Saturday, May 12, 2012

Goldilocks Bike Race

This year it was my goal to sign up for 4 big races.  The Goldilocks Bike Ride was one of them.  I'm not exactly a bike rider....but I wanted to do it anyway.  It just sounded so fun!  And so, I convinced Lanae to do it with me. 
I had a little hiccup a day before the race.  My registration hadn't actually gone through as I had originally thought.  But not to worry, Lanae in all her "creativity" saved the day and worked out a way for me to still ride!  She found out that a bunch of her friends were already signed up and so we made it a girls' ride.  I wished I would have had a road bike.  Originally, we had signed up for the 40 miler...but after about 15 miles in...on a MOUNTAIN bike....I gave Lanae the old "PLEASE don't make me eyes" and because she's awesome like that...she gave me a little wink and we veered away from the group and finished the ride together!  
Here we are reaping our REWARDS for our hard days work....It was DELICIOUS!  I've NEVER seen such an amazing spread of deliciousness at the end of a race before.  This race was awesome.  The weather was spectacular, the company was even better and we got necklaces at the end!  Pretty sweet!  The only drawback was missing my little CorbiMac's last soccer game.  Wished I could have been there.  Luckily, he's pretty forgiving and so the day ended on a good note.  

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