Sunday, October 23, 2011

Boise with Amy

A few months ago my cute friend (former roommate) Amy decided to have a little girls trip.  We figured Boise was about the biggest city 1/2 way and each drove the distance.  We wished our cute friend Kirsten could have come...but she was busy having a cute little baby boy. 
We thought we'd sleep in...but even though 9 am is usually sleeping in....after staying up after 2 am...9 hardly feels like enough sleep!  But that didn't deter us from going on a little hike Amy had found.
It was an AWESOME hike.  The top lead us to a GREAT view of Boise.  Then it was off to lunch.  We both had a hankering for some good Thai food.  We tried the "Pad Thai House"  It was SO GOOD!

And we KNEW it was a sign when the restaurant was located right next to a thrift store. Then it was off to finding every thrift store.  A love of us both!

 Are you LOVING the fun Boostias purse!  I think Amy was!! Haaaa haaaaa!

We went into a Savers and Amy found a "friend."

I had to take a picture of him because as we were walking through a crowded area in Savers Amy leans over to me and says, "That kid just breathed on me." I laughed so hard at the way she told me I thought I may pee my pants a little.  (I didn't...but it was funny)  Then she showed me how he "breathed" on her.  He literally breathed on her shoulder like you breathe into your hand to see if you had bad breath.  Ewwww....Creepy!  Only in Savers!!  We hit so many GREAT thrift stores.  It was AWESOME! 
I have been listening to the book, "The Help"  SUCH a great book!  Later that night we decided to go see the movie "The Help".  I loved it!  I won't was a little hard to watch at times.  I just don't know how anyone could treat another human being like that.  I grew up in New Orleans, LA and distinctly remember being in 3rd grade at Woodland Elementary and seeing bathroom signs that said, "Boys", "Girls" and "Colored".  They were never used...but still I can clearly remember seeing the signs.  That was in 1986...not that long ago. 
 The next day we went to the Anne Frank Memorial.  It was beautiful.
By turning the little crank, a recorded message would sound.  Amy must have turned that crank for about 3 minutes before it would work! 

Boise was BEAUTIFUL.  The weather was PERFECT!  The people of Boise were so nice! To say that it was a PERFECT weekend can't say it well enough! I had such a BALL with Amy this weekend.  I am so happy that we have remained such good friends over the years.  She's one in a million. 

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abbyandcompany said...

Who's the fat chick in the purple shirt? Ha ha. Anyone looks like a fatty next to you! And that kid....poor kid needs a hair combin'! Too fun!