Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Brunch with the Rich's

The whole gang in their Christmas Jams

Corb was ECSTATIC over his Star Wars Lap Top game!  Every time we were in Costco he HAD to "just look" at it.  Honey must have been watching!

One GRATEFUL little monkey hugging his Honey

And he couldn't forget Poppy!

Jades didn't quite know what to think about his Dolphin Pillow Pet...but it sure is soft and cuddly!

Such a cute shot of Honey, Jades and Livvy Loo

I think he found more CHOCOLATE!!!

The Aftermath!

Honey and Poppy put so much time and effort into making sure that everyone gets a GREAT Christmas.  They try so hard to be fair and make everyone's Christmas magical!  They always do such a GREAT job.  The boys were LOVING every second of it I assure you.We are so thankful for them and LOVE being able to live so close and able to share in so many wonderful Holidays.  Thanks for making our Christmas so special.  We love you guys! 

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