Thursday, August 06, 2009

It's been 6 years already...?!!

I can't believe it...we've been married for 6 years! Where has the time gone? In this time we've left the country 6 times going from Tahiti to Mexico. We've had quite the adventure so far! It's so nice to be able to be with your best friend all the time and know that the feeling is mutual...I think...I hope it's mutual! If not...we were married for time and all eternity better be! Or Cob is in for DISAPPOINTMENT!!! :) Seriously though, I am still in awe that he chose me. There is no one that I trust more than Coby. He is my whole world. He gave me three beautiful boys and I couldn't be happier...well, I could but that would involve Jack being here to help us celebrate! He treats me better than I could have ever imagined! My family adores him.
I never dreamed I could be so happy! So happy Anniversary baby! I love you more than anything in this whole world...even more than chocolate...and that's alot! :)

Isn't he the CUTEST??!!

Our family last 4th of July

We miss you baby boy!

This is our newest family can't quite see jack...but I'm sure he's there somewhere!


Lanae said...

Happy SIX YEAR Anniversary!! We really should plan a get-away next year (Kooyman's, too)! We're all so close. We've gone on a few combined anniversary trips with the Kooymans and they are so much fun -we'd have a blast!! Anyway - hope you guys have a great anniversary and I'll see you next week FOR SURE. Loves, little

abbyandcompany said...

Happy Anniversary you two. I hope you both have a great day. Tiff, you look amazing! We need to catch up.

Rich's said...

You are so sweet. I love you baby. It's me that's the lucky one. I am the luckiest. Here's to 6 and the 6,000,000,000 to come. Love you.

Keva Kate said...

Awww, thats really sweet! Happy anniversary! Your pics are so pretty!

Melanie said...

HAPPY guys are darling! I'm pretty sure Jack is there on the bench snuggled just behind Cob's shoulder! Have a great day/weekend!

JENNILLE said...

Hi Tiff,

I can't recall if I offically congratulated on baby Jaden. You all look great. So fun you all had a LV girls weekend. My sisters are having a girls week in Sept w/o me. I am not invited cause I have a newborn. :)
It's okay. We love our little girl and I wouldn't want to fly with her yet (too many germs)!
Hope to see you this fall in SLC

Bredy McBred said...

Of Tiff-I love this picture of you guys...You look beautiful as ever! I hope that you had a great anniversary! Love you guys:) Kiss those kids for me!

Camille said...

Congratulations....just darling. & I love the new family picture and blog face lift. Apparently it went better than your face lift in Vegas! :) Anyway, it looks great.