Saturday, March 16, 2013

Our 1st and LAST Garage Sale

It's official....we're moving.  I can hardly believe it, it happened so fast!
So, we thought we'd plan a garage sale.  We didn't have much but enough that we didn't want to just donate it and nice enough not to just throw it in the trash.
So, there it is!  My mom and I worked hard to get it all organized through out the week.  We even cleaned the garage.  I'm not sure that it had ever been cleaned...even remotely in the whole 6 years we have lived here.  It was gross!  And I have discovered that although I consider myself a clean person...until I cleaned the garage...I know now otherwise!  Later the night before the garage sale we priced everything.  I thought we did a pretty fair job, until the yard salers arrived.  HELLO hagel mania!!  If something was 50 cents....I was asked how low I was willing go?  WHAT....seriously's not even a DOLLAR!  

So, was the yard sale a success?  Sort of...we made a little money, got rid of a few things and got the experience of having a yard sale.  Will we do it again....NO!  Unless we aren't the ones planning it!!  :)

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