Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Jack

"Happy Birthday...dear jackie..."
"As years go by, they seem to do..."
Corbin: "I'll help you..."
Jack showing off his manners...opening the card first!

Jack wasn't quite sure...about his horse
But he soon got the hang of it...
Okay, I know I know I've been a "bad mommy" as Corbin would put it and haven't posted pics from Jack's 1st birthday! Better late than never right! Happy birthday baby boy!

Splish Splash

Lanae's water park
Lanae and little Austin...isn't he cute??
Jack was a little water baby
Lanae's little Nelli and Austin
Jack seriously couldn't get enough of the water
Neither could Corbin

Corbin trying to "help" (push) Jack

Corbin showing his latest move...Jack not loving it!

Little Austin
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Last Thursday Lanae invited us over to her awesome house for a little pool party for the kidlings. The boys LOVED every minute of it. I think Jack could have stay in that water all day if I would have let him. Thanks Little! We had a BLAST!!!

My baby birds

Jack cheesin' it up

Posted by PicasaCorbin being a hungry little bird
My baby birds are growing up so fast! Jack is into EVERYTHING. He likes to say "ut oh", and mimic just about every NON human sound that he can. He climbs up stairs and down stairs. And he's starting to walk. He can't walk too far yet, but he's really close to being completely mobile. He's already like the fastest crawler in the west!
Yesterday I made some rice with our dinner. Corbin couldn't seem to get enough. I went to scrape the last of the pan with the rice and I looked over at Corbin and he seriously looked like a hungry little bird...Mouth gaping open. It was funny!
I love these boys! They are my pride and joy...If only I could exert a little more patience with them, I'm sure life would seem just GREAT!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Today, Corbin and Jack have INSPIRED me to stop having children!

Today, Jasmine has INSPIRED me to trade her in for one of these!! (above)

Today, Coby has INSPIRED me (threatened me) to get one of these! (above)

***(I may have accidentally lost my license and debit card AGAIN)***

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kids say the darndest things

This morning while we were all having breakfast, Corbin was being a little pill towards Jack. Jack was getting bugged and letting us know. Coby then asked Corbin a's how it went:

Coby: "Corbin, would you like a little sister?"

Corbin: "NO"

Coby: "Would you like another little brother?"

Corbin: "NO, I want a DOG."

So there you have it folks. Corbin has spoken! Dogs it is!

*** (Only they have to be small, non-shedding, non-chewers (unable to open cans with their teeth), and non-barking)***

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chunky monkeys

Jack taking a break...munching on a cheeto

"Mason, would you like one?"

"Well, ya...hand it over...thanks man"

Jack found a water gun..." can I shoot Corbin with this...?"
We went over to Honey and Poppy's house for a little fun in the sun. Ben and Whitney's little Mason is getting SO big! I'm excited that he and Jack are so close in age. Only two months apart. They are going to be good buddies. Whitney keeps telling me that if I want to keep our kids close together I'll probably have to start trying to get pregnant this fall. THIS FALL????? I love being prego with Whit and I REALLY love our kids being so close in age. Don't get me wrong I love my kidlings...but they are work. And a lot of it! I just don't want to be the kind of mom that is constantly yelling at her kids. The kind of mom that's fun, whitty and most importantly PATIENT. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday that I've been so blessed with such an amazing little family. My husband rarely gets mad, lets them make mistakes and learn for themselves. There are 5 kids in Coby's family and I see just how much fun they all had when they were little and especially now that they are grown up. They are really close and I see the happiness that surrounds their family and I KNOW that I want that! As I'm writing this Corbin is sitting on Jack, Jack is mad. And what did I do...I yelled at Corbin. He just got this sad look and a pouty lip. Why do I yell???? Why am I not more patient? Instead of cleaning INCESSANTLY I should be playing with them. They are only little for so little time and I know that I'm giong to regret cleaning instead of playing. I look at moms of 4 and 5 and wonder how they do it. If you're reading...HOW DO YOU DO IT??? I need a little reassureance that I'll survive! :) How do you keep your cool, play with your children, still look cute and STILL manage to keep a clean house???? I've got to know!
**Please note...I've gotten into the habit of always cleaning even when things aren't really dirty. We have a black lap who never seem to run out of fur. So, I'm usually sweeping up mainly after HER. But I sometimes feel like I have to clean because I don't want to get behind on things and then REALLY have a cleaning catastrophe on my hands. Coby hates this because, while he lives in a semi clean house most days, I turn into this crazy cleaning Nazi whenever anyone comes over for the first time, but especially when we leave to go on trips.***

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Schlime

Happy Birthday Schlimy! Sommer, it's your birthday...Happy Birthday Sommer! I hope that you have the most wonderful birthday EVER!! Sommer is such an awesome sister. She is always making sure that I'm "dressed" okay. She even takes it upon herself to go shopping FOR me and suprise me with lot of fun clothes. I love it. She's the reason I'll only buy my jeans at the Buckle. She's my favorite person to shop with because she's brutally honest and I love it! She's not only the best shopping partner, but she is always so fun to be with...MOST Of the time! She's is very selfless and willing to help in any way she can. My kids AdORE her! I can always count on her and I am truly grateful to have her so close and in my life. I'm sure she'd agree that the only thing better would be having our other sister, Amber live closer so that we could all spend time together laughing, goofing off and just having fun. I love you Som, Happy birthday!
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Natalie Dear

"I love you....never again....We'll BEEE alllll alooooone ....'cause YOUUUUUUU light up my liiiiiiiiife....Yoooooooouuuuuu give meeee hoooooooopppppe"! Oh ya baby you light up my life!!!! I just got through listening to a message that I've saved on my machine for over 2 years of Natalie singing "you light up my life" as ONLY Natalie can sing it! And if there was some way to record it onto the camera and download it onto this blog...I'd do it! Hmmmm...maybe Coby can work his magic and you can all get a little treat! I miss you dearly. What I wouldn't give to have you live just a little closer. I realize Twin Falls is closer than Lansing, but.... why can't you work across the street and come over every day for lunch??? I miss you! Happy Birthday!

PS Ian...I'm sorry!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Exactly 5 years ago today...

Exactly 5 years ago today, Coby proposed to me on the "ocean"...I mean Bear Lake. Sometimes I wonder if he saw red flags that day. First I ran into the glass door proclaiming it was "Porch Time" and fell backward, then I announced we were engaged in the "ocean" instead of the lake... Regardless, he went through with it and and I couldn't be happier.

Today was a quite a treat for him though. This weekend our entire family caught the dreaded flu bug. Both our kidlings have been throwing up with really really muddy diapers* ...if ya know what I mean...wink wink!! I was sort of a brat this morning and didn't think I should have to take care of the kids all by myself. I wanted him to call in sick and stay home. I'm a brat...I's just that he spoils me and well, I'm a brat! My hair is greasy, I have NO makeup on and I think I have been wearing these sweats since I got out of the shower on Saturday night. So to put it lightly, I was QUITE the site! And still he was kind to me...even after my pity party. Which as I'm typing seems pretty stupid...but anyway. I love ya babe! You're the best husband ever! Thanks for taking a leap of faith and listening to your stupid ex-girlfriend and coming to Michigan on a whim.
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