Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Disneyworld / Disney Cruise 2012

It's no secret that Coby LOVES to take trips, but he's QUITE the planner as well!  This past Christmas we gave the boys a trip to Disney World and a Disney Cruise. We had SUCH a ball....
 Here we are waiting to board our plane.  Jaden was especially excited!  Since Christmas he's been telling us, "I go on the plane..." as he matter-of-factly shakes his little head.  VERY cute!!
As we waited for the plane to take off, Corb read his book.  Jaden excitedly waited for the plane to take off.  Little did we know that the plane would be STUCK here for the next TWO HOURS!!!  When booking our flight we thought we'd fly to Vegas instead of Denver just in case there was a snowstorm.  We never counted on Vegas being delayed for WIND.  At any rate, the boys were SUCH troopers!  Especially Jaden, despite the fact that we forgot "blue blankie". We finally made it to Vegas, almost missing our connecting flight.  Luckily they held the plane for us and we arrived safely in Orlando a few hours later.
We stayed at a Disney Resort with a fun Sports Theme.  Once the boys saw the pool, (which was like 80 degrees) they were SMITTEN!!  All they wanted to do was SWIM!!
Our first day was spent in Epcot Center.  It didn't take Jaden long to figure out what vacationing was all about....EATING!!
Obviously, he liked the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bar.  (Which TOTALLY reminds me most of Jack)
We found this awesome fountain with jumping water.  The boys loved it because depending on where they'd put position themselves as they leaned over...they end up with a face full of water!  And after all, isn't getting wet in your dry clothes the BEST on vacation!!  :)
Here's Corb, soaking wet and happy as can be!!
Epcot had lots of different countries to tour.  Here is Mexico...definitely a favorite for Cob and I.
Here we are on a boat ride of Mexico.
Then the boys got to decorate their own Mexican souvenirs...with PERMANENT marker!!  IN WHITE SHIRTS!! 
Then we went to Norway and boys got to be little Vikings in the gift shop.  They were LOVING it!!  I wished that I had bought the book, The Three Billygoats.  I LOVED that book growing up!
There's my cute little Viking!!
Here we are at Sunset.
Corb looks thrilled to pose with his crazy, picture happy momma!  :)
Then we were off to visit Italy.  We figured we better get a picture in front of this fountain because as Coby said, "It's probably as close to Italy as you'll get for a while..."  So, here I am pretending we actually ARE in Italy! 
 Leave it to Disney to spare no expense in making each country as realistic and authentic as possible!  Epcot Center was Amazing!!

Day 2 was spent in Hollywood Studios.
Jaden wanted SO badly to go on the "Big" rides.  Here he is showing Coby how he really felt as Corb and I went on the Tower of Terror.
The boys played so nicely together.  It's such a GREAT feeling to see them having fun together.  I can't help but wonder how Jack would have fit into this picture....
Two happy brothers
I was even Jaden showed me the "ropes"!!  :)
On one of the rides Coby actually got to star in an ACTION scene for a "movie."
Here he is walking onto the "set."
He got DRENCHED!! 
Here's Corbi-Mac being a little goofball....not sure where he gets it??!!!
Jaden was loving that he could go on so many rides.
...and drink COKE whenever he wanted!!  :)
If you asked Corb he'd probably say that the Aerosmith themed "Rockin' Rollar Coaster" was his favorite....but I LOVED snuggling after a LONG day of walking around!  :)
Day 3 was spent in HUMID Animal Kingdom.
Our first ride was on Expedition Everest.  Coby's dream has always been to hike Everest....I'm not sure he'll ever get the I hope this will suffice!  :)  Corb and Cob were able to get a front row on this one....
Jaden patiently waited as usual....
One of the best things about Disneyland/World is that they offer Fast Passes and Rider Switch Passes.  Corb got to go on everything TWICE...that lucky duck!  Here is Corb and I flying down the coaster in the 5th row.  It was so fun!!
Then we got up close and personal with a "Yiger" as Jaden like to call them.  (The glass was super thick and kind of cloudy...hence the reason for the blurry yiger.  :)
Of course Corb found a fountain...
We got to see an AMAZING bird show...both boys were mesmerized!
Here's "Hope" the Bald Eagle.  HUGE!!!  I think I'd pee my pants if I saw the thing in the wild!
Here's Corbin Planking!  :)
Then we were off to the Safari Ride.  To say that it was amazing would be an understatement!!
And after a quick smooch-a-roo...we were OFF...
Apparently, it was "too bright..." and Jaden needed to wear Coby's sunglasses!
Look how cute the little baby is....
And of course the proud Momma....
Lots of flamingos...
One quick family shot on a bridge with the peaks of Everest in the background.
Here's our little "bug"
There were loads of guides ready to tell you that they feed the really big birds baby rats....gross!  I think Jaden was thinking....I hope I'm not a baby rat....YIKES!

