Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wheeler FarM

Notice the title of this post...Wheeler FarM.  Lanae and I were talking the other day about to Wheeler Farms...with an S at the end.  When Coby overheard us and thought he needed make fun of us and "correct" us by letting us know that we'd been saying it wrong for years!  THE NERVE!!  :)

At any rate Lanae and her crew and me and mine headed to Wheeler FarmS today and had a ball!  The boys LOVE feeding the ducks and the ducks LOVE eating Lanae's old hotdog buns from last summer....fresh from the freezer.  
I love this shot of Jaden telling the goose to "BE GOOSE...BE NICE!!"

Geese...they are seriously MEAN birds!  I'm always afraid when they hiss and show their little goose teeth!  There is a reason why Rumplestilskin had one for a pet in the movie Shrek!  No ONE likes them!  Corbin and I had little "gang" of geese chase us into the bathroom at a park once.  And they were so mean that they stayed guarding the bathroom door honking and hissing!  Oh...I hate geese!  :)

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