Thursday, March 28, 2013

Goodbye House

Today was bittersweet...
We had to say goodbye to the house we've made so many memories as a family together.
We boxed everything up.
This little boy wanted to be packed too...but he was just a little too I guess we'll just have to put him in the car instead.
We cleaned EVERYTHING!  
And then we moved about 4 miles down the road.

Even though it's only 4 feels like it's super far away today.   It's not secret that I've wanted to move away from our house.  It's gotten too small.  I didn't like the quality of how it was constructed.  The backyard faced 13th West and was only nice in the summer time when the trees covered the back deck and no one could peek into our lives (Except for Camille...I will miss her honks most of all...she could peek all she wanted to).  There was NO storage at all!  There was almost no children on our street.  We were the sole members on our entire culd-a-sac (except for Larry, but he didn't count because he was a single man that was never home anyway).  The yard was horrible with lots of crab grass.  The garage was WAY too small and we scraped up our cars all the time because they were never pulled in far enough and by enough I meant usually touching the deep freezer.  And lastly, it was where the pond used to be that took my baby's life.
But because of this house we were blessed to be a part of the BEST WARD EVER!!  This ward, Our Cimmaron Ward, I have really LOVED.  I think I have found some of my greatest friends.  The thought of leaving and not coming in late to sacrament with my family makes me sad.  Not being able to scan the room for Camille's long beautiful hair, sitting next to Melissa and having funny texting conversations about the speakers that day, Liz Murdock's heavenly voice singing, Angie and Kellie to hang out with in the halls during the 2nd hour while we were supposed to be in Sunday School, Amy Zullo calling me "Sug" (pronounced Shuug)...the list could literally go on forever!  I have really loved getting to know so many people there.  I've been told that the new ward we are moving to is absolutely INCREDIBLE...but I don't think they could ever come close to the bond Coby and I formed as a direct result of losing our sweet blue eyed baby boy.  This ward rallied together and show us such Christ-like love that we've never felt before.  And it didn't just last a few months during the worst time of our lasted for years.  I believe that there are certain people in this ward that have left such a deep imprint on my heart that it will never be the same again.  My dearest friends there never missed a chance to let me know that they still thought about my sweet Jack.  They still continue to go that extra mile on certain milestone and sometimes...just because they were thinking of us.  I love them and don't know how this new chapter of our lives will unfold.  All I know is that the new ward has some mighty big shoes to fill.

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