Sunday, November 29, 2009

Are we..."In Love"?

I always ask Corbin this question:

Mom: "Corbin, are we....?"

Corbin: "in love"

Mom: "Are we?"

Corbin: "YES!"Posted by Picasa

Lately it goes like this...

Mom: "Corbin...are we...?

Corbin: "In Love....are we...Yes?"

It's sooo cute! I just love this little boy! He just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I love all the cute pictures of the boys' aunts loving our new little Jaders. Today he officially turns 5 months old. It's been so wonderful to have another little boy in this house. He is so loved. I am so grateful for eternal families!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Halloween '09

Every PRINCESS HAS to kiss a cute little FROG!

I'm a princess, Jades is a frog, Coby is the prince (at the frog turns into) and Corbin is the dragon

Can't seem to get enough of those little foggy kisses!

Here is Corbin and the LOVE of his life Roxy! Isn't she cute?!! She's a little dalmation puppy!

Just making the rounds...collecting the candy that mommy couldn't keep her paws off of!!

Here's Nana holding our little froggy with a goopy eye! Poor baby! He has a plugged tear duct, so it's not too uncommon to see him looking like this! My poor little goopy baby! Dr. Cramer says it should clear up by 6 months! CROSS your fingers!

I just LOVE this baby! I can't seem to get enough of him!

Smoochin' with my little toad and the prince and the dragon are battling it out!

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Happy Halloween! We were one short for the 2nd time. Sure wished Jack was here. He would have LOVED trick or treating. I wonder if they have that up there? They MUST! It's heaven they MUST have LOADS of chocolate. But it's the kind of chocolate that tastes like godiva but has absolutely ZERO calories! Maybe for trick or treating they have to dress up like biblical prophets or something of that nature. At any rate...I'm sure Jack had his fill of yummy goodies.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Preschool Halloween Parade

Corbin seriously has the BEST preschool teacher EVER! I love her to death. She does so many fun things with the kids. Corbin is constantly coming home and singing new songs. She teaches them a letter per week. And on Fridays they can bring something for show and tell. They go on TONS of fun fieldtrips. She's a no nonsense kind of lady and I couldn't be happier! I love it! It's fun to see that he's learning so many new things. He's making friends. He tells me about his buddies, Tanner and Gabe and a little girl named Sofie. He still tells me not to worry because he's still going to marry Roxy in the Salt Lake Temple.

This year Mrs. Lorie and her Dad Avery dressed up like the Cat and the Hat. She had the kids go on a little Halloween Parade around the little culd a sac. Corbin and his little buddy Tanner are both dragons. Gabe is one of the Harry Potters..I'm not sure which. As you can see, Corbin got a little shy when he noticed everyone watching him. But he really DOES know all the cute songs and poems Mrs. Lorie teaches him.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Discovery Musuem

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During this summer Honey took us all to the Discovery Museum. The museum was super cool! Camille was able to meet us there. She was on usual...I made us late...really late but like almost 2 hours! I really need to work on that! We would have liked to hang out longer, but Kenna was starting to feel sick so they left a little before we did.

There were SO many fun things to look at, but after about 2 hours and 4 kids later....WE HAD HAD IT! We should have KNOWN that it was going to be a doozy of an afternoon when we stepped into the elevator and it stopped working! One of the kids learned an "interesting" new word as Honey and I may have accidentally said a word or two in the dark! :) I had the cutest picture of Mason in absolute AWE of the helicopter. It was a life flight helicopter...I still can't really look at them because they really bring me back to the "day".

Honey and I vowed NEVER to return for at least a YEAR! :) Maybe it would have been better if Jades wasn't constantly wanting to EAT, and Corbin, Sam and Mason didn't have an BATTLE in the entry way! Actually, it was kind of cute. Sam and Corb were fighting and Mason DID NOT LIKE his sister being in the middle of the fight. So he walked up to Corbin and yelled something..and just pushed him down. Poor Corbin...but how cute was Mason for standing up for his BIG sister! It was darling!

Time is flying so fast I can't believe that Mason will be 3 in March. It reminds me that Jack would also be getting up there too. Miss that little boy. Wish he were here.

Friday, November 20, 2009

A day at the Zoo

A bunch of weeks ago, (I'm soooo far behind on blogging) Lanae and her boys met us at the zoo. It was one of the cooler summer days that I'd give almost anything to stick around a little longer. We are both southern gals and LOVE the heat. Especially the dry heat that SLC provides. Our little boys are all only months apart from each other. I only wish that Jack were still around to keep little Austin entertained! :) It's been so fun for them to get to know each other. Corbin LOVES spending time with you can see from all the pictures above.

I am so glad that Lanae and I were able to spend countless summers together growing up. We are still so close and I am incredibly grateful that we are family. She's got the cutest boys, and is probably one of the prettiest people inside and out I've ever had the privilege of knowing. I love this girl and look forward to our playdates.
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fieldtrip to the Aquarium

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Corbin's preschool teacher is amazing! Not as AWESOME as his Sunbeam teacher (who he has a little tiny crush on)...but definitely in the same league! Corbin's constantly coming home with the cutest things they did in class. He loves it! A "while" back we went to the Aquarium in Sandy. It's not that great, but the new South America exhibit is pretty cool. They even have an anaconda there. Corbin had fun touching the stingrays and there was even storytime. Pretty neat!
He's growing up so fast...I"m not sure that I like that.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

St. George

About a month or so a go, we went down to St. George for Conference Weekend. It was just our little family and Honey and Poppy. It was so nice to relax, sit back and listen to some of the most amazing men and women on the Earth today. The weather was beautiful and the food was...well a little too good! Joanne brought leftover carrot cake....I tried to resist...but alas the carrot cake won my taste buds over and to my thighs they went!!

One of the nights we went to see the musical "Annie" at the Tuacahn. It was sooo cute! Daddy Worbucks had an amazing voice!! Annie was one of my favorite movies growing up. I used to tape record myself singing 'Tomorrow" over and over. We all loved seeing it. Even Corbin had fun! I love that he'll sit through movies and even plays.

Even Jader Bader Butter Bug liked it...until he fell asleep that is!

Aren't these boys fun!
Coby is such a great daddy! He loves playing with Corbin and Corbin can't get enough of his daddy either! They had fun all day playing in the pool.

They eventually had to take a break...

When Poppy got there, Corbin didn't waste a second dragging him around with a "pirate map". It was sooo cute to watch them in search of treasure and lizards. Corbin tried so hard to catch those fast little lizards, but they were a little to quick. He even convinced Honey to get in on the action and I think one of the lizards may or may NOT have lost a tail! :)
Corbin built a house of the lizards....but the lizards didn't get the memo.

How nasty is this? This spider was HUGE! It was black and yellow and Cobin called it a "Bee" spider!

Coby is so great at capturing candid shots. I love this one of Jadesy and Honey.

Later that weekend we went on a hike. Here's Corbin climbing up part of the slot canyon.

It was so windy that day! And I was glad I had my Moby on! Jadesy just slept the whole time, snug as a bug!
And that did for all of us! We had enough sand for the day and headed back home. It is so fun to be able to go down to St. George. We are very blessed. Thanks Mootz! We love you!

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