Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day in St. George

It's been a SUPER cold winter this year, so we decided to pack up and head south to St. George for a little fun in the sun!
It was not as lovely as we were hoping outside so we headed over to the Aquatic Center for a dip in the pool.  Do these boys love their daddy or what??!!
This little boy thinks he's part fish!
They both LOVE when Coby throws them out of the's the best part of the pool!
Or is it the waterslide??!!!
Maybe it's the sweet rope bars and lilly pads....
One thing is for sure...this guy is concentrating...with his TONGUE!  Such a RICH!
Here's a Happy little Tyson and Marse
Cole was loving the sound of the ambient water and taking a great little snooze...
But then he woke up...chubby...I mean happy...what did I say chubby?!!!  
And here's our trooper!  I just love this man!  He's always up for anything even still.  He definitely wins the award for most optimistic!   And doesn't he look GREAT in that color!  He's so handsome!  I look at him and know that my sweet Coby will be so handsome as an older man.
Here's Millie Moo and Pat.  This little girl cracks me up because she's CONSTANTLY running everywhere she goes.  There is no walking with this girl.  I'm not sure she ever learned to walk...she just learned running ONLY!
And here's little miss priss!  Don't you love Livvy's too too, boots and a cute pose!  LOVE that little stink!
Corb got to hit a few balls with Coby.  I love when he takes him.  It makes Corb feel SO grown up!
Here's Jaden hitting a few balls.
He's a pretty good shot if I do say so myself!
My cute friend Camille's family bought a house about 3 houses down from ours....IT'S a SIGN!  We were DESTINED to be friends!!!  Here the boys are swinging on this sweet swing in Camille's parents' backyard.  They loved SPINNING and spinning....
Here's a shot of Sam and Jaden having  the time of their lives spinning in that fun swing....and right after the picture was taken, we all heard a HUGE "THUD" and realized that it was Jaden's little head hitting the concrete!  That THUD still gives me chills!! I felt so bad!  It was one of those silent screams that he loses his breath for a few seconds.  OUCH! He got a black eye about 2 days later.  I swear people must think we abuse him!  WE DON"T, I assure you!  
Here he is trying to break his other arm...just kidding!  He's concentrating as you can clearly see with his tongue sticking he didn't fall!
It took some time, but I pinned him down and made him give me some smooch-a-roos!
And then the sun came out and we all needed naps!

I love St. George!  It was so fun to go down and hang out.  Being with Coby's family is GREAT.  I so hate seeing our strong, handsome Jim looking so weak.  It breaks my heart every time.  I know there will come a time when he won't be with us, but I try not to think about that.  I want him to live forever. He's too young to have this disease.  Joanne thinks it will be his last trip.  I hope she's wrong.  I'm not ready to let him go.  I know no one is...but I am clinging to Hope.  Please hope...kick in....we need a miracle!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!
Homemade waffels, with buttercream syrup, bunny milk (strawberry milk), oj and of course candy and matching lego ninjago shirts!  
Coby and I never really do much for Valentine's Day.  But my cute mom and Jaden made a fun little card for me.  I loved it!!  Maybe next year we'll get a sitter and see what going out on Valentine's is really all about!  It may be a first and last for us!  :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sharing with Jaden

Today, Nana bought Jaden his favorite candy bar (cookies and creme white chocolate hershey bar).
It looked really good to me, so I asked him for a little piece....
That's ALL I got!! 

I guess this kid really is like me!  My sisters and dad tell me that while growing up I'd always save them "the last bite".  Usually the last bite was barely crumbs.  No cinnamon toast taste or Whopper burger left...  My dad would take the last little taste and comment..."Wow, I could almost taste that...!"  And SORRY guys!  I guess I'm officially getting a dose of my own medicine!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Watching the Bachelor

This little boy is supposed to be in bed....but from the look of things he's watching THIS wholesome show!!  THE BACHELOR!!  I know, I know....not the best entertainment out there, but hey...COBY really enjoys it!  And I'm not kidding, COBY is the one that records it and then we watch it together.  He says that he records it for "me" and watches it just to make fun of it....sometimes I wonder!!!  :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Coleson's Baby Blessing

Tonight we had the privilege of blessing our sweet Coleson at Jim and Joanne's house.
We got special permission to bless him there due to Jim's condition.  We were able to record it, so I'll go back and write out what his blessing said.
Here are Coby, Coleson and Poppy.
My cute Grandpa even made it all the way from Blackfoot, ID.  Here are the most important men in my life.  Grandpa, Coby, Coleson, Jim and my dad.
We only invited family and a few close friends.

What a blessing it is to be married to such an incredible man that can honorably bless our children with the power of the priesthood.  Coby gave Cole such an amazing blessing.  He always blesses our children that they will live on this earth and serve a mission on this earth and married on this get the picture...ON THIS EARTH!  Before Jack we always just assumed that serving the Lord "in whatever capacity necessary" (As stated in Jack's blessing) meant that they'd obviously out live us, serve their missions, get married and of course it would be on this earth.  The thought of them ever dying was never even a thought that crossed our minds.  That just happened to other people right?  Now, when Coby and I say our prayers we are very specific and know that He has a plan for our family.  I feel so very blessed to have been able to do it in Jim and Joanne's house.  What a feeling it was to be able to have Jim participate despite his ever deteriorating situation!  I love my family...EVERY single one of them...those there tonight, those in other states and those special ones ont he other side.  How blessed I feel that we are sealed forever!  I am so blessed!