Monday, May 28, 2012

Giving ALS the BIRD!

In November of 2011, Our cute Poppy starting having muscle spasms throughout his body.  He received many blessings and as of March, was officially diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease.  It's been a rough couple of months to say the least.  We've watched our Poppy go from being a very active man to requiring quite a bit more help.  Help that is always happily given and also accepted.  He has never once complained and verbally spoken the words, "Why me?"  He just keeps swimming if you will.  He's so inspirational and a light to everyone he comes in contact with.
He is choosing to remain positive and to keep his contagious and fun personality going you can see from above.
While we were in San Diego, darling friends or family...we don't really know, took it upon themselves to give Jim and Joanne a proper homecoming!  This is what they found in their front yard.
 Flamingos EVERYWHERE!!
The whole front and back of the house will FILLED with birds! 
Birds, birds and more birds!!!

A few even had signs saying "Let's give ALS the BIRD"!  So YES, let's!  We don't feel that this is the end, and are very hopeful that treatments received will help our sweet Poppy!  We need him HERE and will do everything in our power to do so!  We love you Honey and Poppy and will be there for you both every single step of the way.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Southern Cali Trip 2012 with the Rich's

Every couple years Jim and Joanne take the family on a little vacation with the kids.  This year we headed south to San Diego for a week of FUN in the sun!
ROAD TRIP....Livvy was definitely entertained with her stickers...for a least a part of the 12 hour drive!
We wasted NO time finding the pool.
Livvy and her daddy
Corb, Sammi and Mason were like 3 peas in a pod.  There were CONSTANTLY attached at the hip!
There's my Happy Monster!!
Sammi was being adventurous with a big leap into the pool
Even little Chance was able to enjoy the refreshing water
LuLu and Jadesy were such GREAT little buddies for entire trip.  They stayed busy....oh did they stay busy!!
Since Jadesy is definitely MY child, we hung out in the hot tub...a lot!
The resort had a fun splash pad
They kids LOVED it!
There was even a water slide.  Jadesy was TICKED that he didn't meet the height requirement and couldn't go down.  LAME!
Corb went again and again and....
Here's Sammi showing off her mad slide skills 
And after a long day of swimming.....Jadesy was spent
OH so spent!  Time for a nap!
The next day we headed to Sea World
 Cobe and Corb were so excited to ride an actual FUN UP they went with Ben, Mason and a little hesitant Sammi
 And DOWN then came....LOVE the look on everyone's faces...especially Sammi's
Everyone looks so happy...except for our little Sammi...poor girl!  She had NO idea what to expect! 
IT WAS AWESOME!!!  Jaden was loving the Elmo ride (similar to the Dumbo ride)
He wanted to ride over and over...
While we were riding Elmo, Coby and Corb found the teacups
I think Cobe's about to lose his lunch....YIKES!
Poppy and Lu found a sweet tank filled with sharks and sting rays.
Lu was mesmerized!
So was Sammi as she told Honey all about something INTERESTING I'm sure!
Then we went to see the Shamoo Show.  It was pretty awesome!  These whales are amazing!

I couldn't believe how far out of the water they could jump!  

Later we went to see the Dolphin show.  I LOVED it!  I blew the Shamoo show OUT of the water...literally!
There's a shot of me and my Corb as we watched in awe.
Even Livvy's attention was grabbed...
I love this shot of Livvy and Poppy!  Very tender.
There were seals...which were pretty amusing and funny!
Jaden was in HEAVEN!
We finished the day off by heading to the Beach.

