Sunday, June 07, 2009

Vegas Baby!!

It seems like we haven't been home for 2 months! First we went to Mexico, then Vegas, St. George, home for a week, Vegas again, Bear Lake, and Vegas one last time for a girls trip. I'm pretty sure that my the YW president along with everyone else in YW is FED up with my slacking! But I'm pretty sure that I won't be traveling for a while, since I'll soon be attached at the...uh...hip or *something*! :) But this trip was sort of a last minute decision. Coby had a convention to go to that happened to land on Jack's actual birthday. We wanted to be together as a family so Vegas it was!

This was Corbin's first real trip on an airplane. While he's flown a number of times in the past, this was the first time it all really sank in. See for yourself! :)


This time in Vegas we stayed at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. It is GORGEOUS! While it has a casino inside, it doesn't smell smokey. And it's really clean. The beds were AWESOME! Each bed has a thick down comforter under the sheets for the BEST sleep EVER! The windows are huge and quite neat since you can keep the curtains open and NO ONE can see into your room due to the tinting. Then there is the BEACH...that's right I said BEACH!

Here's a shot (below) of the lazy river. This is where Corbin and I spent pretty much all of our time!

As you can see, he LOVED it! And so did his daddy!

Corbin looks THRILLED to be in ANOTHER picture!

This was on Jack's birthday. We went to the Mandalay Bay Aquarium. It was AMAZING!


There was a HUGE sea turtle and 6 foot shark swimming above us.

These were a few of the LARGEST jelly fish I've ever seen. It reminded me of that jelly fish on the movie Seven Pounds with Will Smith.

Corbin had fun touching a sting ray! They are so soft. They feel like these HUGE silky portabello mushrooms!

This was a piranah exhibit. It was really neat. I wished we could have watched them at feeding time. I know...I'm weird! I'm TERRIFIED of things in the water, but I look forward to Shark Week once a year on the discovery channel!

And what would a birthday be without ICE CREAM!!!

Cob and Corb ate Jack's share of the ice cream! I'm sure he was there WISHING he could have some. He LOVED ice cream. But then again, there wasn't much he wouldn't eat! :)

Corbin got a hold of the camera and took a cute picture of Coby while I was at the gym, probably watching Special Delivery on the Discovery Health Channel! Am I insane??? But they are sooo interesting! I could watch the DHC channel all day long and not get bored...I guess it's a good thing we don't have that channel!

This was our last night in Vegas. Corbin had a ball!

And so did his daddy!


abbyandcompany said...

that looks like such a great time! You guys are traveling fools....and you look AMAZING, Tiff! XOXO.

Melanie said...

that pic of Corbin on the plane is my fave, stinkin funny!!!
What is below the video? It appears as an x on my screen?

Dianne said...

You are the cutest family ever!

Lanae said...

FUN FUN FUN!!! I love that you guys just get out there and go. And you look beautiful! I want to get together and play soon; I miss ya!

Johnny&Kerstin said...

Tiffany, you are so cute! To be honest I can't believe you are about to have baby #3, you look like you are wearing a fake belly, because you don't look pregnant anywhere else! BTW, we watched the video and Joelle was waving to Corbin.