Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas "Adam" with the Rich's

All the mommys with their angels.  Don't you just love those wings!!!  Jaden was loving his a little too much!  I think he's trying to naw them off!  :)

The Nativity "Cast"

Me, Marse and Little Livvy loo!

Ever hear of Christmas Adam?  Apparently it's a real thing and not just something the Rich's made up!  Christmas Adam is the Day BEFORE Christmas Eve.  Because Adam did infact come before Eve!  :)  It's only logical that if you celebrate Christmas Eve...why NOT Christmas Adam?!!  :)  Joanne in all her creativity managed to find time to write out a Nativity Script for us all.  The babies were little angels and their wings were so darling!!  Joseph was Corbin, Sammie was Mary and Mason was a Shepard.  It was well written and VERY well performed I must say!  :)  But the Angels STOLE THE SHOW!!  Then we had a HUGE dinner, ate too much and exchanged sibling presents.  It was so fun!  I love his Rich family of mine!

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