Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bear Lake

Our little family, and my favorite picture of the summer.

Daddy and Jackie...maybe taken off gaurd at bit

My boys

A little tickle time with mommy. I just love that stinker!

We had so much fun up at Bear Lake this last weekend. We stayed in Mootzie's old room at Rob's house. We were in Heaven and so were the boys! It was cool (temperature wise), the lake was absolutely PERFECT!! Not too cold...just right! We layed out, ate food, lathered up with tons of sunscreen, took naps, I ran a total of 8 miles during the weekend, went golfing, hung out and got to know the Rich's (Jim's side of the family) better, had loads and loads of fun and um...did I mention how much we ate???? :) It was such a great weekend. Thanks Honey/ Poppy! Bear Lake is such a huge part of our lives and we look forward to many many more weekends to come!

Of course it was exactly Perfect...we did have one tiny accident...

Corbin ran straight into the corner of the ping pong table and we had a bit of a gusher on our hands! But as soon as he got his nasty dodie...we were good! Thank goodness for Dode! And for all you Dodehaters out there....the more you comment on how the dodie needs to go...that's just one more month dodie sticks around! SO THERE!!! :) How do you like me now??? :) That's what I thought!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I've been tagged...

3 joys

Being Corbin and Jackie's Mom and Coby's wife
Going to the gym and running in the mornings
Baking treats and sharing them

3 fears

losing my family to death or disease
falling down and breaking my front teeth
swimming in the ocean with SHARKS

3 goals

writing a children's book
being the kind of mom that is fun, patient and plays more with my children
get back to my engagement weight

3 obsessions

checking my blog to see if anyone left comments
getting on the scale at the gym
going to DI

Random fact about me:

I turn into this crazy cleaning nazi whenever we leave to go on trips. I have to have EVERYTHING clean from the vacuuming the stairs to cleaning the toilets. It drives Coby crazy. I know it's stupid, but I really like coming home to a clean house. PLUS I'm always scared that if anything ever happened to us (heaven forbid) and we died, I'd hate if someone had to go through our things. I wouldn't want them thiking..."wow, she wasn't very tidy was she?" :)

I tag Janae, Camille, Anna, Mandy, Bettie, Janae, Kim and Natalie and Aimee.

"Why so serious...?"

Last night Coby and I went to see the new Batman movie for part of his on-going birthday. It was AWESOME! It was really really dark, but so good. I kept thinking about Heath Ledger and what a great actor he was. He really threw himself into this roll, maybe too much. I heard that before Heath took this role, Jack Nicholson (the original Joker, who by the way comes across as Bozo the clown compaired to the Joker in this movie) told him not to take this roll because it would really get into his head and make him unable to sleep. Heath died as a result of taking too many sleeping pills. If you see the movie, you could understand how this roll would have really affected him. He's scary...really scary. I still feel awful that he died so young, leaving a behind a daughter. I've watched interviews with him and he seemed like such a down to earth guy. He'll be missed.

Corbin's birthday Party

Corbin and Roxy

Corbin and Roxy...again!

Corbin being KING of the bouncy thingy

Jordan got a little thirsty!

They even went head to head!

Blowing out the candles...everyone got a turn!

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Eatin' a little cake with his Sammi!

Corbin had a little birthday party with his friends. Coby and I got him this bouncy thing that he can use outside and inside in the winter. He loves it! The kids played on the slip and slide. Which by the way seemed WAY bigger when I was a kid. They didn't quite get it...maybe next year. They had cake and ice cream. It was really fun! We may have to keep and eye on Corbin and Roxy in the future though. They snuck off during the party and headed up to Corbin's room, where we found them with the DOOR SHUT!! Hmmm.... It was fun to see everyone. Even my Kimmy and her gorgeous family minus Craig was there. Luke is adorable and Addy is just BEEEAutiful! She's so tall. Anyway, happy birthday baby! We love you!


I just love this picture of Jackie! Can you believe how big he's gotten??? I can't!

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They love their grandparents!

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I just wanted to say thanks to both our parents for loving our kids so much. I am so grateful that they have the opportunity to really have a great relationship with both sets. Thanks Nana and Poochie and Honey and Poppy! We love you!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Guess who's 30??

Is that Michaelangelo's "David"???

Look at the height!!!

Look at those lips....

Quite the climber

Happy birthday to the LOVE OF MY LIFE!! You are my whole world and I am so grateful that you chose me. You are such great husband and father. Always so patient and loving. I love you with all of my heart. Happy birthday monster!