Corbin wasted NO time diving on in...
...and Jaden was NEVER too far behind him!
Those waves were rough....look at his broken shovel!  What the....
But the waves were NOT enough to keep this little fish out of the water
He LOVED it....
Every. Single. Second of it!
Here's our cute Poppy....He noticed these seagulls coming closer and closer to our blanket of snacks....
So, he ran after them and chased them away.  It was SO funny!  Those birds must have been scared silly...I'd say they may have pooed their pants...but you get the general idea!
Coby is always throwing the boys in the air, and they love it!  They always have!
Here's miss Sammi Sue burying her feet in the sand.
LOVE this shot of Lance and Livvy.  Lance unfortunately lost his wedding ring a few minutes later!  I bet he was wishing he was on the FREQUENT "I lost my wedding ring AGAIN" plan like Coby!  I think Coby's on his 5th wedding ring since we've been married!  Wowza!
Mason found a shell and was pretty excited about his find.
Cute family picture of Livvy, Marse and Lance
OH how I love those boys of mine....I bet Jack was jealous!
Poppy and LuLu chilling on the beach after a little ocean swim.
Here's our family...notice I'm not in a suit....that water IS WAY TOO cold for me!  
Here's my chilly little bubba asking me to "hold YOU mommy..." Nothing like a cold wet baby to really warm you up!
But the boys and Coby LOVED their swim!
Bobby, Duncan and Sara were able to come out for a few days and we were totally excited!
I'm glad they got in a little beach day for their little family.
Looks like Duncan was loving it!
Honey and Poppy were so cute, they had tee shirts for Disneyland made and let the kids color their own.

They loved them and had to do the Ring around the Rosies dance while wearing their new shirts to show Honey and Poppy how excited they were!
The next day we headed to Disneyland.  Here we are standing in front of Jack's little stone just outside the gates of Disneyland.
Honey, Jadesy and Corb met Sully...
And then as a family
Here's the Welch's, Corb and Mason on a Bug ride.
Here's Jadesy and I in our own hotair balloon.
Daddy and Jadesy on the Bugs Bumper Cars
Corb got them!!
Next was the Soarin' over California favorite!  Corb and the older kids were so lucky because they got to ride twice due to the rider switch passes.  LUCKY ducks!  I can't wait til Jadesy is tall enough, he is going to LOVE this ride!
But don't worry, he didn't miss out too much....
They headed over the to the Big Brother Bear Wilderness park
Here's a shot of Cob, Corb, Ben and Mason in the Tower of Terror
Then we headed to Midway Mania and got to have a 3D shooting ride.  I was so excited to go with Corb...even though he totally kicked my trash!
Jadesy and Mason watching the big "ship" pass by!

Next we hopped on the Pirates Ride.  Jadesy was saying"Arrrrrr"
He looks thrilled doesn't he...probably because we told him he COULDN'T have that ridiculously EXPENSIVE pirates hat!
The carousel has always been a hit with this little nugget and just my speed...for the moment***more to follow on that note on another post perhaps***
Next we hopped onto the Jungle Cruise.  I remember the first time I rode it.  I was nine and the crocodiles were crazy interesting!  I always love the little dialonge given by the guides!  SO whitty!
Even Livvy was loving it!
I think Corb was sick of taking pictures at this point...but not Coby and Jadesy, they are all TEETH!                        
Then the delirium started to set in

Then came the much needed NAPS
These girls were tuckered out!
The next day was kind of chilly and looked like rain.  We stayed in a had a little craft day.
We painted ceramics....I can't tell you how much I LOVE how Jaden sticks his tongue out every single time he concentrates...which is pretty often!
And there it is...
Corb painted a snake

Liv painted the table...

After painting...the kids found other things to do like sit in the arcade and pretend to play the games.

Liv was an EXCELLENT driver!
Dunkin was a fabulous shooter
The boys and Poppy played pool
Then we rented fishing poles and took the kids fishing

Everyone caught a fish and then we released it back into the pond.

After we washed our hands...we went back to Honey and Poppy's and decorated cookies
Here's Liv enjoying the fruits of her labors
Honey and Poppy brought these AWESOME and LARGE bubble wands. 
The boys had contests seeing who could make the biggest bubble.  And then the kids chase them down and pop them.
Corb and Jadesy learned to play a little golf with Coby.
"Go to your home ball....are you too good for your home?!!"  Name the movie...(Happy Gilmore)

We all had so much fun!  Thank you Honey and Poppy for taking the time to take us all on such a fabulous trip.  Everyone had a ball and we can't wait for the next adventure.  LOVE you!