Sunday, March 04, 2012

St. George in March

It's MARCH....already!  With St. George being so close...well, relatively close enough, we try to take advantage and head south every so often.
I LOVE the beautiful red rock mountains of St. George.
The kids LOVE hiking and so we rarely miss an opportunity to get out and explore.
The weather was PERFECT!
LOVE Livvy's little sunglasses!
The boys were troopers and did a lot of semi-heavy lifting for the better part of the hike.
But we always found time for a little break....
....OR a jump here and there
This doesn't look that steep...but it was.  Coby had to get a running start.
Then Corbin needed to try...he actually got pretty high.
This little girl is definitely has "Rich" jeans and didn't want to be left out of any fun!!
Both Jadesy and Livvy attempted the climb...and then decided to rest after all their hard work!
Corbin searched and searched for the PERFECT Lizard...
Here's a shot of all of us.  

We love going to down to St. George!  Spending time in the warm air with a fantastic family can't be beat!!!  Cobe was able to go on a bike ride with his dad.  I got to go on a little run, do a little shopping with the girls and see my cute friend Aprill.  The boys were GREAT driving down and back up again in the car...(granted they are SO hooked up with entertainment...they BETTER BE).   We are very blessed and sometimes I don't know how I ended up so lucky!

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