Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Road Trippin'

We've been out and about the last few weekends. Sometimes it's hard to have as much fun as we do, but someone has to do it. Two weeks ago we were in Steamboat Springs Colorado. My parents have a time share and we decided to try a new place. What a great setting. We hiked, biked, played in the pool, ate way too much and even had a racquetball tourney. It was a great weekend until Sunday when it snowed on us.
After Colorado and being in the car for 6 hours with two boys we swore off road trips for a while. But I forgot to tell Tiff that we were going to St. George a week later. So, we packed up and were off again. This time the whole family was together, including Marianne's fiance Lance. It was a short trip but the weather was great and we went golfing, swimming, biking, ate way too much again, played in the sand dunes and even caught up on some rest.

I did promise Tiff that we weren't going anywhere for a while so it's time to start my pre-winter projects around the house. Anyone want to go away for the weekend?