Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick-or-Treating at Honey and Poppy's

After Trick-or-Treating in our neighborhood, we always head to Honey and Poppy's house for more.  They do their annual cider and donut station in lieu of candy.  ALWAYS a hit!!
Here are some of the wacky adult costumes.  Whitney is a fairy, Ben'm not sure what Ben is here (Last night he made a "cereal killer" costume out of cereal boxes), I'm a cowgirl, Coby is Indiana Jones' dad, Marse and Lance are nerds.  I have to hand it to the Riches...they are creative and always original!!
Here are the kidlings:  Corb is Indiana, Mason is Batman, Luella is a Kitty, Jadesy is a chicken, Livvy is a Pumpkin, Sammi is a fairy and little Chance is a frog.  Amelia isn't in this picture, but she was a cute little tiger.
For some reason I can't seem to get enough family pictures!! 
Here are my boys...most of them anyway!  If you squint really really might just be able to see a little blue-eyed angel on Coby's left.
Here's a shot of Jaden, Sammi and Corb after trick-or-treating in Honey and Poppy's neighborhood.  It's always such a treat to live so close to family! 

Trick-or-Treating with the fam

Happy Halloween!!!  We're all here...A cowgirl and her chicken, Indiana Jones and his dad and one cute little blue eyed angel in the background!
Ya...we're posers!!
Indiana Jones...don't you LOVE the scruff!
I love this little chicken!
One last family picture in front of the house
And then they were OFF...
In the words of Jaden:  "Kikoo Teat."
Jaden definitely GOT the concept of getting as much candy as possible.  Only, he had a slight problem with getting a little distracted at the door.  He'd just LINGER at the door after he was given candy.  Poor Corb, was anxious to get a wiggle on so he could get even MORE candy this year than last! But he was a trooper and such a GOOD big brother.  He never complained...just patiently waited.  I, on the other hand, would usually have to pick Jades up so we could hit the next house!
Every year there is one house in the neighborhood that goes ALL OUT...and I mean ALL out for Halloween.  We call it the "scaaaaarrrry" house.  Corb has LOVED it for years.  When he was 3 years old, he used to make me drive by it just so he could look at it.  His face would instantly get this look of sheer terror.  His eyes would be as big as saucers.  As soon as we passed it, he shout, "AGAIN!!"  Jaden is NO exception.  Like his brother, he loves it too!
Jaden wasn't phased in the slightest as we approached the house...not even when the CREEPY, bloody skeleton handed him candy.  Jaden just kept looking at it like he could tell that the skeleton didn't look quite right.  I tell ya, this kid is FEARLESS!

It was fun to go out this Halloween.  The weather was crisp, but not cold.  It's nice to be able to trick-or-treat in such a good neighborhood.  But even in the midst of all the fun and excitement, I couldn't help but be reminded that I didn't have a 4 year old little dragon collecting candy with his brothers.  I try to not let myself think about what's NOT there, but sometimes I can't help it.  I miss him.  There is NOTHING I wouldn't give to see that sweet little boy alive and well and growing up with his brothers.  It breaks my heart that they will never know him on this Earth.  Corbin is forgetting.  Jaden never even had the opportunity.  I look at other families at the same stage of life as ours, with all of their children and my heart sometimes skips a beat.  Sometimes it occurs to me that most people have all of their children.  Then I'm brought back to the reality that those families are the norm, and ours is not.  It's hard.  Sometimes, it's just plain awkward.  But, it is what it is.  There is nothing I can do to change the fact that Jack's gone.  We will just have to keep moving forward.  We will just have to treasure every second we do have with Corbin and Jaden.  We'll remember Jack.  He'll always be part of this family, even if the only visible proof now is behind the glass of a picture frame.  We'll long for the day when all of our family will be together again.  It will happen.  And in the words of Elder Scott, "He's securing your place in Heaven." So, I'll put my faith in Him and remember that someday all of this will have been worth it.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween at Honey and Poppy's

I've got to hand it to Honey...she knows JUST how to throw a party.  A FUN party!  We all went over to Honey and Poppy's house for a Sunday Halloween Dinner Party.  She made the YUMMIEST Broccoli Cheese soup in fun Pumpkin Bread bowls.
After dinner the kids got into their costumes.  Honey put on some fun Halloween music and they all lined up and strutted their "stuff" for the 1st Annual Halloween Parade through the house.  It was pretty cute! 
After the Parade the kids all got to participate in a donut eating contest.  Poppy had strategically placed string on the blades of the fan and attached glazed donuts at the ends.  Then the fan was turned on and the kids had to chase the donuts using ONLY their mouths to try and get a donut.
Sammi was determined to get it...even if it was a little out of her reach...  Mason had high hopes too!
Oh...Almost there....
...and he's GOT IT folks!!
Jaden didn't miss a beat either...although, I think he may have cheated a little!  :)
What party would be complete without glow necklaces??!!  Corb was having a ball pretending that he was a ninja with glowing numchucks.

