It was AMAZING!


There was a HUGE sea turtle and 6 foot shark swimming above us.

These were a few of the LARGEST jelly fish I've ever seen. It reminded me of that jelly fish on the movie Seven Pounds with Will Smith.

Corbin had fun touching a sting ray! They are so soft. They feel like these HUGE silky portabello mushrooms!

This was a piranah exhibit. It was really neat. I wished we could have watched them at feeding time. I know...I'm weird! I'm TERRIFIED of things in the water, but I look forward to Shark Week once a year on the discovery channel!

And what would a birthday be without ICE CREAM!!!

Cob and Corb ate Jack's share of the ice cream! I'm sure he was there WISHING he could have some. He LOVED ice cream. But then again, there wasn't much he wouldn't eat! :)

Corbin got a hold of the camera and took a cute picture of Coby while I was at the gym, probably watching Special Delivery on the Discovery Health Channel! Am I insane??? But they are sooo interesting! I could watch the DHC channel all day long and not get bored...I guess it's a good thing we don't have that channel!

This was our last night in Vegas. Corbin had a ball!

And so did his daddy!