Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kaaaa Chowwww

So, my sweeet friend Dixcie got me the most awesome birthday present! She has awesome connections and talked her talented friend, Angela into painting a Lightening McQueen mural in Corbin's "big boy" room. Dixcie and Angela are a two peas in a pod and both are scholars are pretty much anything they touch! As you can see the mural looks AMAZING!!! So, a big warm thanks to my girl Dix! :) Corbin is in "Cars" heaven.

3-D racing flags

Lightening McQueen and the new road

Check out the detail totally painted by hand in UNDER 3 hours, I'll have you know!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Bear Lake with the crew

We had the bestest weekend ever! So much funsies. Okay, now I'm making myself sick. But we did have a great weekend up at Bear Lake with our friends (in order of appearance) Lance and Bettie, Wade and Anne, and Wes and Amanda. I wish I took more pictures, but we did get some good video (Hi Def) of everyone crashing on the wakeboard. This will definitely have to be an annual tradition.

Lance and Bettie by the campfire

Wiener roast

Coby looking like and old fat man who can't get off the water

Speaking of old fat men (oh burn)

Scottie and Andre were best buds

Thomas didn't like it when people fell in the water

By the end we were a little nutty