Thanks Honey and Poppy for being so fun!  We sure do love you guys!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Painting Pumpkins with Nana and Poochie

Tonite the boys, along with Nana and Poochie, painted pumpkins. 
Corb knew exactly what to do.
Jaden on the otherhand...
  Is my "always need to be clean" child.
"Uhhhh...Mom....there's something on my hand...."
I think he gave up trying to be clean....since it's in his EAR!! 
But then he got the hang of it.
And didn't want to stop.
Corb painted a sweet monkey.
Wah-la: here's Corb's finished masterpiece. 
We had a fun night...a messy night...but a fun one as you can clearly see on Jaden's messy shirt!  Thanks for bringing the paints Lady!  The boys had a ball!

Halloween 1/2 Marathon

 Lanae has been asking me for 2 years to do the Provo Halloween 1/2 Marathon with her.  I've always been able to find "some" excuse as to why I couldn't...but this year I could find NONE.  She has always been such a trooper and not only happily, but immediately accepted every single race I've ever asked her do do.  So, how could I turn her down again??!!
She was so excited that she went out and got us both Monarch butterfly wings, black and orange tights, and even made us the cutest little too toos!
Here is a full body shot of us decked out in our race "gear".

One thing we've learned from the previous races is to be the last ones on the bus.  We get a little more sleep this way and don't get stuck at the top of the FREEZING mountain waiting to run our guts out!!  This year we were prepared.  We brought hand and feet warmers and since my back always KILLS after a long run I brought a Back Heat Wrap, Motrin 800 and a packet or two of Icy Hot and Hot Coco of course!!  ***More pictures to come***
Here we are at mile 10.  **My favorite mile by the way**  I'm looking a little usual....Lanae's looking usual!
That finish line couldn't have come soon enough!!  But here we are all done and with medals even!
We did it!!  3 Half Marathons together! 
We even ran into an old "friend" from the Moab 1/2 Marathon...
This must be his "running" wig...

This was by far my FAVORITE 1/2 Marathon!  And while I procrastinated AGAIN and didn't train like I should of....I got my best time: 2:26.  That may be slow...but for me it was GREAT!  About 30 minutes faster than the other two 1/2's.  The course was SO beautiful.  The downhill was only 3 miles or so and there was always something beautiful to see.  I feel so blessed to live in such a  beautiful place, healthy enough to run and in awe of the people that are in my life!
Thanks Little for being my partner in crime.  I always have such a blast with her.  I kept looking down at my watch to see how long we'd been running and was always surprised to see how FAST time was flying...despite all the side, back and knee aches.  But when I'm with her it ALWAYS does!!  Thanks Mom for watching my little nuggies.  Thanks Ambie for braving the traffic and crowds and getting the race packet.  I owe ya!!  As soon as I can walk again...I'm looking forward to the next race we'll run together.  I'm hoping that the next 1/2 will also include my cute little Sommy!  I sure miss that girl!!  And if I'm really lucky...maybe Ambie will join us as well!  Here's to hopin'!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Lanae's Halloween Party

Lanae held her 2nd annual Halloween Party today.  It was DEFINITELY NOT a disappointment!!
Here is Indiana Jones and Batman
And here's my little chicken
Here is Mother Gothel from Rapunzel, a beautiful monarch butterfly and a cowgirl
(Natalie, Lanae, and me)
Here is the whole Rupunzel gang
(Natalie, Sakura, Chad and little Seth)   
Little Chance, Whit and me

Here are a few pictures of all the fun Lanae had planned.  
Hot  Coco and Hot Cider Table
Bubbling Swamp Punch a-brewin'
Not one thing was left undecorated! A feat in and of itself in a yard THAT big!!
She even had wooden cutouts (that she did herself) to add to the ambiance.  So cute!
And she definitely did NOT run out of a supply of pumpkins!
But the bounce house was a HUGE hit with the kids!! 
Corbin...I mean, Indiana Jones, Jaden the fierce Chicken and Coltyn B. the tough football player wasted NO time getting their bounce on!
Up, up, up they went...
And down...... 
down, down, down....
 Dowwwwwwn.....they went...
They couldn't get enough of it!!
This little chicken was always thirsty for MORE
Corbin and Coltyn found some "worms."
"long thin slimy ones...."
And down the hatch they go....
There was even airbrushed, glitter tatoos.
Corb went with a skull.
Meanwhile Jaden kept making his way to all the treats....and treats there were plenty!!

We can always count on Lanae for throwing one heck of a party!  We all had such a GREAT time!