Jaden was loving all of the "jungle" play areas.
He LOVED being in charge of the Dinosaur ride where he could use the lever to go up and down.
Just before closing time we decided to go see the "Finding Nemo" play.  It was AMAZING!  Coby and I were sure the voice of "Marlin" was the ACTUAL Marlin.  The songs were pretty awesome...One in particular about "just keep swimming..."  It definitely put things into prospective after a little bad news that day.
Love that they are holding hands walking up the stairs.  My heart is full....but could always be more full with another little blond with big blue eyes.  I missed Jack a lot today.

Our last day in Disney World was spent at the Magic Kingdom.
As soon as we got there I ran into Mary Poppins....and just KNEW she'd love my bag!!
She asked me if I could fit a coat rack inside....and I was telling her just hot BIG of a coat rack I could get into this Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag!  :)
Bonded by our love of large carpet bags...we posed for the camera!!
Corb found Lilo...or is that Stitch....??
Then it was on the the Buzz Light Year ride.
Then they all landed in Jail!!  :)
While Corb and I rode Splash Mountain, Jadesy and Daddy found a sweet little playground nearby.  Jaden LOVED it and quickly forgot that he was waiting for us.  :)
Jaden's favorite thing to eat is DESSERT!!  This is NOT a new discovery!! 
Maybe it's my fault for eating too much chocolate while I was preggers with him....
At any rate he's a choco-holic like his momma!  :)
Both boys LOVED meeting the characters.  He's Goofy dressed up like a pirate in front of Pirates of the Caribbean.
And here's a shot of all of us.
After Pirates we were off to the Carousel.  One of Jack and Jadesy's favorites. 
I even got my very own horse to ride...
Corbin tried with all his might to pull the sword from the stone....
So of COURSE Jadesy needed to try....
And even with the strength of the strongest, most handsome knight around...."none could more the sword, nor pull it"!
Here's the famous Disney World Castle at dusk.
And then our little family about 10 minutes got dark quick!!
And then it was back to the hotel for one last swim before we boarded the Cruise.
Isn't he GREAT at balancing??!!  :)
Meanwhile Jaden was having  the time of his life while his daddy rocket launched him over and over and over and over....
...and he's back for more!!
I love this shot of the three of them!  Coby is the greatest daddy EVER!!!  I bet Jack misses being in on all the action....almost as much as WE miss him EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!!
We were so excited when Honey and Poppy joined us for the Cruise the next day.

