Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Good Grief Benefit Concert

For the 2nd year in a row, my dear Angel Friend Molly Jackson puts together a benefit concert.  They try to raise enough money to help with the costs of headstones.  A price we know all to well about.  And a cost you just don't quite expect to ever have to come least for your little one.
This year one the talented performers was Jessie Clark Funk.  I LOVE this girl.  She wrote a song called "Calling All Angels" that was actually sung at Jack's funeral.  I got to the benefit a little early to help check people in and had the opportunity to hear her practicing.  I nearly lost it as I heard the first few notes of "Calling all Angels".  It literally took my breath away.  And can I just say, she's even MORE amazing in person.  When Jack passed away I asked my dear and EXTREMELY talented neighbor Liz Murdock to sing the song for Jack.  Not an easy task, I know, but she accepted anyway.  The problem was that there was no sheet music to be found.  Somehow, Liz found a way to contact Jessie Clark Funk and her husband and they were able to get her the music very quickly.  And even after the funeral called Liz to find out how everything went on our sad day.  I'm still amazed at some of the acts of kindness that were done on our behalf during our darkest hours.   The Lord is good...He is oh, so good.
Here's my support and a few of the girls I love most.  Emily , Ambie, my Little (Lanae) and me.
Here are a few of the darling Angel Moms I am privileged to know and meet.  Me, my dear Emily (she lost her little Danny 3 years ago in May to a genetic disorder), Kelly Pack (lost her sweet little Colum on Christmas Day to a terrible car accident this last December), Molly Jackson (lost her beautiful little Lucy from aspirating a piece of an apple the size of a pea 4 years ago) and Cute Amy Saville (lost her darling little Gabe to unknown reasons).  

 I was also blessed to meet Kendra Webster (McKenzie's mom and my dear friend Angenette (Jacob's mom).  We took our picture too late I suppose because I was unable to grab a shot of all of us together.  There are many more moms I've met as a result of being the "club" who were unable to come.  Steph Waite (Camille), Brittany Kunz (Daxton - Jack's partner in crime, I'm sure) , Ashley Sullenger (Preslee), and Amanda Wilkinson (Bennett).  I LOVE these women!  I can't say it enough!!  These women are AMAZING...absolutely amazing!!  Life's dealt us all some pretty awful blows.  But because of the gospel, my sweet husband and family and women like this....getting out of bed is just a teeny bit easier. 

Molly did a GREAT job and those performing were quite simply AWESOME in a nutshell!  I was even on the news...Go Fox 13! 

It was a humbling night, but I'm so happy I was able to be a part of it.  

Jadesy boy

 I needed some help making cookies....
I came close to running out of sugar....
But don't worry, Jaden made sure that all the sugar was used and NOT wasted!!
Oh how I love this little sugar baby!  He has added such joy to our family along with a good deal of DRAMA!  He's just like me....I'm afraid of what a little girl would bring!  Heaven help us if she's anything like me!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Dinner for Joanne and Bobby

Happy Birthday to Joanne and Bobby!
This year we all went to dinner for Joanne and Bobby's Birthdays.  We ate at a Japanese restaurant called Mikados.  IT WAS SOOOOOOOO Yummy! It may have been a little TOO yummy and the idea to wear my sister's jeans (she's a skinny minney) may NOT have been the best idea!!  
Not sure what Cobe is doing steel??  With My Whitters and her Benny Winny Boo Boo!
Lance and Marse.  Are you SURE you're pregnant???!!!  :)  (they are having a little boy in July) SO EXCITING!
Bob and Sara....ALSO expecting! I CAN'T WAIT!!  (I hope that it's public knowledge....)  
Bobby and Joanne blowing out their candles. "As years go by...."
A shot of the DELICIOUS cake...with Rum Balls!  And RUMMY they were!!!

It's always a treat to get together with the Rich's.  They definitely know how to have a good time and how to throw a good party!  Thanks Poppy for treating!  Happy Birthday Joanne and Bobby!  We love you more than you'll ever know.  I think I may have done a good deal of bribing up there to land such an AMAZING group of in-laws. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2012 YW New Beginnings

This year for New Beginnings in Young Womens I came up with a Balloon Theme to go along with the Arise and Shine Forth Young Womens theme for the upcoming year.
It turned out pretty cute...I think anyway.  
There are my partners in crime (Kellie, me and Ang)
Our Beehive Presidency ROCKED the house and I was so proud of the time and effort they took in preparing to welcome the "newest" beehives for the upcoming year.

We played a few games and as you can see....the girls were having FUN!  

I love being in Young Womens!  It's been my honor to put on 3 New Beginnings.  They get more and more fun each year.

Beauty and the Beast

Tonight Coby and I headed to Capital Theater and saw Beauty and the Beast.  It was fun to be with Ben and Whit and met up with Honey and Poppy a little later.  The play was AWESOME!  I was very impressed and wished that I had a little girl to dress up like a princess.  I love that Coby enjoys the theater, a trait I'm sure that was instilled by his cute mother. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Glow in the Dark ZUMBA

Me, my cute friends Andrea (BEST ZUMBA instructor EVER) and Jess

There's me and my favorite girl Jess.

Jess and I met a few years ago at the gym and she's really become a dear friend to me.  She's always so thoughtful and kind.  Always, remembering our Jack.  I absolutely LOVE her!  

She invited me to a Glow in the Dark Zumba class that Andrea co-taught.  We had a BLAST!  Not to mention...burned about a billion calories in the process!  I had such a GREAT girls night!  Can't wait for the next time!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

St. George in March

It's MARCH....already!  With St. George being so close...well, relatively close enough, we try to take advantage and head south every so often.
I LOVE the beautiful red rock mountains of St. George.
The kids LOVE hiking and so we rarely miss an opportunity to get out and explore.
The weather was PERFECT!
LOVE Livvy's little sunglasses!
The boys were troopers and did a lot of semi-heavy lifting for the better part of the hike.
But we always found time for a little break....
....OR a jump here and there
This doesn't look that steep...but it was.  Coby had to get a running start.
Then Corbin needed to try...he actually got pretty high.
This little girl is definitely has "Rich" jeans and didn't want to be left out of any fun!!
Both Jadesy and Livvy attempted the climb...and then decided to rest after all their hard work!
Corbin searched and searched for the PERFECT Lizard...
Here's a shot of all of us.  

We love going to down to St. George!  Spending time in the warm air with a fantastic family can't be beat!!!  Cobe was able to go on a bike ride with his dad.  I got to go on a little run, do a little shopping with the girls and see my cute friend Aprill.  The boys were GREAT driving down and back up again in the car...(granted they are SO hooked up with entertainment...they BETTER BE).   We are very blessed and sometimes I don't know how I ended up so lucky!