Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

Well, it's official, Tiff is now as old as I am. HAPPY $!st BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART. I'm so greatful that you made your little sister invite me over for Easter dinner all those years ago. You make my life worth living and you've given me the three best presents anyone could ever give. I love you so much.

This last year has been the hardest I could ever imagine and I know I couldn't have made it through without you by my side. You are the reason I wake up in the morning and you are the reason I smile, you hot mama. I hope that you always know that I will do anything for you. I'm so looking forward to spending the next eternity with you. - Love you.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Little boys

SO...I don't know if I'm ready for little boys any more. Here is my latest conversation with Corbin:

Corbin: Mom...

Mom: Ya buddy

Corbin: Do I have bones in my wiener?

Mom: uh....what did you just say?

Corbin: DO I HAVE BONES IN MY WIENER?(just in case I didn't hear him)

Mom: Uh...No...

Corbin: YES, I do!

And then it was time to wash his hands! Fun times being the mom of little boys!

I love it! Eventually I'll post a picture of Jack and Corbin as it relates to this very topic. I just want to block out "certain" parts so that no sickos see. (They are out there you know).

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jader Bader Butter Bug

This is Jaden's sort of signature look. He sticks his lips out and raises his eyebrows. It's really cute!

While we were in Island Park Mandy was able to take a few pictures. She didn't have too much to work with because Coby wanted to leave, Jaden didn't want to sleep and the sun all didn't want to cooperate. But being the cute girl that she is, she worked with what she had! Thanks Mandy! But we are getting our announcements ready and wanted to poll you all to see which one we should use. So check out the top few pictures and let us know which one you think we should use. (Coby took the bottom two.)

I just love this little boy! I am so happy that he's finally here! He is DEFINITELY my fussiest and most spit-uppy baby yet. I don't remember Corb or Jackie really being like this. Jack definitely spit up this much. Once he stayed down! Jaden seems to want me to keep it for later...since he waits until he positioned so that he's directly in the middle of my bra. Then he spit up right in my times let me tell ya! I seriously must smell like rotten milk all day long! I don't know, maybe he's "marking his territory" or something! :) But the thing I love most is that he's so snugly. He loves sleeping on mine and Coby's chest. Coby actually took him out of his swing where he was peacefully sleeping just so he could have Jades sleep on his chest. He loves it too!

Corbin is probably the cutest with him though. He loves kissing his cute little feet. It's so cute and makes us so happy that he loves his little brother so much already! We are truly blessed. If only we could have Jackie here, it would probably be impossible for our lives to be any better. We miss him so much but are happy to have another baby in arms.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday day Schmeerstin Dear!!

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Happy Birthday Kerstin! Kerstin is the the other cute girl on the side of me (Left). Kerstin was my very first roomate EVER! We became fast friends at the Glenhole in Provo. She was such a trooper to be my roomate. I was messy and worst of all...mean! Gosh...I really AM a mean person! I think I made her cry once. But I think she may have forgiven me by now. I just love this girl! She nicknamed me Chicabee, then it sort of turned into just "chick". She has always been a big sister to me! I love that she's scared and I mean TERRIFIED of spiders! ( I just went to post a picture of a creepy spider...but then I thought I could actually feel it crawling on sorry but there won't be ANY spiders on this post!!) I love listening to her tell me stories of her battles with spiders! The best two are when she was about 5 years old and when she saw a spider on the outside of her windshield. I won't go into details because I know they are horror stories for her, but they really do make me laugh out loud when I think of her telling me about them. I don't think I've ever met anyone that knew EVERYONE! Seriously, Kerstin knew EVERYONE! She was friends with everyone on every athletic team...and even set me up a few times! She was always trying to set me up with guys at BYU. I never really worked out because I like this big nosed dork in MI. She's so funny! I remember at time when we were moving into our second apt together at Devonshire and she put these socks on her hands and did a little puppet show for me to a Beatles song. So, you had to be there...but it's still funny in my head! She loved clubbing and would often DRAG me out to go when I was sitting on the couch on a Friday night excited to watch some LAME movie and eat Tamale Casserole! :) Kerstin as notorious for telling me little white lies! She used to have this CD called "Deep Forest". It's music from a Pygmy tribe. Well, me being the GULLIBLE person I am, I asked her what they were saying. Without so much as a blink she turns her head toward her stereo and says, "They are saying...why are these men in our forest...? When will they leave? Why are they taking so many pictures...?" ect! So OF COURSE I believe her! And I really DID believe her. So, one day I was bragging about how I can translate pygmy and tell my friend "what" the pygmy tribe was saying in front of Kerstin...and she just started laughing! Then I knew she had fooled me! Then there was the time that she told me that the chirping sound at crosswalks was for the deaf. I BELIEVED her! (I'm not too bright) But she was sooo fun! I always had fun with Kerstin! One time while I was sleeping, she turned on her "rain" CD and convinced me that it was raining outside and that I needed to close the window! Of course, when you're sleeping you'll really believe anything!! Another time I was sleeping she woke me up to tell me about her date. I wanted to hear, I really did, but I was so tired. I tried really hard to keep my little peepers OPEN. I started just talking just so she'd think I was awake. Then I heard myself say something that totally didn't make sense. And I remember thinking...what did I just say? That made NO sense! Then I must have dosed off, but Kerstin must have realized what was happening, so she took full advantage of the situation and started asking me questions and I would answer. I finally woke myself up and heard Kerstin asking me...."Ya, but how do you KNOW he's gay?" Oh, that Schmeerstin! One thing I so miss was that she made us a sleep tape. A tape that she'd put on when we were going to sleep. I still can't listen to Billy Joel's "She's got a way..." without going back to our fun times at the Glenhole. I remember that our window at the Glenhole was on the third floor directly in the middle of the pool area. We (me, Amy and Kerstin) used to yell things from the window and hide so those listening below didn't know who was yelling weird things at them. Amy used to yell, "I'll let down my hair" and Kerstin would imitate a deranged monkey! I was quite funny if I do say so myself!! Kerstin and Amy (our other roomate) were the only two people that I cared, truly cared about introducing them to the guy I was dating. So, when Coby and I were getting married, I couldn't be more thrilled to introduce him to them. Coby LOVES them! He calls Kerstin "Schmeerstin"! And tells me that she and Amy are some of the few friends that he'd prefer me hanging out with! He knows they will keep me on my toes!
Anyway, I am rambling on, but I just wanted to wish Kerstin a happy birthday! I love ya girl! And wish you lived closer! How long is MED SCHOOL anyway!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just a little crush

