Monday, October 17, 2011

Jadesy Boy

He still folds his hands under his neck when he prays
Jaden loves to watch Rio or "Kim-ma-mal Me" (Despicable Me)
He can watch them both about 12 times each per day! 
He loves to tell you, "I DID it!!"
He likes to tell us to "Lay down" when we're putting him to bed
He likes to jump on the ottoman and say, "Jump, Jump Jump."
He likes soda...sadly...I know....
He thinks that all dark colored soda is "Diet Coke."
He loves to say "ah-ee-oh-oh, ah-ee-oh-oh"
He finishes my song, "I love Jaden..." with "Jaden is my baby." with a HUGE grin.
He calls his dad: Daddy, DaDa, TOBY, and my favorite...HUN!
He calls me: Mommy or Tiffffff
He calls Corbin: Bobbil
He loves to give hugs and kisses especially when he's saying goodbye.
He doesn't like to go to bed and typically says, "No nigh nigh"
He no longer sleeps in a crib and has moved to the bottom bunk in Corb's room.
His favorite book is "Goodnight Moon."  
He makes me tell it too him at least 2 times every single night as he's going to bed.
He likes to tell you that he's sleeping in "Bobbil's bed" at night.
He wants "protein" for breakfast...lunch and dinner.  (Carnation Instant Breakfast)
He lights up when he's with his Nana, Poochie, Honey or Poppy.
He loves girls.
He loves cheese.
He loves to brush his teeth.
He loves Jesus and says his name like this: "Geedis"
He loves to go to church and asks everyday, "Go church?"
He still LOVES his blankets and calls them "blankies"
He is quick to pick up on things we're talking about and often repeats the "key" word of the sentence.
He can let pup out and will do it if we ask him.
He likes to tell us "I Tinky" (I'm stinky) even if he's not just to get us to check...then laughs about it.
He thinks farting is funny and tries to do it as often as possible, followed by "Ewwwww."
He always says, "Gank you."
He says "Daddy fixed it?" every time we try to skype or watch the apple tv.
I loves "Chockit"(chocolate)
He loves to pick his nose and grossly enough give it to you.
Loves Corbin to death, but is easily irritated by him.
He likes wearing his shoes and will often bring them to you and say, "Shoes on?"
He sings the song, "popular" from wicked every time my phone rings.
He also sings the song "Hello...Hello" from Primary...courtesy of my mom.
My dad taught him to say, "OH YAAA" every time he gives someone a big kiss.
If you get an owie he says, "Owie?  I kiss it."
He likes to eat "zuna" tuna salad for lunch with me.
He can count to ten.
He knows when we're on our way to Nana's or Honey's house.
When we're heading home he says, "No home."
He can point out most pictures and tell you who they are.
He's still a snuggler.
He says, "He ya go." (Here ya go)
He loves to help me make and drink my smoothies every morning.
He loves to say "Gym" and then freaks out when we actually get there.
He doesn't sit through movies at the theater.
He loves to throw things.
He says, "Hode jew" (hold you) when he wants us to pick him up and hold him.
After he gets done drinking he says "ahhhhh"
He loves to sing...randomness...hmmm...he IS my son!
He loves balls still.
He loves jumping on trampolines.
He eats out the frosting in Oreo cookies.
He loves pushing his lawnmower still.
He has a short fuse.
He's a pretty good sleeper still.  
On average he sleeps 2-3 hours during the day and 10 hours at night.
He loves to help me clean.  
He still loves cleaning the toilet.
He thinks we need to take turns while I'm vacuuming by saying, "My turn..."
When he's mad he'll deliberately hit you with this stone cold face as if saying..."That's right and I'll do it again!"
He loves to play with older girls (like Corbin or Jack's would be age...6 and 4)
He loves to eat cinnamon toast
He can point out my Grandma Burton and tell you who she is.
He knows exactly who Jack is.
He knows "Gampaw Birden" (Grandpa Burton)
He is clean and will pick up after himself without having to be told...occasionally!
He's very sensitive if you discipline or give a little spank.  He'll cry like you've just beat him!
He loves to tell you "Iz broken." (anything that's not working that second.)
He loves to "Wing" (Swing)
If he sees you eating something he says, "I won summ."(I want some)
 But my favorite thing that he does reminds me MOST of my little Jack.  When I was nursing Jack, he used to look up at me and gently take his hand and place it on my face.  The picture above is as close as I could find.  He was always so thoughtful, loving and sweet.  I lay down with Jaden most nights and during his naps.  As he's getting tired, I'll catch him staring so sweetly as he's watching me "sleep" and he'll put his little hand on my face and almost pet my cheek.  He doesn't know I can see him and that's what makes it all the more sweet  and  Jack-like.  
Oh, I love my boys!!  All three of them!


Ashley Sullenger said...

You sure do have some cute boys :)

Lanae said...

Oh, I love that little boy! I love all of your boys :-) So many fun pictures ... I'm so glad we're so close and I'm so glad I get to see you all the time. You are my favorite! hugs, little

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that you've put down all the cute ways he says things - that will be so fun to read when these darling kids get older and we can't remember how it was. By the way...who invited the brunette girl? Sam looks a little out of place with all those blond hair kids. :)