Thursday, December 22, 2011

Makin' Candy

Today we decided to try our candy making skills out with all the Rich girls.
Here's Livvy in her very own apron
And Duncan in his...very cute!!
The kids were having fun twirling around in them.
It was pretty cute!
Marse was in charge of some sort of truffle..and Whit's always wanted to make homemade toffee.
Anna-Lisa was making sure our Carmels were PERFECT!
Here are our Candy making EXPERTS!!
We even used candy thermometers and everything.
Marse was going for firm balls...I mean firm ball
It took a while...but eventually she got the candy to the right temperature ...
...and her FIRM balls were ready!
SEE.....  Marse your balls are PERFECT!!  

It was so fun to get together with my cute sister in laws.  We always laugh WAY too much, eat even MORE and have a ball! 

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