Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Daddy and Corbin in a heated snowball fight at Marse's wedding December of '07

Daddy and Jackie dancing

Daddy and the boys laughing

Daddy and Jackie at Disneyland December of '07

Cob, Corb and Poppy...great smiles!

My dad and his three GORGEOUS girls!!

Halloween '08 my dad (nerd), Sommer (flapper) and me (tinkerbell)

My dad...aka Poochie to the boys and my little cheeser Jackie

Happy Father's Day to 3 of the most wonderful fathers EVER! I love watching Coby interact with his boys. He's really such an amazing dad. He always makes time to play and show them just how much he loves them. I joke and say that Corbin is Cob's and that Jack was mine...but the truth is they were BOTH daddy's boys! Today was probably hard for Coby and not being able to be with Jack to celebrate Fatherhood, but I know that Jack has been close all day. I'm sure he's sending big smiles and lots of love and wishing that he didn't have to be here ONLY in spirit. I know that Jack is preparing our soon to be little Jaden for all the fun he'll get to have with his daddy. The boys adore him...and so do I! I love you baby and am so happy that you are the daddy to our little monkeys. Happy Father's Day!

Love, Corbin, Jack and Jaden


abbyandcompany said...

That video of Coby and Jack is so funny! Coby, you are a good egg! Happy Father's day! Thanks for putting up my favorite picture of Jack. I love, love,love that one of your dad and Jackie.

Lanae said...

What cute boys you have (all of them!) And such sweet boys, too.
Call me so we can plan something - maybe on Friday??

Natalie said...

anxiously awaiting baby of luck to you tiffany!!! can't wait to hear all about it:)!

Erik Isakson said...

Coby, thats the most outrageous dancing I've ever seen. I've watched that video 10 times and still can't believe how smooth you are. I tried to replicate it to Jennille. She was laughing. My oh my. Congrats on your new baby!