Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day with the Rich's

 After Christmas at my parent's house, we hopped in the car and headed over to Coby's mom and dad's house.  Honey and Poppy gave us our stockings and we had a fun time opening them.  The kids especially!
 I had fun holding that cute little chunkskin on my lap!
 He is such a little cutie!  He tried SO hard to crawl and reach that red bow.
Jaden LOVES to build things!  He had spent a while building this tower.  He's quite the little architect.

After a couple hours of hanging out and eating and laughing and eating some more....we all went downstairs and played Marse's new Just Dance Game for the Wii.  It was SOOOO fun!  
I have to hand it to the Rich's they know how to throw a party and then know how to have fun!!  It's always a treat to be with them and definitely NEVER a dull moment!  LOVE these wacky Rich's and thank my lucky stars and my Heavenly Father every single day that I am a part of them! 

Christmas Day with the Burtons

 After Christmas morning was over, we got dressed and went to church in my mom and dad's ward. Their ward had a Christmas program and my dad had a part in it.  As usual he memorized the whole thing.  And as usual, it was AWESOME!!  My dad is a GREAT public speaker!
 After church was over we headed back to their house where the boys couldn't WAIT to get their hands on MORE presents!  You'd think that they'd be tired of unwrapping...but don't you worry....they apparently NEVER get tired of it!!  Corb loved his Ninjago DS game from Nana and Mario Kart from Sommy.
 Jaden LOVED this cute little fan soccer ball, along with his talking train accessories.
 There's one of our happy little boys!
 We gave my mom a book of our family throughout 2011.  
But I think this is the face of one happy Poochie!!  We all gave him a Go-Pro.  He's always video taping things and loves to do anything athletic.  For as long as I can remember he's been carrying a video camera around capturing lots of good/embarrassing stuff.  Ask Sommer....once while on a trip we all got sick with the stomach flu.  Amber tried to make it out the window...only she didn't quite make she made a split second decision to just go on poor Sommer's face.  YUCK-OLA!!  But don't you worry, my dad was there to capture the moment!!  :)

It was a pretty low key Christmas at my parent's house this year.  My sister Sommer is living in Washington with her cute new husband and were unable to come out this Christmas.  But I have to say that she is AWESOME when it comes to giving gifts.  She and Drew made my mom, Amber and I a themed gift.  They made this cute glass vase with a red rose in it...EXACTLY like the one in Beauty and the Beast and tickets for the three of us to go and see the play in SLC in March.  SO fun!  The only thing that could make it better is if she were able to come out and join us!  :)

Amber's sweet "Papa" passed away a few days before from a horrible fight with Cancer and she flew back to Michigan to see him one last time.  He was like a second dad to her and will surely be missed.  But when I think about where he is and who he's getting to see, I can't help but smile.  And I think he's the lucky one!  

This was another GREAT Christmas with my side of the family.  I sure do love them and love that we are such a close family. 

Our Family Christmas

 Here are two EXCITED little boys anxious to get Christmas started.
 Jaden was ready with his 3D glasses and his Hot Coco of course.
 You can't really tell, but Jadesy was stoked about his new Train Table and train set.  He LOVES trains!  Every time we go to Gardner Village he wants to head to the toy shop with the wooden train table.  It takes FOREVER to get him out of there.
 He even got his very own TRAIN whistle!
 Corb is an official UTE fan and LOVED his new and VERY warm hat.
 Jaden has always loved things that light up or is it things with buttons??!!  I guess it's both in this situation!
 Don't worry, PUP wasn't forgotten.  She got a HUGE puppy bone in her stocking.
 Corb was so sweet.  A few weeks ago, he and Coby had a Father/Son shopping day.  He used all of his allowance money he'd been saving and bought us all Christmas presents.  Here is one of the presents he got for me.
 He bought a ring for me at school and wrapped it up in my original engagement box.  I LOVED it! (As you can clearly tell from my buck-toothed smile)
 Jaden found his Thomas the Train Big Wheel bike and kept saying...."Oooooh, it's a BIIIIIIG ONE!"
 He liked "Dis one..." the big yellow fish on his rotating reef night light.
 Then they helped me open my BIG present....the Ninja 1200!!  Coby you are the BEST!  I love it! Our blender finally broke after 8 years and I've been begging for another one ever since.  I actually watched an infomercial all the way to Mexico for the Ninja 1100 Blender.  To say that it's pretty awesome is the understatement of the century!!  Thanks BABY!!
Here I am....IN LOVE!!!
 Corb was LOVING his Hex Bugs.  Coby got a little ramp for them to buzz around in and Corb couldn't wait to put it together.
 Coby's been wanting some good headphones.  So, with the help of his brother Pat and co-worker Randon, I was able to surprise him with the right ones.  I think he liked them!  I tried them on and they are actually pretty amazing!!
After all the present opening excitement...a Dr. Pepper was officially needed...For Coby anyway! 
Then Jaden noticed a little something hiding under a comforter....
Santa was EXTRA creative this year...attached at the end of the balloon was a scroll with a message on it....
Santa led Corbin and Jaden on a little scavenger hunt.  Here's the puzzle clues:

 Corb used his good reading skills and was able to find all the locations of the hidden puzzle pieces...

