Saturday, April 28, 2012

Color Me RAD

I love that Coby signed us up for a fun race again this year....Color Me Rad.  A race similar to the Dirty Dash...but with lots of colors instead of mud!
Here we are showing off our clean clothes and fierce attitudes BEFORE the race started.
And here we are AFTER...a big colorful MESS!
We had a blast running and getting some sort of powdered chalk thrown at us from every direction!
There's my me and my colorful best friend!  I love this man more than I could ever say!  He's fun and always up for anything!  He is truly the best thing that every happened to me.  I'm one lucky girl!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wheeler FarM

Notice the title of this post...Wheeler FarM.  Lanae and I were talking the other day about to Wheeler Farms...with an S at the end.  When Coby overheard us and thought he needed make fun of us and "correct" us by letting us know that we'd been saying it wrong for years!  THE NERVE!!  :)

At any rate Lanae and her crew and me and mine headed to Wheeler FarmS today and had a ball!  The boys LOVE feeding the ducks and the ducks LOVE eating Lanae's old hotdog buns from last summer....fresh from the freezer.  
I love this shot of Jaden telling the goose to "BE GOOSE...BE NICE!!"

Geese...they are seriously MEAN birds!  I'm always afraid when they hiss and show their little goose teeth!  There is a reason why Rumplestilskin had one for a pet in the movie Shrek!  No ONE likes them!  Corbin and I had little "gang" of geese chase us into the bathroom at a park once.  And they were so mean that they stayed guarding the bathroom door honking and hissing!  Oh...I hate geese!  :)

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Dinner at Lanae's

 Lanae is always such a great little hostess and always invites us over for all the Holidays.  She's always looking to host a party and why not...she's GREAT at it!  I love just attending her parties and getting in a little "Little" time!  Have I mentioned that it's AWESOME to be related to this girl??!!
She hid about a billion Easter Eggs and let the kids run wild collecting them.  Corb was obviously very proud of his findings!!
Jaden was LOVING the tramp after the Easter Egg Hunt.  LOVE the tongue.  It's totally a Rich trait, but he always sticks his tongue when he's concentrating on something.  It cracks me up every. single. time!
He LOVES piggy back rides on my back...or anyone else's willing back!

But my favorite is the smooch-a-roos as we call them in our house.  He's VERY willing to give them out!  And I'm even more willing to accept them!
There's the love of my life!  
Lanae never misses a chance to have the kids create something fun.  She got all the fixins' to make little Easter Basket cupcakes.  I'm not sure who had more fun...the kids or us??!!
LOVE this girl!  So happy that we're cousins and live so close.  She's my partner in crime and I am so lucky to have her in my life!  

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!  Here's a shot of our little family early Easter Morning....9AM!!!  Gotta love 9am church!
The kids came downstairs to find that the Easter Bunny did in fact pay us a visit.
That Easter Bunny is smart...I wonder how he knew that Corb was WAY into making paper airplanes and leaving them ALL OVER THE HOUSE??!!
Jaden also made out like a little bandit with his very own Elmo CD player.
Coby got STALE peeps (he likes them this way...don't ask me why) and his very OWN...for the 2nd or 3rd time water bottle.  Somehow his water bottles end up making their way into my hands....
I woke up early and made the boys Easter Bunny pancakes and Bunny milk as our family calls Strawberry milk.  It was a HIT!
I sure do love this little cheeser of mine!
After church we headed over to the cemetery to wish our little Jackie a Happy Easter.  
Jack loved bubbles and so we decided to blow a bunch of bubbles and send off to Jack. 
And then the bubble blowing began...

We felt Jack there today.  He's so lucky, he actually gets to spend Easter with the Savior.   I'm always so grateful for Easter and what it represents.  I feel so blessed to KNOW that even though Jesus had to die for us that He was resurrected 3 days later.  I feel even more blessed to know that because He LIVES, HE actually lives....we'll be with Jack again.  How full my heart feels knowing that we are an eternal family  and Jack is still very much still a part of this family.  My cup runneth over.

