Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!
The Easter Bunny paid the Rich's a little visit today!
Here are the 3 year olds LOVING their chance to meet him.

Cole was just happy to be held and walked around on his daddy's shoulders.  He's so cute...I love that when you put him on your shoulders he'll bite your hair or lean down and try to kiss you.
Honey got him some little flip flops.
 Jaden found HIS very own egg on the Easter Egg hunt!
Easter morning!  Here the boys are finding their baskets and watching Hop in the background.  Don't you love the fake smiles!
And he's this little chunk a munk!  Honey has the BEST, most comfy swing on her back porch.  Many a Sunday afternoon were spent will all 4 of my boys.  

Happy Easter!  I love all the family things that we do to celebrate the Life of Jesus Christ.  Not exactly sure how the Easter Bunny ever came into play, but the kids sure like him!  What a great weekend it has been.  We as a Rich Family had the opportunity to go to the temple Saturday.  We did a sealing session.  Jim and Joanne were the witness couple.  Anna-Lisa nearly passed out.  The spirit was STRONG.  We felt Jack there.  How blessed Jim and Joanne must feel to have their entire little family all be married in the temple, have each of them active in the church and raising their own little families as such.  Not many families have this.  We are truly blessed!  I am so thankful for the blessings of the temple, the work there that seals families together for eternity.  The spirit I feel each time I enter the Temple doors always brings peace to my soul and reminds me of what's really important.  Family!  I am grateful for my older brother, even Jesus Christ, for laying down his life for me so that I could return home to my Father in Heaven, be sealed to Coby, Corbin, Jack, Jaden and Coleson for time and all eternity.  I love Him.  Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Goodbye House

Today was bittersweet...
We had to say goodbye to the house we've made so many memories as a family together.
We boxed everything up.
This little boy wanted to be packed too...but he was just a little too I guess we'll just have to put him in the car instead.
We cleaned EVERYTHING!  
And then we moved about 4 miles down the road.

Even though it's only 4 feels like it's super far away today.   It's not secret that I've wanted to move away from our house.  It's gotten too small.  I didn't like the quality of how it was constructed.  The backyard faced 13th West and was only nice in the summer time when the trees covered the back deck and no one could peek into our lives (Except for Camille...I will miss her honks most of all...she could peek all she wanted to).  There was NO storage at all!  There was almost no children on our street.  We were the sole members on our entire culd-a-sac (except for Larry, but he didn't count because he was a single man that was never home anyway).  The yard was horrible with lots of crab grass.  The garage was WAY too small and we scraped up our cars all the time because they were never pulled in far enough and by enough I meant usually touching the deep freezer.  And lastly, it was where the pond used to be that took my baby's life.
But because of this house we were blessed to be a part of the BEST WARD EVER!!  This ward, Our Cimmaron Ward, I have really LOVED.  I think I have found some of my greatest friends.  The thought of leaving and not coming in late to sacrament with my family makes me sad.  Not being able to scan the room for Camille's long beautiful hair, sitting next to Melissa and having funny texting conversations about the speakers that day, Liz Murdock's heavenly voice singing, Angie and Kellie to hang out with in the halls during the 2nd hour while we were supposed to be in Sunday School, Amy Zullo calling me "Sug" (pronounced Shuug)...the list could literally go on forever!  I have really loved getting to know so many people there.  I've been told that the new ward we are moving to is absolutely INCREDIBLE...but I don't think they could ever come close to the bond Coby and I formed as a direct result of losing our sweet blue eyed baby boy.  This ward rallied together and show us such Christ-like love that we've never felt before.  And it didn't just last a few months during the worst time of our lasted for years.  I believe that there are certain people in this ward that have left such a deep imprint on my heart that it will never be the same again.  My dearest friends there never missed a chance to let me know that they still thought about my sweet Jack.  They still continue to go that extra mile on certain milestone and sometimes...just because they were thinking of us.  I love them and don't know how this new chapter of our lives will unfold.  All I know is that the new ward has some mighty big shoes to fill.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cleaning Party

Packing up our home has been SO hard.  I pack a box...I cry.  If only we could pack up our friends with us and take them along to the new house.  I have LOVED spending time with them.  Coby and I really lucked out when we moved to this house and I was blessed to find these lovely gals!  
Amy and Cam came over tonight and helped me pack and clean.  I tried telling them NO...but they wouldn't take NO for an answer and came anyway.
They came prepared with scrub brushes of sorts, cleaner and treats of course!!
Look at them work!!!
My door was pretty dirty!!!

