Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fieldtrip to the Aquarium

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Corbin's preschool teacher is amazing! Not as AWESOME as his Sunbeam teacher (who he has a little tiny crush on)...but definitely in the same league! Corbin's constantly coming home with the cutest things they did in class. He loves it! A "while" back we went to the Aquarium in Sandy. It's not that great, but the new South America exhibit is pretty cool. They even have an anaconda there. Corbin had fun touching the stingrays and there was even storytime. Pretty neat!
He's growing up so fast...I"m not sure that I like that.


Sommer said...

did coby style monkey-butt's hair? he looks so cute. he should go there with will be easy to find a snake! is corbin's fish still alive?

Lanae said...

Fun, Fun! I love the aquarium. We need to go again soon.
See you tomorrow :-)

Anonymous said...

aww I wish I were a fly on the wall to see his every moves in there. he is a really cutie adn I sure love him!