Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dinner with Britt

Here is a shot of me and my CUTE friend Britt at the Red Iguana (the BEST MEXICAN in Utah)

She had a long layover on her way back to Mesa and was able to grace me with her sweet presence.  I LOVE this girl.  I DON'T LOVE the circumstances that we met under.  We both lost our sweet little boys the same year.  Our boys are only days apart and we always joke that they are a couple of jokesters / mission companions up there and worked their magic in helping us find each other.  I LOVE this girl and wish with all my heart that she wasn't so far away.  Every time I drink a diet coke...I drink it for BOTH of us and toast it to our little boys.  She was a stranger that called me only days after Jack passed away suddenly and gave me hope.  I was sooo lost at the beginning and didn't know which way was up.  I couldn't breathe and this beautiful stranger found me, called me and gave me a little bit of hope.  She helped me breathe just a little better that day.  She helped to show me that being positive was a better direction to follow and helped me understand that the Lord would never desert us.  I love this girl!  

Sunday, December 26, 2010

When Ambie comes to town

What's wrong with this picture??!!



It's always a treat when Aunt Ambie comes in for a little visit.  This time it went by WAY too quick.  Corb asked about her for about 2 weeks before she got here.  Every single night Corb would say..."Hey dad...when is Aunt Ambie coming again...?  Is it today or tomorrow of 3 days away?!! I just can hardly wait!"  Then when she was here he told her, "Ambie...if you move here you can live in my room and it would make my whole world"!! I did not exaggerate or make any of that last part up....And Amber can vouge for it because he said it SEVERAL times!

I love the above pictures of the diapers.  Cob and I had a wedding dinner the night before so Aunt Ambie was kind enough to watch the boys.  She even put Jades to bed.  The next morning when I got Jadesy up and dressed...I noticed that something didn't look quite right!  That was because he diaper was on BACKWARDS!  So funny!  Leave it to Ambie to figure out how to put a diaper on backwards!  ;)  LOVE this girl!!  Seriously...COME LIVE WITH ME!!!!

This picture is funny and here's why.  I made this Chicken and tomato dinner with pasta.  Cob was saying that he didn't get very much chicken on his pate.  So Amber being the little funny girl she is, took her fork and flicked a piece of chicken onto Cobe's plate....only it landed directly ON HIS FORK!  It was funny...okay it doesn't sound that funny right now...but if you were there you would have thought it was HILARIOUS!  :) 

But this picture of Ambie and Jadesy if probably my most favorite!  Such a sweet shot of her holding Jaden and they were both eating up every single second.  
I love this girl!  I am so proud of her graduating from MSU.  Wish she lived closer for my own selfish needs as well as for my boys.  They love her you know!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas with the Burton's

Oh the Joys of Christmas with my family!  Corbin is ALWAYS eager to "help" unwrap everyone's presents.

I'm not sure who was loving this more...Ambie or Jadesy!

I think they both were just in Heaven with each other!

I can't believe that this was the ONLY pictures we were able to grab while spending Christmas afternoon with my family.  We must have been too caught up in the excitement to take any.  This year we were blessed to have our whole family together.  Which in my opinion is the BEST gift of all.  We haven't always been able to afford an enormous Christmas, but the gifts given are always amazing!  I got a SWEET kitchen aid hand mixer and my dad wrote me the most beautiful letter.  I can't decide which one I loved more.  The boys got TOO many things to count and Cob got a cool football Jersey.  We gave my parents a picture of the Manti one of those antiqued ones they sell in Costco...only I MADE it!  I think it came out pretty cute.

Then we put Jadesy down for a nap, watched a movie and...may have caught a little shut eye ourselves.  We made dinner, played games and spent a little more time together.  I was so fun to be together.  This is my favorite part of Christmas....the lounging, eating and hanging with your family.  We missed our little Jack...but I'm sure he was there in some form.  Next year we'll have one more person to add to the mix and I can't wait!....Post coming soon!  :)

Christmas Brunch with the Rich's

The whole gang in their Christmas Jams

Corb was ECSTATIC over his Star Wars Lap Top game!  Every time we were in Costco he HAD to "just look" at it.  Honey must have been watching!

One GRATEFUL little monkey hugging his Honey

And he couldn't forget Poppy!

Jades didn't quite know what to think about his Dolphin Pillow Pet...but it sure is soft and cuddly!

Such a cute shot of Honey, Jades and Livvy Loo

I think he found more CHOCOLATE!!!

The Aftermath!

Honey and Poppy put so much time and effort into making sure that everyone gets a GREAT Christmas.  They try so hard to be fair and make everyone's Christmas magical!  They always do such a GREAT job.  The boys were LOVING every second of it I assure you.We are so thankful for them and LOVE being able to live so close and able to share in so many wonderful Holidays.  Thanks for making our Christmas so special.  We love you guys! 

Christmas Morning

BEFORE all the chaos!

They make Pillow pets in the North Pole??....interesting!

Jades was only interested in one thing....CHOCOLATE...a child after my own heart!

Ahhh!  THANK you Santa baby!

Who likes chocolate??!!  Raise your hand!

Or...take a nap instead!

Is that a sucker in your hand...YES!!  Seriously, we could have given this candy and he'd be just as excited as Corbin!

Jades:  "How does Corbin work this thing anyway?...."

Where's my diet coke?? coke's not allowed at 7:43 am??

More games for the DiDj (leapster)...hey it's educational right??!!

Jadesy loved anything sweet and anything that played music

Love this shot of my boys!