 Jaden also got into it and was excited to go running through the house after his big brother.
And here's what the puzzle looked like all put together.
Here's the conversation that occurred after they put the put the puzzle together:
Mom: is that??
Corb:'s a ship.  (very nonchalantly)
 Dad: Do you know what that must mean?
Corb:  We're going on a trip?
Mom:  YAAAAAA....are you SUPER Excited???!!!
Corb:  When? (again...very unexcited and nonchalantly)
Dad: in about a month
Corb:  (rolls his eyes, throws his head back)  a whole MONTH???!!!
Mom:  Wow....I guess Santa was a little too nice this year...
This little boy WAS excited!  He kept saying..."Trip...I go...."  So cute!
But this girl was the happiest because she has the BEST family EVER!!  This Christmas was awesome!  It's funny because every year we say, "Wow...we overdid it...Next year we are doing WAY less!"  I love my little family so much.  I am so thankful for the reason for the season.  I am thankful that because our Heavenly Father loved us so much He sent His Son.  And because of that....Jack will be with us again along with our entire family.  I believe it with all of my heart and I have Him to thank!  I feel so blessed to be where I am.  Glad that we have 3 years under our belt and are not at the beginning.  It still doesn't make it better, but it makes it bareable.  He is good.  And I love Him with all of my heart.  Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

I have to say that I think this is my favorite picture of the season.  I think it's such a tender moment between Jadesy and Poppy.  Jaden loves being near Poppy.  I love the little bond that they have created. 
This year for New Years Eve...we were say the least!  After a LONG morning of haircutting and numerous errands, we finally headed over to Coby's cousin's on his dad's side, the Readings.  I absolutely LOVE the Rich side of the family.  Always so low key and always a GREAT time! 
As we were leaving the party, Coby spotted 8...yes 8 deer within feet of us in the Reading's backyard.  Corb was especially stoked...he asked Coby to take his picture and wondered if these were in fact "Santa's" reindeer since there were 8!
After the party at the Readings we headed over to my cute cousin's house.  I LOVE this girl and can never say enough about her.  I LOVE that we're family and best of friends because we get to continue in all of the FUN all year round!
Here is me and my Coby.....I LOVE this guy!  He's definitely the better half between us both!
We tried to capture a picture of all the luminaries surrounding our whole didn't work out so well, but at least we left our garage door open for all the thieves to find!!  :)  Luckily, we weren't robbed this year!!  :)
The boys were anxious to get to bed so that Santa would make his way over to our house.  We got them all ready for bed and read the "Cajun Night Before Christmas".   I'm from Louisiana...and HAVE to show off my southern roots!  :)  Corb was loving all the alligators instead of reindeer and the "cajun" accent that came with the story.  They were both tucked in before 8:15pm, and that's when the real fun began for Coby and I.  We have our own traditions too.  We get "everything" ready for Christmas day while we watch White Christmas.  I am loving our little family traditions and look forward to many many years to come.

Caroling with Mootz

It's becoming a tradition to go to Mootzie's Care Center and sing Christmas Carols.  She LOVES it.  It's so great to see her happy face despite the fact that she no longer remembers any of us.  It's really sad, but I'm so happy to see that Coby's family makes such efforts to continue to include her in the day to day routines.  She's such an incredible lady.  I wish that my kids would have known her the way Coby knew her.  She was a Ball of energy and always the life of the party.  I think it's quite amazing that while it's almost impossible speak, she always has a smile on her face.  She's not a mean and grumpy lady like some others I have met.  She has given us so much and we will forever be in her debt. We love you Mootz!  Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Adam with the Rich's

Every year Joanne plans a little Rich Christmas Adam (the day before Christmas Eve).  
She thinks of EVERYTHING!
Including a kids table.  It's ALWAYS a huge hit!

After a delicious dinner, we act out the Birth of the Savior in Luke 2.  Don't you love our little angels!!
Then she handed out actual bells and taught everyone to play "Jingle Bells."
Whit and Chance were WAY into it!
I think this little Angel may have lost her Bell...
Then we exchanged presents for all the cousins.  Jaden got a fun Potty book.  Can't wait to start reading it together.  I'm not sure who was more or Jadesy!
Here's me and my schweetie

After a long night, Jadesy curled up in the Love Sac next to Corb so they could open their last present.  It was really sweet.

Christmas Adam is always a day we all look forward to.  Jim and Joanne put so much time and effort into making it so fun.  Everyone has a blast and goes home fat and happy and full of joy!  Thanks Momma Jo for making our Christmas Adam so fun.  We love you and all you do to make our family so great!