I just love these girls!  The thought of leaving makes me cry every single time.  I keep telling myself that I'm only moving a few miles away and that I will still see them all the time.  I tell Camille that our new ward can just be our "ward" because we already found our FRIENDS!  But I hate that I won't be able to just pop over to their house just because, or hear Cute Camille's horn as she passes my house each time.  These girls served us so selflessly after Jack died.  They never stopped coming around.  They never stopped thinking or asking how we were.  They just buried themselves deep into my heart through their COUNTLESS and I mean COUNTLESS acts of service. They say that our mansions in heaven are built based on service to others...if that's true, these girls have ENORMOUS mansions!  They will never know just how much they have done.  I absolutely LOVE them!  I feel so blessed and honestly don't know what I could have done to deserve them in my life!  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Boys Night Out

Coby decided to include his little partner in crime for a guys night out.
They got a groupon and went to Ogden to surf the flowrider.  Coby said Corb handled himself like a little pro!
Here's a shot of Coby....
....always making it look easy!
And here's the little monkey....I've always suspected he was part I have the proof!
Here are all they guys in white winter glory!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Our 1st and LAST Garage Sale

It's official....we're moving.  I can hardly believe it, it happened so fast!
So, we thought we'd plan a garage sale.  We didn't have much but enough that we didn't want to just donate it and nice enough not to just throw it in the trash.
So, there it is!  My mom and I worked hard to get it all organized through out the week.  We even cleaned the garage.  I'm not sure that it had ever been cleaned...even remotely in the whole 6 years we have lived here.  It was gross!  And I have discovered that although I consider myself a clean person...until I cleaned the garage...I know now otherwise!  Later the night before the garage sale we priced everything.  I thought we did a pretty fair job, until the yard salers arrived.  HELLO hagel mania!!  If something was 50 cents....I was asked how low I was willing go?  WHAT....seriously's not even a DOLLAR!  

So, was the yard sale a success?  Sort of...we made a little money, got rid of a few things and got the experience of having a yard sale.  Will we do it again....NO!  Unless we aren't the ones planning it!!  :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Poker Night with the Riches

Tonight we had a little adult poker night at Jim and Joanne's house.
With the table set up, the chips divided and the Moby wrap in place...we were ready to play some poker!!
Ben even came dressed for the part!  Love the yellow sweat band!!
We played 21.
Jim had fun trying to tell Joanne which cards to play...and it looks like she may have added their cards together!!!
Anna's thinking...."should I....OK.... HIT ME!!"
Marse and Lance looking pretty as usual!
Cole had fun just hanging out in the Moby, learning how to cheat from his momma...I mean how to PLAY from his momma!
But I think he really found himself in the whipped cream from the pie Joanne cooked!  YUMMO!

We sure do love our Rich Family!  There is always laughter!  A thing we could definitely use these days.  And one thing is for sure....they KNOW how to throw a party!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dinasaur Museum

Lanae is always such a sweetie and invites us to fieldtrips at her kids' preschool.  Today we went to the Dinosaur Museum in Lehi.  He had a quick bite to eat with Coby since he's so close and then it was on to look at some old bones.  (WHICH in my opinion is a little hard to believe...I know there are bones proving they existed...but come on 12 trillion years ago...give me a break!)
Usually Jaden just runs through not noticing much...but this trip he really got into it.  Here he is having his very own little dinosaur puppet show.
"....what LONG fingers you have...."

And so they began climbing on everything....even things I think they weren't supposed to!
All this climbing made him want to take a little nap.
But then he saw THIS and woke up!!
Ahhhhhhhhhh! I would NOT want to come face to face with this toothy fella!
Jaden was having fun playing in the hands on exhibit where he got to play in wet sand and water and design his very own little dinosaur habit.
They got pretty messy, so to the sink Jadesy and Cayden went to get cleaned up.
Colie Pokie was a trooper and just hung out in the Moby on my chest.
And when he finally woke up...he opened his eyes to this pretty girl!!  LUCKY!
By the end of the visit, Jaden started getting a little grumpy.  But Aunt Lanae was ready and prepared with a granola bar....and the drama ceased...for a while anyway!
OH, I just love that girl!  We had a ball and I'm so excited that we are living the dream we thought up all those years ago!! :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Funny Things they say

Yesterday we were at Honey and Poppy's house.  Coby was getting ready to tuck Jim into bed.  Joanne was getting Jim's pain meds ready.  Jaden was watching her mixing up the pain meds with applesauce.  And asked for some.  Here's the conversation:

Jaden:  Honey, what's that, that you are putting in that stuff (applesauce).
Honey:  Oh, this is just some medicine for Poppy.
Jaden:  Can I have some?
Honey:  But you aren't sick!
Jaden:  (throwing his arms DRAMATICALLY in the air) YES, I AM!!  I sneeze EVERY SINGLE DAY!"

We both looked at each other and got a good chuckle out of that one!

While driving in the car and talking to Jaden he said to me. "I'm HILARIOUS, I know!"

Today while watching the movie Annie, Corbin says to me:

Corb:  Mom, do you like the clothes that you wear now, or do you miss wearing those clothes? (Those clothes referring to the clothes that Annie was the orphanage...during the GREAT DEPRESSION!!!
Mom:  Corb, do you think I wore those clothes when I was little?
Corb:  Well, ya...didn't you?!

Hmmm....I always thought my parents were old when I was a little girl....I guess it was passed on to Corb!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the 20's.  It's probably my favorite time era...but when I picture it, I picture flappers and fun jazz music!  When Corb pictures it he sees me like an orphan in Annie!  :)