St. George Weekend Getaway

A little smoochie in the RedRock Hills Cliffs

Me hiking

Coby making it look easy

Posted by PicasaCoby's head sticking out of a funky tree
Coby officially turned 30 today. I wanted to make his birthday really something to remember so I decided to plan a surprise party for him. I had all of our closest (well most of them) involved. I planned the party a week BEFORE his birthday. Tried to make Coby believe that we were headed down to St. George for his birthday with stop in Vegas with our friends. I thought I had it UNDER CONTROL. Both our parents were watching the kids, his mom decorated. Things were going GREAT until he figured out that our friends WERE'NT coming down. Wes even went as far as calling him to inquire about the opera that night, in an effort to throw him off. So, I just went on and on about how much fun it was going to be when our friends FINALLY got there. Lance and Vegas...that was going to be a treat for everyone! He let me just keep going on and on...and then I started to feel bad because I knew that weren't actually coming. Then he called me out and asked "How long are you going to keep this up?" And then the jig was up! He told me that he'd known for a some time and that I wasn't a very good liar and that it didn't take a brain surgeon to figure it out...but as long as I was going to keep playing it up, he'd humor me! That stinker! At any rate we made it back to his parents house that Saturday night and he "pretended to be suprised" Oh, well. So much for the surprise. But I did try! We got to see most of our closest friends and so it was all worth it in the end. Coby's mom and sister Marse made the party so pretty and fun! Thanks guys! My sister bought him Rock Band for the Wii and he was thrilled! Thanks Som! Thanks Nana/Poochie and Honey/Poppy for taking care of our monkeys! They had a ball and so did we! We love ya!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My baby is growing up

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I can't believe that my little baby is growing up so fast. Corbin officially turned 3 today at 12:52pm. He's 3!!!! I can hardly believe it. Time is going by so fast that I just want it to slow down and keep him this age forever....most days. He's such a sweet little boy. He loves to snuggle. If I show any sory of discomfort, he looks at me with the sweetest little eyes and says, "I'm so sorry, mommy...ya okay?" He loves to bounce, I think because of Poppy! ;) He loves Sammy. No matter how bad of a mood he's in, if we mention that Sammy will be there, he's instantly fine! He loves playing with is Nana and Poochie and Honey and Poppy! I'm so glad that he has the opportunity to really get to know them and create such a great relationship with them. He's my little helper with EVERYTHING from putting Jack to bed to watering the flowers. He even helps me cook in the kitchen. With every ingredient I hand him to put in the kitchenaid he says, "And Nowwwwwww". It's really cute to see. He has to put the nipple on Jack's bottle, turn Jack's ambient sound thing on and always has to close the door. Then he always says, "SHHHHHH, Jack's sleeping.." in this loud whisper. It's really cute. When he gets hurt he yells at whatever thing "hurt" him and then has to slap it. Then he yells at whatever it was that hurt him, "you BAD THING...!!!" I'm a little nervous for the future on that one! :) When we get out of the car he grabs my hand, looks both ways and says, "HURRY Mommy we don't want to be skwished, DO WE?" There was a bee's nest under our deck in the back yard. And the mascot to the Utah baseball team the "Bees" is a big bee. He says, "we like the BIG bee, huh mommy? But we DON'T like the little bees DO WE??" I said, "that's right we stay AWAY from the little flying bees." Corbin then says, "YA, the little bees are mean and ugly, HUH mom!!" He tell me he "lubs" me. Lately if he gets hurt he tells me, "I need my daddy...You call him okay mom?" I just love him. He's my pride and joy and the thought of him growing up makes me sad. Why would I be sad, I guess it's just a mom thing. Anyway, happy birthday baby boy. We love you so much!!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Family shot on the golf course in N. SLC at Katy and Dan's STUNNING house! (thanks guys, we had a BALL)

Jack and his balls...I mean...

Coby and Corbin on the tube

A much need nap by Poppy

We had great 4th. First we went up to North Salt Lake for a bbq at Dan and Katy's house. The kids played and played. It was so fun! Then we headed up to Bear lake for the rest of the weekend. We swam, wakeboarded, skiied, tubed, played and the sand..and then ate....and then we at a little more...did I mention we ate?

I had a little...well alot of drama getting into Bear Lake. (as you can see I'm telling Coby to "READ BETWEEN THE LINES"...if you get my drift!!)Posted by Picasa

I actually got up my first time on the wakeboard. When I mentioned drama...I truly had it. I was scared of....well, sharks. I know, I know there aren't any sharks in Bear Lake. But I've always been afraid of the water for this reason. I was even terrified in our pool in Michigan. I think mainly because we were too poor to afford the correct amount of chlorine and so...let's be honest, who really knows WHAT was living in that pool.

We had a GREAT weekend. I did however miss my Whitney though! Next time!
I loved this picture of Jack and Honey
Thanks for the great weekend Honey and Poppy! We love you!