Does anyone else have a teensy weensy crush on Zac?

**NOTE** We just got through watching 17 again it's sooo cute!

Island Park with the Crew

The Gang!

Corbin's first Fishing experience! Look how cute that fish is. He's quite PROUD of himself!!

Bettie was such a trooper. She broke her foot in 3 places (I think) and STILL managed to do everything!

Look at the DARLING family!

BRILLIANT!!! (That water was sooo cold...I think the boys were thinking...."I WAS IN THE POOL...!!!!" (Seinfeld)

And what kind of trip would it be where Coby wasn't diving for a ball??!!

This summer we had a
privilege and JOY of going to Mandy's families cabin in Iron Mountain (Yellowstone). It was soooo FUN! There were a few mosquitoes that Corbin now calls "Mosquito bites", but other than that. We had a ball. But then again we always have a ball with these guys. Fun to watch each couple interact with everyone. Someone got nicknamed "Ass" this trip! Lance can always be counted on for coming up with the "If you had a million dollars right now...what would you spend it on?"! LOVE IT! Bettie made the BEST Breakfast casserole I've ever had! Mandy was so cute taking pictures of everything, including pictures of my non-cooperating little 2 week old munchkin! Wes kept us laughing non-stop!! I'm so glad that we met them in Michigan. We still get together and always without fail, have such a GREAT time! Thanks guys! We're looking forward to playing at Bear Lake in a few weeks!
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Captain Corbin!

Wow, it's been 4 whole years since my little Corbin was born!!! Where on earth did the time go? He's actually 4 years old!!! Corbin was born on July 16, 2005 in Lansing Michigan at 12:52 pm. I remember when he was born thinking...."WOW, we really lucked out because he is the most beautiful boy I've ever seen." Corbin is really such a sweet little boy. He is so sharp and picks on everything that I say...which is usually a bad thing! I love that he still says "muzgits" for music and I can't bring myself to teach him to say it correctly. He sings songs about Jackie and Heavenly Father. One time I was having a particularly bad day and really missing Jack. I was on my bed trying to keep it together and quietly crying. I thought I was far away from Corbin that he wouldn't hear me. But he just wandered in and ask me what was wrong. I tried to tell him that I just missed Jackie. And he crawled up on the bed, sat behind me and just held me and let me cry for a few minutes. He didn't say anything, he just let me cry and finally said..."Don't worry mom, he'll come back." What wisdom and faith little children have! He loves his aunts! He keeps asking when "Aunt Ambie" is coming and won't let anyone sleep in the top bunk of his bed because it's "Aunt Ambie's bed". He loves to wear his Aunt Sommy as well. He loves to color and is so good at coloring in the lines. He loves LEGOS and I swear they are going to be the death of me! I am constantly finding them embedded into the bottoms of my feet! He loves to snuggle. He loves animals. He especially loves dogs and little puppies. He loves Lance and Marse's little dog Berkely and I overheard him ask his cousin Sammy if she wanted to play "Lance and Marianne" with Jasmine playing the part of Berkley! It was cute! I love that he says things like..."Oh...that's sooo cute" in higher pitched voice. He loves to kiss Jaden's toes and talk to him. He's getting very independent and doesn't want me to help him do anything anymore...SAD huh?! Like going to the bathroom, he now locks me out. He likes to dress himself, so it's not uncommon for me to find him dressed from head to toe in his peter pan costume, hat, shoes and all! He's constantly looking for ways to put his swords or guns in his "holster" he likes to wear around his waist. He is the best little helper in the kitchen. I can't make anything without him. I love it! Maybe he'll be like Paula Deen's son. (I'd love to cook like Paula, but have the body of Giada) If you watch the food network you'll know what I'm talking about! He loves to play "Mom and Dad and House" with all the girls that surround him! And it's mostly girls! The only little boy he plays with is his cute cousins Jordan and Mason.'s ALL girls! He loves to ride his "little" bike. It's so little and he has to lean back and peddle really fast because the turny things on the wheels are so small! It's really quite funny to watch! It I can't find him, I know that he's taken off on his little bike to head over to Taylor's or Avery's house to play "Mom and Dad or House" with them! He tells me that he's going to marry Roxy Sloan in the temple all the time. He loves spending time with Nana and Poochie or Pooch as he calls him sometimes and Honey and Poppy. He tries to help me with my eating...I taught him to tell me "NO MORE MOM" when he's sharing something tasty..but not so healthy with me. It's sort of bad now because now when I say..."What do you say...?" (looking for the word PLEASE) I get..."NO MORE MOM!!!" He loves to sing "Watching You" by Rodney Atkins. He calls it the "Bugaroo" song. And loves to sing it to Coby. We got a video of it...I'll have to have Coby post it. He loves dressing up like a pirate...hence the pirate party. He loves to have sword fights with Coby and say, "I'll get you Hook...if it's the last thing I know." It's really cute! He's like me in that he likes to scare himself. Last year around Halloween there was a house that had some really creepy decorations up. He was always scared to pass by, but was constantly asking to go back and see the "scary house".

