Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

For our weekly playdate, Lanae and I, along with our little munchkins and Aunt Ambie headed to a little Pumpkin Patch.  
These boys  liked goofing around....
They wasted NO time finding the biggest pumpkin.  It turned out to be a little heavier than they thought!!
This one was still heavy...but Corb showed me that he could do it ONE HANDED!!  He's a tough one!!
Jaden just liked climbing up the haystacks.  Aunt Ambie was there to catch him...just in case!!
Here's me and my Little!

 Always a treat to get out and do something new with the kids.  We were loving the sunshine despite the chilly wind.  I'm SO not looking forward to the REALLY cold days I know are just around the corner!

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Sommer said...

Tif, that first picture you and Amb look sooo much alike!! You guys are smokin'!!