Sunday, February 28, 2010

January...a bit late!!

Me and my "Bred Bred" aka Ryan

A few "weeks" ago my best friend Ryan flew in for a visit all the way from cold cold Michigan. Where do I begin to talk about little
Breddy McBred Bred?!! I LOVE this girl! We have been friends since the 10th grade. That's a LONG time! We've figured that we've been friends for MORE than half our lifetimes. She has always been there for me. She's one of the hardest workers I know. She gives her whole heart and soul into anything and everything she does. She's so talented and kind and generous. She's had some hard times, but you'd never know, because she's constantly putting everyone else first instead of herself. When Jack passed away, she dropped everything and flew out here without even so much of a hesitation. She's stuck with me through thick and thin. We've laughed so hard we've cried! Especially when she dances in the car! That's one I wish I had the camera for! I keep trying to convince her that she should just join the church and marry a cute little mormon boy. I love that she still sends Coby "Napolian Dynamite" stuff for every birthday and christmas. She cracks me up!One of the things I love most about her is that I can totally be myself with her and always have. She's like one of my sisters. I love you Bred...wish we lived closer.

Super Bowl Sunday

Can you tell which team we voted for?!! Some may say that I sold out my home team of the Saints. I say I HATE football, so it didn't really matter! But it's always fun to have a party! Even if it's centered all around Football. It was really fun to see Corbin get into with his hero...his daddy! Even
Jadesy got in on the action with a little Colts Jersey. Wish Jack were there to get a Jersey...maybe he could have had whoever the Colt's defensive lineman...aka the "big guy". It's times like these that my heart aches so much to have him near. Not for me...but for Coby's sake and for the sake of his brothers. How fun it would be to have all 4 of my boys hanging out, just being boys. The millennium can't come soon enough. I often wonder just how much of a role he still plays in our lives. I'm sure it's quite a bit...definitely more than we think. Sometimes I just wish I had some sort of time line or date as to when I'll get to see him again. A goal...a finish line to look forward to. I'm running a 1/2 marathon in a few weeks. I've been training for months. It's been hard, but I know that as soon as I cross the finish line all the hard work I've put into it will all be worth it. That's kind of how I feel about seeing Jack again. I am so willing to give my work HARD for that amazing moment when we can both see each other across the "finish" line. Ughhhh..... how long is this race???!!! I want to quit. I'm so tired. I miss him so much. I hate that he's gone. I know it's stupid to ask "why" won't change anything. It won't bring any sort of peace. But why do some get the miracles they so desperately seek and continue onto their happily ever after? And others just aren't given that opportunity? One day I'm sure it will all make sense. But right now, tonight...I'm missing my beautiful, happy little toe head.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

New Years in St. George

The "Gang"... Minus a few! (Stevensons, Archibalds, Riches, my adorable sister Som, Helgesen's and the Hansen's.)

Scotty celebrated his 7th birthday at Pirate Island Pizza. Happy Birthday Scotty!

Me and my Kimmy!

I love Sommer's hair! Very cute on her!

And what kind of trip would it be if we didn't get a shot of Lance eating??!!

Even Lanae and her cute family were there. I was so happy to get to play...even though it wasn't for long. I love this girl and can never get enough of her! Sometimes I wish we were still roommates...although, I'm sure she'd NEVER wish that again! :) I wasn't exactly the best roommate....Amy and Kerstin would definitely back me up me up on that one!

The boys were nice and took all the kids to the pool to swim while the girls headed out to shop!

We always have such a ball getting together. Everyone meshes so well and I can't wait to play again soon! We missed the Sieb's, but are sure they will be there next time!