Corb has been LOVING making paper airplanes and seems to make them out of EVERYTHING he can get his little hands on.  Corb and Poppy got in a LOT of fun bonding time.  Poppy even showed him how to make a few origami pieces! 
After we had a bite to eat on the ship, Jaden wanted to take a peek at how high off the ground we were....It was pretty high!
After we were able to go to our rooms(which were AWESOME and HUGE!!!  ***Next time you book a cruise aim (if they are available) for a wheelchair accessible room.  The bathrooms are enormous and we had LOADS of space for all 4 of us.***)  We got in our swimsuits and headed out to the pool.  There was even a little kiddie "reef".  A little 10 year old girl wasted no time snatching Jaden up and keeping him entertained!  Thanks Molly! 
And I can always be found in the warmest of waters....the HOT TUB!  Coby always accuses me of scalding our children in baths...but they LOVE hot showers!!  :)
See...two happy...WARM little nuggets!!
After swimming we all decided to explore the ship.  We went and registered the boys for the Kids Club.  Here are Honey and Poppy in the Nursery where Jaden spent a little time.  Aren't they CUTE in their very own "ship"!  :)
Jaden picked up Golf and LOVED it!!  He was actually pretty good.  Even though it was pretty windy most of the time he managed to get a hole in one!  :)  These boys of mine and their balls....
Here's the Micky Pool at night. 
And the AquaDUCK water slide at night.  It was sooo cool!  A clear slide that actually went OVER the ocean.
The next day Corbin and Jaden got to make Flubber.
Here's my little scientist mixing up the solution....
....squishing the slimy flubber ball to perfection....
"Achewwwwwww......" Ewww gross...a flubber bugger.  Jaden was very anxious to see!
Here are Honey and Poppy on the AquaDuck waterslide.
There they go....
And then we all played a little golf with our very own little "Yiger" woods!  (Can you tell I was FREEZING??!!)
One of the greatest things about going on a Disney Cruise is the entertainment in the shows each night.  They seriously hire some of the most talented people!  This little boy always came and wanted to watch, but usually fell asleep about 15 minutes into the show.  :)  Maybe next time!
We were fortunate enough to have Honey and Poppy celebrate their 35 wedding anniversary with us.  Happy Anniversary to a GREAT couple!  WE love you!!
Later that night there was a Pirate Party.  Here are the boys decked out in their Pirate Gear.  They love their hats and especially their GUNS!  Corb and Jades were SO funny!  They kept yelling to each other..."STICK 'EM UP!!!"  Then one of them would drop their gun and throw their hands in the air.  It was hilarious the first time Jaden put his hands in the air. 
Here we are at the pirate party waiting for the Fireworks to begin.
Make that a double...."Arrrrrrrr"
And here are all the "Rich" Pirates!
He's such a goofball!  I LOVE it....most days anyway!
But it's this smile I can't get enough of!!
There's my three Pirates!
Corb and Poppy had so much fun....
I'm not sure who had more fun....
Don't worry Jades...I'd be a little scared too!
Here's our Pirate Poppy doing his famous "Egg Beater" dance from Tahiti!
This little boy had so much fun, we was out about 20 seconds after his head hit the pillow.
Corb may have been out after only 10 seconds!!
The next day we docked at Disney's Island, Castaway Cay.  It's pretty amazing.  But the water this time of year felt like Bear Lake in June!
Here are Corb, Cobe and Poppy about to go down the "water shoot..."
And OUT they came with a splash....
Honey and Poppy bought some sand castle toys and wasted NO TIME getting down to business...
I shuffled cards and waited for Honey to give me me fortune.
Jaden was loving filling up the bucket with water and dumping it out onto the sand over and over and over again!!  Apparently, it NEVER got old!!!
Meanwhile, Poppy and Corb were building a sweet sand castle, equipped with it's own moat.  And what a MOAT it was!!
And here is the finished MICKEY masterpiece of a sand castle!!!
There's me and my favorite gypsy...I mean....HONEY getting my fortune told!  I'm still hoping for that baby card she saw next to the one with money and phone call and a trip.....  I ALWAYS look forward to her card reading!  :)
I think this little boy could have stayed on the sand all day if we would have let him!
Here's a shot of Castaway Cay from our Room.
After we got clean up and took half the sand back to our room, we headed down to the last show of our Cruise...and once again it definitely did NOT disappoint!!
Oh how I love this little boy!!!
Aren't they cute!!!  SO in love!!!
Speaking of being in are 2 of the 4 boys I'm in love with!  :)
Me and my Monster at our last fancy dinner!!  Apparently I didn't wear ENOUGH sunscreen!  :)  I'm sad to see this cruise end.  It was so fun!  It's never long enough though!  We LOVED having Honey and Poppy share in a few more memories with our little family!

After we left the ship, we headed right back down to Orlando and took Honey and Poppy to Animal Kingdom.  I was trying to be the tour guide here...."Now the Yigers like to eat fish...."
Jaden had NO trouble find the Yigers.  He wanted to get in there and pet them...uhhhhh......
Then we went back on safari with Honey and Poppy.  Corb sat next to his favorite buddy...Poppy!
Here's Jades...and I think that Jack may have even made a little appearance on this ride.  (I always say the sun spots taken in our pictures are Jack.)
Here are the two Sunburned Hippos!  (I think I'm the one on the left)  :)
Jaden had a good time just peeking out the back...
Until he fell asleep.....       I was in heaven loving this sleeping little boy as we bumped along in the safari jeep.
There's me and my SUPER Fun Honey!!
One last Dinosaur ride for Jaden and we headed home.

What a FUN trip we had!  Thanks Coby for always being so amazing and planning the most fun vacations!  We are truly blessed!  I can't wait for the next OCTOBER 2013!!