Monday, February 25, 2008

Foot Model?

Jack still isn't mobile...and now I think we now why! Check out those rolls on his feet! Poor Jack, my dad calls him "fat jack". But he can't help it...he hardly eats. Oh wait, that's the opposite of our little Jackie! He loves EVERYTHING...and I mean Everything! I know he's a chunk, but I just can't get enough of him. It's a good thing I have the Moby Wrap, or else I'd be in serious trouble. Jack thinks that he needs to be held CONSTANTLY by ME! If someone else is holding him, he scans the room to make sure I'm there and then puts his arms out for me to take him. I adore him, so it's okay for now. But if he gets to 35lbs BEFORE he can crawl or walk...Pray for me, because after 35lbs, even the Moby won't be able to save me! :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My favorite Valentine - Updated Pics

I have to hand it to Coby, he's the best at suprises, keeping them a secret and just being the BEST husband EVER!!! This Valentines he really out did himself. I've been wanting these dark brown leather sofas for a while. I sort of put them in the back of my mind since we really didn't have the money and our couches were still in good shape.
This Valentines Day was actually pretty bad, because our entire little family had the flu. Jack already weighs over 21 lbs and with the achyness, he felt like he weighed 50!! Coby's mom was nice enough to come over and brave the flu bug and help us out. She over she came equipped with her trusty can of lysol. Around noon the door bell rang and I thought...maybe I was getting flowers because Cob did say he had a "little" suprise for me. And to my shock and was my couches! Suffice it to say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!! Coby is really such an amazing husband and I love him with all my heart! Lub you babe!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ode to Amay...

Me and Amy fighting in her brand new J. Crew sweater
We were polygamists for Halloween, this is Galyen the boy I loved...Amy nicknamed "Gaywad"
This is the most recent picture I have....sad!

This post is to my blogstocking, say it like it is, put the fear of God in you roomate Amy! I haven't talked to her since my other more forgiving roomate Kerstin's wedding in May of '05. Amy was one of five roomates I had when I first moved to Provo in 1996. We lived together at the Glenwood, or soon starting calling it the "glenhole". Amy started things right...she let all 5 of us know right from the beginning that she had NO problem with confrontation! My first memory of Amy was on the day we all moved in. She worked at Magelbey's and came home from work to find the front door locked. She had to use her key to open it and then the first words out of her mouth were..."Who freakin' locked the door?" as she threw her keys on the table. I'm pretty sure we were all a little nervous. Since everyone knows that the first few days everyone is on their "nice" behavior until the REAL you, the less polite you can come out. I unfortuately became known as the extremely flakey, dirty roomate. In fact, one night I decided to make some Tuna Helper. GAAARRROOOSSSSS!!!! I was disgusting. So, I thought that I'd just leave it on the stove and "somebody" would eventually clean it up for me. Well, after a couple days of my "cat" (as Amy called it) just sitting on the stove, and her telling me to take care ended up in my bed! I really don't know anyone with bigger balls than Amy! She told me that she didn't mind me using her stuff, as long as I put it back. So, one day I borrowed her Van Morrison CD and didn't put it back in it's case...we lived on the third floor and she marched all the way to the basement were I was doing my laundry to make me come back upstairs and put it away. Like I said...she liked confrontation and wasn't and I believe still isn't afraid of anyone or anything! Not even spiders or roaches crawling across her face in the middle of the night in Honduras on her mission!!! We lived outside the pool at the Glenhole and Amy would yell out the window "I'll let down my haaaair." to unsuspecting Glenholers. I'm sure you'd probably have to be there, but it still makes me laugh.
Amy wasn't all mean, she was sooo fun and had the best taste. She even taught me to pee in a sink!! I still can't pass a turtle up without checking the price to see if I should get it for Amy. She is so photogenic and has the best smile! I miss her veggie lasagna and the fact that she made fun of "casseroles" and said that they were totally a "mormon" thing. I used to love taking the much needed Sunday naps with Amy, would thought she had to sleep with me. Which secretly I liked...hey, she was really warm!
I miss her dearly, regardless of the fact that I am so flaky and haven't kept in touch AT ALL!! I'll try harder!