Friday, December 24, 2010

Burton Family Pics / Christmas Eve

Here's the all the Burton the moment!  **(There may be ONE MORE added soon - NO, NOT BY ME...but Sommer...and I mean an eternal companion)**

And of course...Jack HAD to be in part of the action too!

We're a crazy bunch!

Like I said before....a CRAZY bunch!

Definitely daddy's little girls!

Or is it mommy's little girls??!!

Ya we're hot...JEALOUS?!!

I love this shot of my parents...they are laughing and not pretend smiling!  :)  A trait that I am sure I inherited from BOTH of them!  :)

Here's another little family picture...Jack INCLUDED!

My boys sure do have some great aunts!  Ambie couldn't get enough of them this visit and they definitely couldn't get enough of her! 

"Just a little smoochie smoochie...kissy wissy..."

She's gorgeous, what can I say...she looks just like me!!  Haahaaaaa!  Just kidding...maybe it's because she doesn't look like me that she's so pretty!

This Christmas Eve we spent with my family.  Since we hadn't taken pictures in such a long time and it was way too cold and dark, Coby finagled the camera and set up a little studio in the basement.  I think he did a pretty good job!  We took a bunch of shots...obviously (I didn't even put them all on here...)  But we sure had fun taking them.  Then we went upstairs and made personal pizzas.  It was fun!  I love my family and it was such a treat to have everyone there.  I love being with them.  I feel so blessed!

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