Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

BEFORE all the chaos!

They make Pillow pets in the North Pole??....interesting!

Jades was only interested in one thing....CHOCOLATE...a child after my own heart!

Ahhh!  THANK you Santa baby!

Who likes chocolate??!!  Raise your hand!

Or...take a nap instead!

Is that a sucker in your hand...YES!!  Seriously, we could have given this candy and he'd be just as excited as Corbin!

Jades:  "How does Corbin work this thing anyway?...."

Where's my diet coke?? coke's not allowed at 7:43 am??

More games for the DiDj (leapster)...hey it's educational right??!!

Jadesy loved anything sweet and anything that played music

Love this shot of my boys!

"Give me that sugar daddy.....!!" was over!
This Christmas we may have given Santa our life savings!  :)  Corbin made out like a bandit...and I guess Coby and I did too...if truth be told!  I think I'll have to find a job!  :)  Anyone want to hire a spoiled blogger who aspires to be the Julie of "Julie and Julia"?  I can cook you a dinner??!!  :)  Christmas morning is always so fun.  I wonder who is more excited, Cob and I or the boys.  It's sooooo great to watch their faces beaming with excitement as they open each present.  This year Santa brought Corbin a Didj leapster gaming system with a few games.  Actually, he got sooo much this year.  He must have been good....or something!!  :)  I think the "or something" is mostly right!  Actually he was a pretty good boy most of the year.  Jaden was beaming when we found his stocking loaded with candy. year we're just going to have Santa stock up on Chocolate instead of presents!  And there any way you could find chocolate that doesn't stain??!!  That'ad be GREAT!  I gave Cob all the necessities for skiing including hand and toe warmers to go along with his ski passes to Snobird.  Cob gave me a SWEET set of new pots and pans, makeup and boots!  I am in HEAVEN!  I love all the thought that went into Christmas this year!

Thanks baby for making our Christmas so magical.  Wish more than anything that a chubby little lamb was there too.  I'm sure he was...but wearing his invisibility cloak...(wow do we need to stop watching Harry Potter or what??!!).  I miss him.  Wish he could have played a more active part this morning in all the festivities.  Merry Christmas!

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