Monday, January 30, 2006

January Blah's

Well it's overcast in Michigan again, big suprise! Sitting inside on such a crappy day looking at the frozen pool makes me long for the days of summer. The pup is getting a little stir crazy being inside all day long. We can't even say the word walk without a drastic consequence. So, we have to spell it, and even then she knows what we are talking about. I'm sure the pup would be much happier at the lake playing.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Tri "ing" to get there

Well, we've decided to get in shape this year and the major motivating factor is the upcoming St. George Triathlon. Tiff is going to attempt it for her first time and this will be my third. So instead of the usual reasons to get in shape (feel better about ourselves, look good in a swimsuit) our mantra this year is "don't die during the tri." I posted this picture up to remind me what happens when I let go of myself (see Ben) and also not to wear spandex (see Pat). The tri is May 13, so anyone who wants to see us crawling to the finish line meet us in St. George. Peace out!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The First Blog

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to the Rich Family Blog. We thought that this would be a fun way to keep everyone posted on what the latest and greatest is. We just took Corbin to get his 6 month checkup and shots and he is doing great, but the doctor said we need to limit his Caffeine intake, so he's down to two cans a day. But, as you can see we caught him sneaking one the other day. This kid can get into anything and he can't even crawl. We're so proud, and just a touch worried.