"Give me that sugar daddy.....!!" was over!
This Christmas we may have given Santa our life savings!  :)  Corbin made out like a bandit...and I guess Coby and I did too...if truth be told!  I think I'll have to find a job!  :)  Anyone want to hire a spoiled blogger who aspires to be the Julie of "Julie and Julia"?  I can cook you a dinner??!!  :)  Christmas morning is always so fun.  I wonder who is more excited, Cob and I or the boys.  It's sooooo great to watch their faces beaming with excitement as they open each present.  This year Santa brought Corbin a Didj leapster gaming system with a few games.  Actually, he got sooo much this year.  He must have been good....or something!!  :)  I think the "or something" is mostly right!  Actually he was a pretty good boy most of the year.  Jaden was beaming when we found his stocking loaded with candy. year we're just going to have Santa stock up on Chocolate instead of presents!  And there any way you could find chocolate that doesn't stain??!!  That'ad be GREAT!  I gave Cob all the necessities for skiing including hand and toe warmers to go along with his ski passes to Snobird.  Cob gave me a SWEET set of new pots and pans, makeup and boots!  I am in HEAVEN!  I love all the thought that went into Christmas this year!

Thanks baby for making our Christmas so magical.  Wish more than anything that a chubby little lamb was there too.  I'm sure he was...but wearing his invisibility cloak...(wow do we need to stop watching Harry Potter or what??!!).  I miss him.  Wish he could have played a more active part this morning in all the festivities.  Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Burton Family Pics / Christmas Eve

Here's the all the Burton the moment!  **(There may be ONE MORE added soon - NO, NOT BY ME...but Sommer...and I mean an eternal companion)**

And of course...Jack HAD to be in part of the action too!

We're a crazy bunch!

Like I said before....a CRAZY bunch!

Definitely daddy's little girls!

Or is it mommy's little girls??!!

Ya we're hot...JEALOUS?!!

I love this shot of my parents...they are laughing and not pretend smiling!  :)  A trait that I am sure I inherited from BOTH of them!  :)

Here's another little family picture...Jack INCLUDED!

My boys sure do have some great aunts!  Ambie couldn't get enough of them this visit and they definitely couldn't get enough of her! 

"Just a little smoochie smoochie...kissy wissy..."

She's gorgeous, what can I say...she looks just like me!!  Haahaaaaa!  Just kidding...maybe it's because she doesn't look like me that she's so pretty!

This Christmas Eve we spent with my family.  Since we hadn't taken pictures in such a long time and it was way too cold and dark, Coby finagled the camera and set up a little studio in the basement.  I think he did a pretty good job!  We took a bunch of shots...obviously (I didn't even put them all on here...)  But we sure had fun taking them.  Then we went upstairs and made personal pizzas.  It was fun!  I love my family and it was such a treat to have everyone there.  I love being with them.  I feel so blessed!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas "Adam" with the Rich's

All the mommys with their angels.  Don't you just love those wings!!!  Jaden was loving his a little too much!  I think he's trying to naw them off!  :)

The Nativity "Cast"

Me, Marse and Little Livvy loo!

Ever hear of Christmas Adam?  Apparently it's a real thing and not just something the Rich's made up!  Christmas Adam is the Day BEFORE Christmas Eve.  Because Adam did infact come before Eve!  :)  It's only logical that if you celebrate Christmas Eve...why NOT Christmas Adam?!!  :)  Joanne in all her creativity managed to find time to write out a Nativity Script for us all.  The babies were little angels and their wings were so darling!!  Joseph was Corbin, Sammie was Mary and Mason was a Shepard.  It was well written and VERY well performed I must say!  :)  But the Angels STOLE THE SHOW!!  Then we had a HUGE dinner, ate too much and exchanged sibling presents.  It was so fun!  I love his Rich family of mine!

Friday, December 17, 2010

A movie with my Little and my little sister

Ambie is here!!!! YAAAAAAY!  She got here on Tuesday and Corb has literally been counting down the days!  For the past 3 nights before she flew in, Corb would say..."Only 2 days or 1 until Ambie comes?"  It was really cute!

Lanae and I kept up with our little play date this week depite all the craziness.  When we got there Lanae's voice was SHOT!  It was super cute.  (I secretly like when my voice goes out...I call it my "sexy" voice...whatever that means!!  :)  )  I wonder if her voice left with Jared on his trip to Africa for the next 10 days and the fact that my Little was flying solo with all three boys!  :)  I digress....we decided to brave it since the boys were out of school and take them to a  movie.  We went to see the Guardians (the owl movie)....Good thing it was a dollar movie because I couldn't seem to get into it...and I think we were about an hour late!!  :)  So Lanae and I mostly spent our time chasing down our littlest monkeys outside in the lobby.  Which was just fine with me!  Sometimes I think we have play dates just so that WE can have a PLAYDATE with each other!  :)  This is the only shot we got, but Lanae is GREAT about always making sure to capture the event with a quick snap of her trusty camera.  I have to admit is was GREAT having Amber there.  Actually great doesn't do it was AWESOME having her there! She is always so quick to see a need to help and step up and just do it.  I wish more than anything that she lived here.  Maybe someday!  I'm crossing my fingers and so is Corbi-mac!  :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Whit


Happy Birthday you cute cute girl!  I love this girl!  We have a ball and I'm so happy that I have the chance to call her my sister!  :)  Love ya girl!  Hope you have a GREAT birthday! 
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