I just can't believe how big he's gotten. He's so fun! I love being able to stay home with him. He's my little sweetheart and I love him so much! Happy birthday Monkey!

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Rich Girls Getaway a la Vegas!

This post is LOOOOOONG over due! But...I have been a little busy thank you very much!
This spring Joanne too all of her girls to Vegas. We seriously had a BALL! It was so fun! It was fun to get to know each other even better. I can't wait for the next girls trip.

Here's Sara and Momma Jo

Marse, Whit and me heading out to a night on the town

Poor Whitney got a cold just as our trip was starting. But she was a trooper about it! She was my snuggle buddy!

Whitney figured out how to make the popular "bumble" watch bands, so we all made them. I LOVE mine!

Later that week we went to get Sephora to get make overs. Marse got someone that knew what they were doing...

So did Anna...aren't they GORGEOUS??!!!

Then there was me...

Okay so this isn't actually me....but I'm pretty sure it would be safe to say that this little girl could have done a better job! Seriously, it was sooo bad! The lady there thought it would be pretty to put black eyeshadow under my eyes and on my cheeks. To say that I was the hottest girl in Vegas would be the understatement of the century! But it sure was fun! Good times....good times!

Here are the beautiful fountains at the Bellagio. I couldn't believe that most of the girls hadn't actually seen them before. (I don't think Sara had either...she unfortunately had to go home early to get back to work) Sad! :(

Here we are standing in front of the fountains. (YES, I have no make up on...don't JUDGE me) But I am telling was an improvement!!

Momma Jo, thank you so much for taking us all to Vegas. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we all had such a blast! She really is the coolest mother in law EVER!! And she's really funny too! The other night Marse said that being overweight has become it's own race in regards to discrimination. And she said...and I quote..."GREAT, I'm half caucasion and half fat"!! It still makes me laugh out loud!! I love this lady! I know I tease her relentlessly so I'm pretty sure that she doesn't believe a single thing that comes out of my mouth. But I just tease her because I love her so much. That's how you know that I really do adore you...I'll tease you! Poor Whitney, Lanae, Tiana and especially Camille! Momma Jo you're the best! Thank you for arranging this great girls trip to help us all bond even more! We love ya!

It's been 6 years already...?!!

I can't believe it...we've been married for 6 years! Where has the time gone? In this time we've left the country 6 times going from Tahiti to Mexico. We've had quite the adventure so far! It's so nice to be able to be with your best friend all the time and know that the feeling is mutual...I think...I hope it's mutual! If not...we were married for time and all eternity better be! Or Cob is in for DISAPPOINTMENT!!! :) Seriously though, I am still in awe that he chose me. There is no one that I trust more than Coby. He is my whole world. He gave me three beautiful boys and I couldn't be happier...well, I could but that would involve Jack being here to help us celebrate! He treats me better than I could have ever imagined! My family adores him.
I never dreamed I could be so happy! So happy Anniversary baby! I love you more than anything in this whole world...even more than chocolate...and that's alot! :)

Isn't he the CUTEST??!!

Our family last 4th of July

We miss you baby boy!

This is our newest family can't quite see jack...but I'm sure he's there somewhere!