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

This year our little neighborhood hosted a little Easter Egg Hunt.
It was pretty fun watching all the little kids frantically searching in hopes of finding the most candy easter eggs.  This year Jaden had it figured out!
Corb's had it down for YEARS!!
Nothing got by this little candy-a-holic!
Later that morning we headed to another Easter Egg Hunt with a few of the boy's friends.  Here's cute Sidney...Jaden is in LOVE with her!  Aren't they cute!!
And we've got another one!!  This year we collected more candy than Halloween!!  Well, maybe not, but it would be a close second!!  Now...what do do with all this candy.  Hmmmm....who should I sabatage??!!!  Just kidding!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Rock Climbing with Pat and Anna

Pat and Anna invited out to do a little rock climbing at the school Anna teaches P.E. at.  
To say we had fun....well...that would be an understatment!
There's Coby on his way down
Corb and Pat were racing to the top....(who's gonna win....) it's definitely a NAIL biter for sure!!
Corb climbed like a little Pro...but Pat ended up being the winner.  I loved how determined Corbin was.  He was FEARLESS.  He listened to Coby's instructions with complete confidence and didn't stop til he touched the top!  That's my boy!!  Or maybe he's Coby's boy...I'm sure I would have chickened out around the beginning!  :)
Jadesy was showing off his newly fitted cast.  But don't worry, he found things to do to keep him busy!  He may have a broken elbow...but he definitely didn't miss a beat when it came to his sense of humor!  Here he is picking the nose of the face on the wall!  Now that's MY kid for sure!!  :)

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Jadesy gets a cast :(

Today was a sad day...but last night was even MORE sad!  Jaden and Corbin were playing at Honey and Poppy's house tonight with Coby while I was at Young Womens.  Joanne has a fun spiral slide in her house and Jaden jumped off and somehow landed on his arm.  Coby said that he screamed louder than he'd ever heard Jaden cry EVER and know he was hurt pretty bad.  We took him to the ER and eventually found out that Jaden had fractured his elbow in two places.  
So, after a LONG night, a LOT of children's motrin and 12 hours later, we were off to Primary Children's Hospital to set his arm.  It was a little nerve racking because we haven't been there since Jack's accident.  As we pulled into the hospital, a wave of emotions came over me.  I had to breathe deeply and know that everything was going to be okay and that this time we would be walking out with the same number we walked in with.  Here's Jaden picking out the color of cast he'd like.  He wanted PINK....but i had to say NO.  PINK....this kid really IS my kid!!  After a little convincing and maybe even a little bribery, we agreed on a water proof black cast.
Here we are setting the cast...he's thrilled can you tell??!!
And after 5 minutes it was all over with.  He looks like he's screaming, but it was the closest thing to a laugh we could get him to muster and we were happy to see that smile again!
We wasted NO time signing his cast.
He was eating up every single, attention grabbing minute....
And so were we....
There's that smile we had been missing!
And a big kiss from Aunt Ambie to seal the deal and we had one happy little boy again!

I don't know what is more painful...the pain of the accident for them or hurting because you can't stand to see them in pain.  I'd take the pain from them in a second to never see "that" face again.  I sure hope that he manages to control his crazy urges to be a lunatic aka a BOY and keep his parts in one piece!!!  :)  Let's hope for the best!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

April FOOLS Day

Today was April Fool's Day.  I've been looking forward to trying to "get" Coby for a while now.  My friend Kellie told me of a little trick she played on her husband last year and I was ACHING to try it out on Coby!
First...I got some Orabase (the closest thing I had to Orajel)  
Then I got his toothbrush...and put a BUNCH of Orabase on it and pushed it all to the bottom of the toothbrush.....Then I waited for this.....
It was pretty funny!  Only....I had to make Coby pose for that picture.  Apparently, I didn't put ENOUGH Orabase on his toothbrush because he didn't even notice!  :)  Uggg....I guess I'll just have to "get" him next year!!