Saturday, April 19, 2008

Corb and Jackie ISMS

I've decided that time is flying way way too fast for me. I can't believe that my babies are actually growing up. Corbin is almost three and Jack will be a year in a month! I haven't done very well at keeping a journal, a baby book or any sort of scrapbook for my boys. What kind of mother am I???? SO, I decided to start blogging the cute things they do each week in an attempt to remember how much fun they are right now. I don't want to forget and I want them to know as well years down the road. So, I got a little notebook that I've put out so Coby and I can jot down some of these memories and then at the end of the week, I'll type it up and post it to the blog.

Earlier this week I found Corbin putting a blanket on Jasmine saying, "Look Mommy, she's a LADY!" My friend Dixcie always says her dog Emma is a "lady" Corbin picked it up! :)

I had just bathed both Jack and Corbin and I was putting lotion on Jack, when Corbin jumps on my back, throws his arms around my neck and says, "I so proud you, Mommy!" and then kisses my cheek.

When Corbin sees a bad guy on TV he grabs his pretend plastic gun, gets this stern look on his face, tightens his face, lowers his eyebrows and says, "I shoot him, he's BAD...ya he's DANGEROUS!"
When he gets mad at you he does the same face as described above and says, "YOU DANGEROUS!" I'm not exactly sure he realizes the real meaning of dangerous! :)

I was changing Corbin's diaper the other day and Jack was sitting next to us "watching". Jack got a little curious and decided to see what was going on. So, he grabbed Corbin's you know what. Corbin got mad and said...'NO JACK...that's MY Weiner"!!! It was funny!

Jack is totally facinated with his "package" So much so that if his diaper is off, his hands automatically go "there"! I sure hope he gets over that! :)

Jack LOVES LOVES LOVES to play on Corbin's old Little People push/walking car thingy. He rocks back and forth and tries to move it forward. He especially loves it when Corbin is pushing him. He laughs and laughs. It's adorable.A few days ago I thought I lost my debit card. I took the boys to lunch, then we went to DI to find some good books. While we were looking, Jack pulled out almost everything in my purse (this is nothing new). But when I went to check out...I couldn't find my debit card. I was ticked. I went back to look, but couldn't find it anywhere. I thought that Jack had pulled it out and it got lost in the book shelf and then probably stolen. So, I was mumbling under my breath...but Corbin picked up on my anger and promptly said, "You mad Mommy?"
I said, "YES, I'm mad because JACK lost my card".
Corbin: "You in big trouble JACK"
Then, I got home and started to call the bank to cancel my card and realized that I never got my card back from lunch...I called and sure enough they had it the whole time. I felt like the BIGGEST JERK!

I love when Corbin picks me dandylions from the back yard and brings them in to me and says, "Heere Mommy, YOU LIKE IT????!!!" Then gives me the sweetest smile.

My sweet mom takes Corbin to her house every Tuesday and Thursday. When they got to her house, my mom noticed that my dad didn't take care of the iron and ironing board. So she told Corbin, "Poochie (the nickname for my dad) is a slob". Corbin's reply was, "Ya, he's a PIGLET!"
Last night I was putting Jack to bed and I told Corbin to tell Jack goodnight and to give him a little kiss. So he did and then said, "Night Jackie, I lub you". Then as I was taking Jack up the stairs I heard Corbin says, "Ya, I lub him...I lub him". So sweet!

Jack loves to clap his hands. He is a little pro when it comes to sitting up on his own. He's going to have the best little baby abs! It's hard to get him dressed or even change him for that matter. He's really close to crawling. I think he can do it, but just chooses NOT to! He has the form DOWN. He must think...but should I crawl, when I KNOW my mom will just hold me?? :)Poor Jack has to eat prunes at like every meal...he has a little constipation problem. Poor baby!

Coby and I just went on trip without kids and when my mom came to pick me up (Coby had to stay in Las Vegas for work) Jack saw me and had a grin from ear to ear. He was totally cheesing showing all four of his little chompers with his eyes nearly shut from smiling so big! I melted!!Corbin loves to watch "Moobies" (Movies) and always says, "Lub you...!"

As soon as the prayer at dinner is done Corbin says, "let's Eeeeeeat!!"

Coby's been in Las Vegas this week. So, when I returned home, I was a little sad and emotional. Corbin realized that I was sad and said, "Oh, Mommy, I so sorry. You sad mommy?" I said, "Yes". Then I started to cry a little bit and he then said, "Oh, you need a dandaid" (bandaid)

The other day I spilled some pins. I think that was the breaking point for me, and I must have growled and rolled my eyes. Corbin quickly came to the rescue
Corbin: "Ut oh... you spilled 'em...I hep you. Keen up, keen up....'mon Mommy.... you sing" Then as we were singing the clean up song, he takes my face in his little hands and kisses my so sweetly and then says, "I so sorry mommy, I so sorry!" As I was looking into his blue little eyes I almost got choked up at just how absolutely sweet he really is. He's sensitive and always so loving.

He's growing up so fast, they both are and I just can't believe how fast time is flying by. I love my boys. And as I'm typing all of this, I'm sitting here crying because of the amount of gratitude I feel just to be their mom.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Breddy Dear!!

As years go by they seem to do, the nicest thing for you (clap clap) and even though you're one year more, you're twelve months dearer than before! A happy happy birthday, a very happy birthday especially for YOOOOOOUUUUU!!!
Happy Birthday Bred Bred! I hope you have the best birthday EVER! Love and miss you tons and tons and tons! You'll be getting a little something at work on Wednesday! Enjoy!