Sunday, March 10, 2013

Funny Things they say

Yesterday we were at Honey and Poppy's house.  Coby was getting ready to tuck Jim into bed.  Joanne was getting Jim's pain meds ready.  Jaden was watching her mixing up the pain meds with applesauce.  And asked for some.  Here's the conversation:

Jaden:  Honey, what's that, that you are putting in that stuff (applesauce).
Honey:  Oh, this is just some medicine for Poppy.
Jaden:  Can I have some?
Honey:  But you aren't sick!
Jaden:  (throwing his arms DRAMATICALLY in the air) YES, I AM!!  I sneeze EVERY SINGLE DAY!"

We both looked at each other and got a good chuckle out of that one!

While driving in the car and talking to Jaden he said to me. "I'm HILARIOUS, I know!"

Today while watching the movie Annie, Corbin says to me:

Corb:  Mom, do you like the clothes that you wear now, or do you miss wearing those clothes? (Those clothes referring to the clothes that Annie was the orphanage...during the GREAT DEPRESSION!!!
Mom:  Corb, do you think I wore those clothes when I was little?
Corb:  Well, ya...didn't you?!

Hmmm....I always thought my parents were old when I was a little girl....I guess it was passed on to Corb!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the 20's.  It's probably my favorite time era...but when I picture it, I picture flappers and fun jazz music!  When Corb pictures it he sees me like an orphan in Annie!  :)

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